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    Sony PS3

    how about the two launch titles compared. Both fightnights were made for the launch. so.... what does that mean? nothing, except they look really close but one has a new view and one hasn't got rumble. once/if they get into the raw power of cell processor then, they ps3 will take off b3yond the 360. i guess that point is, that contrary to the assumption that the xbox360 has or is going to hit the celing of its power before the ps3 could be wrong. it might take years for the programmer to open pandora's box and by then we might be looking to the future of new systems. who knows?
  2. FuriousFure

    Sony PS3

    okay, this is ridiculous. these people arn't gamers at all. they see that ps3 as a way to make some easy money. what has the videogame industry done to itself? gone are the days of staying up all night for a system and playing the whole of the next day. now, for the most part, they are just a cash in. *Sigh* i guess i'm just a videogame hopeless romantic.
  3. what about Wario? "heh heh im-a wario! i'm going to win!" its a no-brainer, think about it! running-a = attack from gba game mid-air down-a = bucket on other characters heads (wario's woods) smash-b = gold coins he throws (he's always been greedy) smash-a = moneybag hit! (again) also he could have waluigi help him or ppl from his wario ware, ect. he'll prolly be like bowser big and slow but strong. imagen him with the baseball bat! i can't wait for this game!
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