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    Sony PS3

    Welcome to the club. Recommendations: Buy Resistance: Fall of man and rent Call of Duty... that's about it as far as I'm concerned. We can look forward to Rainbow Six: Vegas and Assassin's Creed in the near future. It's still gonna take a while for this console to bloom, but it will.
  2. Bout freakin time! wonderfully chilly shtuff, man. I wish I didn't have it up so loud, though. That last part hurted my earsies.
  3. Chalk another one up for Rule of Rose. I bought this game knowing full well of the ratings it got. Like ifirit said, the only thing wrong with this game is the battle system and it sure hasn't stopped me from enjoying this game in the least. If you love survival-horror, there's a very good chance you'll like this game.
  4. Amen... freakin deutschbag. I have to admit Gans actually did a good job with the filming aspect. The overall feeling from the settings did garner some good old fashioned creepiness/uneasiness that I got from playing the game.
  5. As much as it pains me to say, the movie did suck for the most part. I really tried to like it, but after seeing it for the third time in theaters, I came to the conclusion that the acting was subpar, the dialogue was just terrible and the progression of the storyline did not achieve much coherency. Playing the game helped fill in the holes A LOT. Many of my friends who hadn't played the game before were pretty much like, "WTF is going on?" the entire time. Let's just pray for some redemption in the second one.
  6. If I saw this in an arcade, my normal reaction would be, "Hey, cool. I've gotta try this." 30 seconds later, I'm sure I'd be cursing the creators. Smells like a lame-ass spin-off. No thanks
  7. Lotsa stuff by ATB, for sure.
  8. I'm pretty sure this new one is a crap game that no one really loves... Can't believe I spent 60 freakin bucks on it.
  9. You know it's really good news when you can't wait for it to kick your ass.
  10. Dear Lord Baby Jesus... 8lb 5oz, wrapped in your beautiful golden diapers; please, please hasten the return of our beloved bLiNd. Thank you. Amen
  11. I wouldn't go so far as to say recent additions are horrible, but I can't recall many of them hitting me as hard as Disco Dan's and Mr. Peeple's stuff did back in the day. Then again, that was like 5 years ago and this was a whole new freakin awesome world for me. I'm pretty sure I'll never grow tired of this stuff though. Meh. don't mind me... just reminiscing.
  12. Oh, man... I would trade every remix project in, just so this one would be finished.
  13. Oh, God... You're right. To think I spent 103 hrs on that game and can't remember what elemental spells I actually used. I remember seeing the symbol for sure when fiends used it against me. Damnit anyway.
  14. Hammer. Nail. Direct hit. I was like: Fire? Check Ice? Check Wind? Check Earth? Check Black? Check White? Check Water? ok, but where's ga? Waterga? ....? You've gotta be kidding me Seriously, just excluding it is mind boggling, but having enemies use it against you on top of that... wtf?
  15. FFX. You loved it. I loved it. It was crap.
  16. I used my espers like... 3 times maybe?
  17. Yeah, man. Shadow Hearts: meh Covenant: Hooray! From the New World: Woohoo! Judge those last two responses however you will.
  18. ooh! good call and one of my all-time favs btw.
  19. An unnecessary, painful death caused by on overdose water... That just sucks. So, video game consoles apparently have the ability to make people murder their infant child (the xbox incident) and commit suicide. Soon, fanboys will, literally, be at each other's throats in what will soon be the real Console War. Stay tuned
  20. Petara

    Sony PS3

    Yikes. That's pretty weak. I actually almost gave my PS2 to one of my friends when I got the 3, but soon realized the HDMI conversion discrepancies when playing PS1 games. PS1 games actually do look worse on the 3 than the 2. Of course, I take into account the size and resolution differences between the TVs I used. Nasty looking edges and some other eyesores that weren't all too apparent on my 27in Wega, show up quite vivid on my new 32in Phillips LCD HD. I was praying there wouldn't be quality issues with the backwards compatibilty, but it looks like the Sony gods have smited me.
  21. sweeeeeet... Blind better get wind of this too
  22. yeah, man... this is fuuuun. A tad bit rough sounding for my taste, but that's just me and it certainly does not stop me from enjoying it immensly. Nice job
  23. .....WHAT? :vomit: That's Fear Factor shit right there. A couple I could see maybe being somewhat tasty, but that last one... Jesus God, man.
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