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  1. in all fairness, we really didn't start global warming. infact we arn't even the main contributor. that being said, we do play apart in it so if we could run things a little better by not wasting energy or trying not to polute so much, that would be great.
  2. so question: why can't i buy wario ware: touched anymore? i looked everywhere. i can not buy it a regular store! arrgh. i don't want to do ebay... and pay 60 bucks
  3. yeah, highend headphones sound so much better. i got some Sennheiser for about $70.00 years ago. they were noisecancelling, cover up phones, and the bass was awesome. i don't know about those specifically. but i have heard of Grado before and that alot of good things were said.
  4. you, yeah, YOU! the one whose trying to derail this place with your little quips. stop it. now. i think diddy kong racing would be sweet, i didn't play much of the n64 one, but it was fun when i did. they don't have mario tennis on the ds and maybe some Milo's Astro Lanes? (N64) The ds needs a good bowling game.
  5. i know what you mean, theres others for other games that happened with me. supermario bros 2 to be exact. there was a ragtime version of the overworld, but now its gone! the only explanation could be that now that the standards of remixes have been raised from the beginning. those now making those new standards have been rejected.
  6. my GOD, man! are you insane? it would be a phobiacs nightmare, fear of inclosed spaces and heights!! but i'd love it! how bout FUSION FRENZY!!!!? fighting games? naw, forcefeed back is needed... collision detection would be a nightmare. but i totally like the idea. they should have a door instead of a hole so you can't break your leg running away from the zombies/aliens/ghosts (pac-man!!)/goblins(wow fan's stereotype turned into an athelete)/ nazis/ or anyother badguy. its like those nascar cars in malls. moving chasis and multiple screens simulating the track. cool in theory but not really an everyday thing.
  7. so all you highclass comedy buffs are too good to say the Scary Movies weren't without humor? tsk tsk. the horror movie genres has gone downhill, and it didn't really start high either. so what do you except the spoofs of these movies, except for pure silliness? i do like the spoof genre and its true Date Movie was terrible and not worth my time watching, i didn't pay for it. and while it would be easy to assume that Epic Movie would follow suit but i havn't seen it yet. so i won't. as for the compilation movies, the best would be Not Another Teen Movie. Other good ones would be Hot Shots, Hot Shots: Part Duex, Airplane, SpaceBalls, and Mars Attacks, Galaxy Quest, and Kung Pow (honestly i didn't like this one, but thats just my opinion, and my opinion doesn't make a movie bad) but the secret of liking spoofs is knowing the movies that they are making fun of.
  8. well, nintendo has a way of making amazing things out simple electronics. so maybe the wii isn't that impressive from just the hardware specs. sony was trying to fit in so they had to use expensive sophicated technology to replicate the actions that nintendo had way back in Gameboy Color days.
  9. yep, and by the mixture of bad calimari and soda, i didn't sleep a wink last night. so im now on the extra zone with supersayan sonic and blaze. the reason why it helped is because i never thought thats what awaited me at the end of the bonus stages. boy! but i had to cheat on the last one though. i was using pause all the time! impossible! but now that game pretty much checked off my done list now! woohoo. on to M&L: PIT. then mario kart. any really awesome games on the horizon?
  10. honestly dude, i am grateful. I thought I had to you know, look around for the emeralds. and I fell to my death enough times just trying to find the end ring. anyways. i am actually going to revisit them. Not everything on the internet is sarcasm.
  11. FuriousFure

