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  1. Well, seeing as how I haven't been here in a long time, I should re-introduce myself. Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a professional drummer (not playing with anyone right now), and I also do a lot of piano remixing. I'm 16, and, uh, I like Mountain Dew. Been here at OCremix for more than a year, haven't posted in long time, though. Anyway, sup. =P
  2. Zircon, you did an effing great job on this song. I absolutely loved the effects you used (along with the perfect mix/mastering). Ugh, wonderful song. (I swear I got a boner at 2:37, beautiful transition).
  3. Heres the continuation of my review~ Disc 2 -------------------------------------------------------- 15)Manifest Destiny - OMGOSH SIRRUS. I lovedddddd the violinnnnn. One of the best songs of the score, by far. Perfect tempo, perfect volume, perfect mastering, perfect mix, ugh, perfect! Loved it. <3 16)Schala and the Queen - Not much to say about this one. I couldn't stand the vocals at 2:07. Ruined the song for me. The rest of the song was average, though. 17)The Third Guru - Claado, I did like this song, I just feel as though it gets very monotonous and repetitive. Good job, though, I felt as though it didn't go anywhere. 18)Beneath the Surface - Another very professional song. I could so easily picture the movie. I loved the pickup at 2:24. I do think that the vocals were very choppy, though. Good job, Rellik. 19)The Rising - Again, I felt as though this song didn't go anywhere. Was rather monotonous, great intro, but from there, not much build. Meh, average. 20)Chrono's Dream - Darke, this was awesome work. I loved the violin at 0:47, and the minor key at 1:38 was cool too. Great work. 21)The Chrono Trigger - Very mellow song, and it did its job well. Nice pickup with Marle's theme at 2:35, Russell. Nice work. 22)A Parting of Ways - 1:02 made me happy. Not much to say here, good job, even though some of it was a tad cheesy. 23)The Last Stand - I liked the intro, nice build. I do think that 1:14 felt very empty though. Once that is over, and the main melody kicks in, the song really picks up. Liked it, nice work RoeTaKa. 24)The New Beginning - This song was great. Nice addition with the town theme at 0:23, and I also liked the addition of the fair theme at 1:01. Decent job, Sleepy. 25) To Far Away Times - 0:00-0:23, "Wow, this is a very pretty intro". 0:24, "Wow, I really hate this song". Maybe its just me, I dunno, I just cannot stand the vocals. She went flat quite a bit, and beyond that, I just... Ugh. Just don't care for it. Meh, so-so work. ------------------------------------------------------ So there you have it. Thats my overall look on the entire project. But, I am no expert, so don't listen to what I say. =P Thank you to all who worked on the CS, it was and enjoyment (well, mainly).
  4. Well, seeing as how CT is one of my favorite games, I was more than enthralled to hear that there was a giant remixing project (I was also enthralled to hear about the Chrono Resurection, too bad it was shut down, RIP). I've listened to both the CD's a good 5 times, and I thought I'd throw on my input on each individual song. Some were magnificent, and I also thought that some of the songs were completely murdered. But anyway, lets start going down the list, eh? *Note* I did look at each song as part of a movie score, not as if I were replaying the game. ----------------------------------------------------- 1)Inciting Incident - sephfire, good job man. I really liked the pickup at 1:19, with the addition of the toms. The melody switch at 2:30 was a little cheesy, I felt, but theres really not a whole lot to say. Overall, good job. 2)Morning Sunlight - Another good song. There was a nice little LOTR feel at 1:47 which was pretty cool, and I was really diggin' the piano at 2:04. Good work. 3)Blue Skies Over Gaurdia - Darkesword, you beast. The beginning to this song sent major CHILLS down my spine (I think I may have popped one =/). BUT, even though I loved the intro, I wasn't the biggest fan of the tempo change of the melody (from the original song). I think having it more upbeat really gives it a more sparattic feel, like you're actually at a fair. But the mixing was great, I just couldn't get into it. 4)To Lands Unknown - The pickup at 0:51 was nice. This song definitely had a movie feel, sounded quite professional. Good job, Sleepy. 5)Darkness Dueling - Haha, you pulled a Morrowind intro =P. The piano was GREAT in this song. Very nice addition. And in the larger scale, I think the overall song had a huge Gershwin feel, especially at 0:38. Quite an accomplishment, great job, Lunar. 6)Lucca's Arrival - Meh, an average song. The horns at 1:25 were rather cheesy. It really doesn't do anything for me. 7)Revelation of Fire - Claado, good job. The pick up at 0:35 was great, I could very easily picture the court scene again. But, the drums at the intro of the song were a little iffy, I didn't care for 'em too much. But I did like the song, good job. 8)Hymn of Valor - 0:57 was rad. Nice intro with the snareroll. Though, at times, I couldn't hear the song you were trying to remix... In other words, it felt as though half of it was your own composition. Meh, average. 9)Frog's Intervention - ellywu2, I apologize in advance for my comments on your songs, I really don't have anything against you, I actually like your other work... But anyway, Frog's Intervention. You barely scratched the surface of his theme. I mean, half the song was a giant crescendo into NOTHING. I mean, its very ethereal, it would be good for like Frog getting the Masamune (we'll talk about that one later) but this specific scene would be Frog kicking ass. Song = murdered. Didn't like it very much at all. 10)Denadoro Climb - PLBZ, great job. I was worried that the person who did this song would destroy it (mainly because its one of the prettiest songs in original score) but you did it perfectly. Not too powerful, not too soft, it was the perfect tempo, perfect volume, just a great all around job. 11)The Masamune - *Sigh* I loved the intro. 0:40 was awesome, I could totally picture Frog getting the Masamune for the first time, I swear I got a boner. But... you completely waste a great intro. After 0:40 you get soft a bit... then in 2:30 you come back in with the SAME EXACT THING AS 0:40! I mean, when you actually hit his main theme, its toward the end, and again, its ethereal. The best scene in the game is when Frog cuts the cliff to get into Magus's castle, and this would be the song that would be playing. HIS THEME SHOULD BE PUMPING, IT SHOULD BE BLOWING MY BALL SACK OUT MY BUTT. But no, its nice and soft and bleh. Song = murdered. 12)Darkest Omen - O...M...G... *erection*. Awesome work, by far one of the best songs of the entire score. I could totally picture Chrono, Frog and Marle running through the Black Omen, kicking ass. 2:48 was SO GREAT. With the addition of the vocals, ugh, I loved it. Awesome work, mv. 13)Confronting the Mystic - My two favorite songs of the game: Frog's theme, Magus's theme. I had high expectations of this song (considering you did it, sephfire) and I felt as though I was a little let down. The song was a good song in and of itself, but I was longing for more low end, more power, more... UMPH. It just felt a little empty to me. It was okay, though. 14)Door to the End of Time - Not much to say, Blake, great song. Very professional. ----------------------------------------------------- I'll comment the 2nd CD soon, right now I have to get to Hist. class. Peace~
  5. Would you be scared if I told you I love you? lol, man this was a great remix. I enjoyed it a bunch. Its goin on my playlist . 9/10
  6. I'm a huge CT fan, and I think this remix did Frog's song no justice. His original song was majestic, and triumphant, and every remix I've heard just lays down his track like it's a mudmix. You did have some good effects, the song itself wasn't bad, it just didn't give the justice to Frog's song.
  7. This is the best remix I've ever heard. Scott you rock, keep up the good work.
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