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  1. i was just rewatching this trailer and noticed something... i believe that stage interaction is going to at an alltime high. In this picture ZeroSuit Samus barely dodges on of those flaming bombardments. actually the one right next to her. it comes from the foreground and travels into the background. man, these stages are going to ROCK.
  2. mm-Mmm, that is a tasty song!
  3. all this, and still an addition of WW link. so its going to be alot of zelda characters. maybe WW ganondorf? but i had an idea about 150 pages ago like the light arrows idea for zelda. still think it would be awesome. Hopefully Capt. Falcon will look awesomely realistic(er) in Brawl.
  4. that's what i'm thinking. although i do love the whole idea behind it because it really stuck with the storyline and was some-what of a inside "joke" for fans of the series. as for samus being able to suit and de-suit. are you crazy? zero suit can already switch between a blaster and a whip. it would be just completely busy having her be able to that. it just seems very unlikely.
  5. Just an idea, fellas I thought unavoidable damage would just crank up the intensity. All of the sudden its like a sudden death. Then when you get into the high atsmophere. some healing items would drop down or something... bah. I think anykind of stage interaction is cool.
  6. i just thought of something. so what if during re-entry all players would get hurt from the fiery-ness and the players damage percentages would go up. i think that kind of stage interaction would be sweet.
  7. okay so look at wario. at first i thought he was being knocked back like fox and kirby. but then i realized that characters being knocked back would flip around perpendicular to the camera's view. (in the 2d) and wario was flipping in the third direction, parrallel with the cameras view. so does that mean wario will have a move like bowser? or is he just barrel rolling? if its a move. wha could be the move in that other picture were he's straight upside down? hmmm...
  8. its not that people will run aways its that people, if they want, can sit out of fights with no consequences. with a timed match there is consequence for avoiding fights. btw the words No Contest makes me angrier than pretty much anything else.
  9. its so true, if its stock some people will just sit around and let other people fight it out. saving their lifes. 1v1 = both is good. 1v1v1v1 = timer is better. btw epic maxed-out stock (99) matches are AWESOME. my favorite was a falco versus fox stand off on peaches castle.
  10. fox's moves! alright! although i do wanna hear part of warios theme songs. speaking of which, warios stage is going to be absolute insanity.
  11. Wario's like a Ninja with his martial arts: Silent but Deadly.
  12. well that takes away any chance of a cinematic final smash (other than the charge up) cause other wise how could someone cancel it in midair?
  13. well, i think it'll put more weight on the final smash if there is a slow-mo "cinematic" like samus charging up. and then it would zoom back out to normal view and the other people would have like a second to get the hell outta the way. with kirby's it'll be sorta anti-climatic with out the zoomed in shot. oh and i think the person will get boiled and then fly straight up like a cartoon character for a star-KO.
  14. now i don't like the weekends. bah. thanks alot Smashbros.com
  15. they are now half done on the veteran fighters. i wonder if the containers will change along with the barrels and boxes
  16. i'm thinking character profile: link only time will tell.
  17. hey changing crates/barrels!! it was tricky. when i saw the barrels and boxes heading i was all "oh great, woop de doo" but after i was done, i'm thinking it's quite nifty they're taking time to pay attention to the little things like the crates.
  18. its true, he has. and to our knowledge he could be there for ANY reason. that's all im saying. i just don't know why people try to discount anything when there's so much possibility and so little information. if people don't think a character will be in the game, say that but to say it's impossible or it's not going happen is ridiculous.
  19. oh boohoo *sniff sniff* (somebody's a little bitter) oh yeah i better do just forget about it. 'cause there's been so many punch out!! games made in last 12 years to totally rationalize talking about a character from that series in Brawl. infact, the chrono series is still under a decade old. (can't say that about iceclimbers) but this is all irrelevant. but tell me something, why is the guy in the music credits? fact is, none of us know. hell, i know its completely wishful thinking but come on! why don't you go bitch to those guys talking about little mac or whoever else.
  20. this the way i'm thinking. but this opens up another line of thought. so if SSBB has boss battles where the player goes against a non playable character (completely different from the unlockable fights) like master hand or gigabowser. the guy from Chrono Trigger is doing some of the music, would it be so crazy to imagine chrono fighting a lavos boss at the end of his adventure mode? i don't think so. i'm looking forward to this game no matter who's in or who's out. this game is gonna ROCK! Ryu Hayabusa for brawl!
  21. you notice that wario's hands get large just like mario's? the only difference is that wario's seem a little bigger than mario's fists, so it looks a bit funny.
  22. I KNOW! also seconded (thirded?) with great vigor!
  23. when did luigi ever, ever karate chop someone in a game that's not SSBM? in mid-air no less. ~ice climber spinoff~ Mario and Luigi:PiT
  24. two words, Final Smash. have time slowdown for thirty secs. and you could do some real damage to them. it would just be like in practice mode, with you could slowdown time. then when the slowing ends the people fly with the force you applyed. so everyone would just fly in all directions. cool idea. VJ would be sweet.
  25. compared to telling us what characters we've seen in the trailers. this is pretty huge. atleast it will shut up those who were bickering about the controllers. (maybe)
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