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  1. Harmony does it again. Although I don't like this one as much as his last, it's still damn good. Very...unique . Can't wait for the next one.
  2. Great remix. Sounds like something that would come from McVaffe, which is really good. The percussion is really cool. Earned a place on my OCR: Top 20 playlist.
  3. This is an excellent trance remix. The Day the World Revived is the only song on my OCR: Chrono Trigger CD that has more than one remix for it thanks to Suzemebachi's, djp's and Unknown's/zircon's mixes. Not too much of a good thing imo.
  4. I always thought the original song was really weird, yet strangely satisfying as far as establishing an atmosphere. I got the same feelings for this mix mostly because she used some of the same samples and effects, but add her voice and it makes this mix pretty. Still, the prettiest OoT remix has to be RiverofTime.
  5. Hey hey folks, I've been listening to OC remixes since early 2002 and have only now decided to start up on the forums here. Music and videogames are two passions of mine, so I thought why not bounce some thoughts with those who share those same passions. I'll probably be found mostly in the review forum as I have a lot to say about so many remixes.
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