    Sony PS3

    it's true, the Hd-dvd is about $200. and before, there were some complaints about it not supporting 7.1 sound and full 1080p because of the lack of HDMI. but now theres rumors (with PICTURES) about a v.2 of the 360. with HDMI output. that would be another Ps3 exclusive gone. hey, another target alert. just went in, 4 ps3s just sitting there. visible but along the wall (so they've been there for awhile) and no wiis or DS lites in sight.
  12. oh ho ho! so thats where they are! well then, maybe i'll go revisit those stages. thanks a million.
  13. i haven't bought a new game yet since the new SMB. i made myself say i wouldn't buy a new game until i beat all my old ones. Sonic Rush - done. don't really want to search for the chaos emeralds Mario & Luigi: PIT - final boss but i lost my touch so im stuck. (fans of the game you know what im talkin about) Mario Kart - 150cc makes me its bitch Super mario 64: 150 stars and all those freakin rabbits. done. The Super Mario Bros. all coins spent and all paths open. done. but heres the question, what to get when i accomplish my goal? i mean im nowhere near it because im obsessed with golden sun: the lost age. but come on, help a brotha out!
  14. what i would see, would be a company taking a game series whose main draw was gameplay and forcing into the unique mold of the DS. the reason why the DS games our so loved is most of the are made with the solely the DS in mind. and those games are ported are those who can easily be made into the Ds mold. (mario 64) your talking about taking a game which uses 8 buttons and two analog sticks and making ppl play it on two tiny screens with 6 buttons and a touch pad and directional pad. the gameplay, which again is the main reason halo got so famous, would drastically be changed for it to even play at all. another reason is why the Ds is thriving is that you can go into a store and pick up a Ds game, you have about a 85% chance you are holding a original, well made game. because when you start loading up a system with rehashed, ill fitting for that console, or just jump on the bandwagon games. that percange would drop to 60% or 55% and those poor made games generates poor word-of-mouth for the system. i say keep creating games for the DS that are made for DS. if bungie wanted to make a game for the Ds, that'll be great. but halo is a square peg to the DS's circular hole. (no giggling, now)
  15. Screw halo on Ds. i want me some Super Smash Bros on the DS. theres two options: make it pseudo 3d like smashbros was on the 64. or make it all 2d and have alot of animations for the sprites ala mario & luigi: partners in time. it could totally work.
  16. oh yeah? thats nothing! my younger bro thought Army Men: sarges heros was awesome. O_O and they're right. videogames are fun, it's all about solving problems. (literal or not) its the challenge that drives us.
  17. let's see. i woot'ed this christmas mom: landline phone system (4 handsets) dad: portable dvd player bro #1: bedding bro #2: little miss sunshine (great movie btw) and a guitar holder sis: harry potter and order of the pheonix theatrical poster.
  18. poor vampy. being a vampire sucks but one highly anticipated/controversial game is Ninja Gaiden 2. not sigma but 2. which one? ps3 or 360. or in the way its going. both?
  19. thats the thing, PC's oblivion is <superior> to the 360s but not everyone has $2000 to blow on a pc gaming rig. and then if they did they would just buy pc games and miss out on the 360's exclusives. And yes, it is. and im gonna buy it. also: top 3 on my 360 list 1. Gears of War 2. Burnout 3. Xbox live (in general)
  20. chinese food with tropicana fruit punch. awwww yeah.
  21. well, i sorta figured it all out. facebook/myspace is not an adress book on steriods, its a online penpal organization. you can write notes to people or comment on them and not see them for how ever long of a time. it all works out. yeah, its good cause it helps me stay in touch with all my disspersed highschool friends.
  22. FuriousFure

    Sony PS3

    this topic has seemingly been invaded by some sorta of juvenile thought-processes. i was just at a gamestop today, and they had Klonoa 2 on the Ps3. i even said to one of my party members (heh.) "i wouldn't be displaying this for the ps3" that vid is true. the jags are to the max on the BC. while it seems the other systems clear up the old games. the ps3 seems to bring out those jags right into the spotlight. almost to the point where it is harder to read or follow whats going on in the game. yes, it is that bad. sony needs to act on this. the ps3 seems to be sonys last defense on the videogame market. seeing how the nintendo ds is trouncing the psp in sales. get on the ball sony! you still can retain the crown of being the leader.
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