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  1. Henceforth I shall call this day, "Sonic and his Bastard Spawn Day." The End
  2. Whoa ho ho ho... hey! It's like a koala bear just crapped a rainbow in my brain! I'm diggin it, main. Keep it up.
  3. I would like to think so. I was gonna post the little tortilla boy segment from "OUCH!" until you said that.
  4. Creative? Bah! http://www.headphone.com I haven't gone wrong with any Sennheisers, Grados, or AKGs I've purchased over the years. They make a damn good line of amps, too.
  5. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=39332 I say woohoo for the game, but a whoopdeefuckindoo for the movie. News of the CGI movie has been around for a while ever since Akroyd was on that radio show interview.
  6. Petara

    Sony PS3

    Emphasis on the FUCK!
  7. Petara

    Sony PS3

    Hooray price cut! Too bad I was on the ball and bought a 20 gig 7 months ago for the same damn price. Fuckin Sony.
  8. Petara


    Hah. Pretzel wagon... kinda like the evil Mountain Dew vending machine that shoots cans?
  9. Holy shitballs, this site kicks my mom in the face. Thank, dude.
  10. FIrst borns are replaceable.
  11. I finished the torrent of the first 25 eps today. Quality fansub for sure. I'm on episode 5 atm and I freakin LOVE IT.
  12. Not a bad blockbuster year if ya ask me. Keep em comin! Spiderman 3 was cool and I about peed my pants at 28 Weeks Later. Now, we got 2 BADASS action flicks comin our way this summer, not to mention Transformers. More than anything, I'm waiting to see the Strause brothers pull off AvP 2 this winter... in other words, rub Paul Anderson's face in his own feces.
  13. Ho-ly shitballs. Count me in.
  14. Well, sorry, I can't give ya a place to stay if yer not gay.
  15. What? Why is this thread on page 6? Oh, and Chrono Cross. That is all.
  16. Petara

    Spider-Man 3

    I approve. A little bloated with all the lovey dovey and they screwed Venom up pretty bad, but overall, I liked it.
  17. You're doomed. Been there, failed at finding that.
  18. Germans love David Hasselhoff... and apparently bladiator.
  19. Petara


    Speaking of the poster, I just put it up ony my wall in my movie room next to Fear and Loathing and Ghost in the Shell among many others. Totally buying it on Bluray
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