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  1. HAH.. the very end bum scene reminds me of a Salad Fingers episode.
  2. Wicked! Though, it would have been cooler if he played IN your freaking house. Great stuff. Thanks 1up folks.
  3. Yeeesh! Glad I caught this one here. Kind of a nice little easter egg per your decision not to submit it. Excellent stuff as usual.
  4. For the love of God, when is the damned soundtrack going to be released!?
  5. No apparent rhyme or reason why it happened, but it sure did. I was about 16 hours into Rule of Rose. Fired her up one day and all my saved data for that game vanished. I was pissed... didn't even bother starting a new game until a about a year later. Glad I did, though.
  6. The PX100 are the best bang for your buck next to the Grado SR60. Every single one of my non-audiophile friends adore both of them. They make great gifts to replace crappy stock headphones for sure.
  7. 515's!? Yowzers! Shoulda got the 595's at least! No amp required and hell, I'd sell ya my HD555 for ultra cheapstyle... funds going directly for a new amp of course.
  8. Started out with the Grado SR60 which, IMO, is a headphone anyone would be pleased with. I went on to use Sennheiser's HD555 with a Headroom Total BitHead amp, which was fantastic for a few years until, recently, I managed to afford a pair of AKG K701. Absolutely phenomenal phones. Still need a good amp though... BTW, I do all my headphone shopping at http://www.headphone.com mostly because their shipping headquarters is just south of me in Bozeman. Great site. Check it out.
  9. 8-OBlasphemy!!! Nah, I jokings. Hell, I didn't even know it existed until 03... since then, I've played it through about a dozen times and I still listen to the soundtrack on an *almost* daily basis.
  10. CHRONO CROSS. Link's Awakening ranks up there too
  11. Petara

    Dead Space

    This is the game I've been waiting for: a sci-fi space shooter dripping with quality. Be it a large budget and/or brilliant production team, they sure got this one right. Absolutely amazing.
  12. Otakon anyone? Honestly, how many of us are computer geeks who just wish we were half as badass as snake? ...or just speak like him to overdramatize things. On that note, maybe Hayter should start voicing for movie trailers since the main man died recently. I can hear it now, "Coming this summer... nothing can prepare you for... another crappy video game adaption. Starring Keanu Reeves as Samuel L. Jackson."
  13. Too bad, eh? I wonder which bad ending he got. Hopefully the one where his dad drowns him in the bathtub
  14. "Jeremy is the real sausage king of Chicago" FTW
  15. How about the random writings on the prison cell walls? "I like Pizza" ? "Jafo is watching you" ??
  16. Agreed. Aside from the lack of an inverted camera option, I honestly thought it was great. Seriously though, I tried to play COD4 the other day and my aim was- well let's just say I'm still having some "up and down" troubles.
  17. LOL @ the Sky Target track
  18. I don't think he's gonna be "eating his own ass."
  19. Any other "inverties" out there havin a fit with the freakin camera controls? As sad as I am to say this, I'm feeling I might have some more gripage about this game to come... we'll see.
  20. QFE I've gotta say that my feelings are mutual... per every song you tweaked for 10 minutes each and then vomited them at us. Study more, do your homework and turn in your assignment at a far later date.
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