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  1. oh fo' sho. if that was Ninja Gaiden 2, I would be dissapointed. Just like how Burnout Revenge dissapointed me as a next-gen title, it was because it was just a suped up version of xbox. and as that, its a sweet game. I can't wait for these games to be build from the ground up on these next gen systems. Fable 2, Burnout 5, Halo 3, Ninja Gaiden 2. all of these are going to blow away there predecessors.
  2. E3? hah! remember, thy're scaling back so you might hear some reports but nothing too amazing coming out of that place. As of now, the only big exclusives are MGS4, littlebigplanet, and grand tursimo. and with alot of other companies spreading the love, those guys will probably wonder if exclusiveness is worth the lower profit. Like rats deserting a sinking ship. Not to say PS3 is going down, but as in the light of being able to move enough copies of a game to justify being exclusive to one system, Sony is losing that image. So yea for multiplatform games and yeah for exclusives on the 360.
  3. I don't like the built-in idea. Yeah it would make it a little cleaner to look at but then any argument PS3 vs 360 price difference is moot. It's better for Microsoft overall. One, it doesn't look like they are "forcing" people to buy a not needed function, and it allows them to keep making the same build of 360s. (The only difference is that they sell one with the HDD attached) But, I must say, if they do release a HDMI Version with a larger HDD and if they could throw in the HD-DVD laser reader, that be alright but it would cost about the same as a PS3 and Microsoft would look just like Sony, which as of now, is a bad thing.
  4. fan-freakin-tastic AMV. the editing is amazing, and it just works. check it out.
  5. i gotta say, with forza 2 and halo 3 and eternal sonata and blue dragon and the darkness and mass effect and castlevania(xbla) and guitar hero II and virtua tennis 3 and bioshock and portal with halflife coming, i'm glad i have an xbox 360.
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    i didn't notice that, one movie that did have that was The Bourne Identity 2 boy so much movement, and all i knew was two guys were beating the hell outta each other. didn't notice that with 300.
  7. FuriousFure


    at first i thought it was a bowling movie... lawl but i saw it, it was quite epic! although not as horribly gory as everyone told me it was going to be. ranked up there with SinCity (i wonder why) but there has been gorier and less stylized movies already so i don't know what the big deal is. great movie and doesn't mess with history that much. good flick, i heartily recommendment, but not for the whole family.
  8. so guys what do you think of this idea? (taken from the wii thread) "now thats an interesting idea... having your mii as a unlockable character in SSBB. like they all would have the same attacks across all consoles. it would just look like your mii." i mean maybe there could be different attack sets just on how tall you have made you mii.
  9. now thats an interesting idea... having your mii as a unlockable character in SSBB. like they all would have the same attacks across all consoles. it would just look like your mii. pretty s'wii't if you ask me.
  10. same here. it makes me pine for the golden age of gaming. reminds me of Gameboy Music more than NES. but thats just me. Thanks for Bringing it up.
  11. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1744652 funny or the truth? both?
  12. FuriousFure

    Sony PS3

    don't you guys remember nintendos commercials? Multi-Colored Sumos? Inline Skaters? "get N or get out"? since when did videogame commercials need to make sense? Sony can do this because people arn't excited about the games. they like this idea that they are a part of this Next level world. In a society where everyone is trying to find a identity to cling on to, is not strange for a company who prides itself on its following to try an sell an identity? and how are you suppose to sell that, through confusing commercials that really don't make sense. but it makes you want to be in the loop for some reason. and maybe, just maybe, you'll understand the inside joke if you buy a PS3. remember, commercials are made for the simple people, it gets the name inside thier head and come to mind when it comes to buying. one of commerical's main reasons is just to get the name inside and keep it there. that's why most car commercials don't sell the car but sell the lifestyle that they connect it with that certain car.
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    Sony PS3

    its a well made short movie. i like it. it comes round and explains why the thing happened that the viewer first saw. but as for a videogame system. makes as much sense as hmmm... a bunch of sumo warriors in different colored thongs running into each other. bah! who needs to actually sell their product when you can sell a "way of life"?
  14. you guys just can't let me have my fun... fine, all those other 360's i've seen at my friends house are just the Loud ones. and all the rest were quiet. when i say loud i don't mean turbo jet engine loud, i mean you can hear the fans going across the room (without the tv on) why is it so unlikely? there putting the into circulation as we speak. so i don't see why its so out there to think that somethings different when it sounds way different.
  15. heh, heh. i'm a sneaky bastard. so i sent in my xbox 360 to get refurbished. even tho there wasn't any evidence of malfunctioning but it was a first generation system (bought it on dec 24 of 2005) anyways, i'll get back to the point. i sent it in. before it all loud and crazy. but now it comes back and runs silent as a mouse fart (comparitively) i figure i got one of those new chips that run faster and quieter. score!
  16. maybe you mean, "daisy, daisy give me your answer true..."? which would be from 2001: space oddissey.
  17. isn't poker completely random? how could something completely based on randomness be considered fair? hmmmm. oh WAIT! lets see, because all the people have the same chances of getting hit with certain cards. all depening where they're sitting and depending on how many cards the previous person took. so randomness can still be present to see who is the "best" player. as long as the randomness is truely random. like a toss of the dice, everyone has he same odds. (which ssb is) and not biased towards a character or player. those items would appear where they do completely seperate to whats happening in the game. then randomness doesn't need to be removed for it to be fair or judge of whose the best at the game who was made with this randomness as its base.
  18. yeah, i usually get one game a play only that till its done. so while i was completing the burnout series. (1-4) i would be driving down the road and look to the on coming traffic and think to myself "yeah i could totally make that" also they have benefitted me, i believe, especially the first 2 games makes you a off defensive/ defensive driver. you go as fast as you can with out hitting anyone. as a result, even though i have been in sticky situations, i have been able to get out of the line of crashing with some slick moves.
  19. first of all. what your saying with the chess analogy is that SSB was balanced before the addition of items in the programming stage. like taking chess then adding randomness. you see, ssb was made with the randomness in mind. it's a part of the game. the fact that you can turn the items off doesn't make no-item games be the "serious" game. turning them off just shows the customization that is optional. all poke-balls? sure! hammers and stars? suure! nothing at all? sure! everything on high? absolutely! if you think the game was meant to be played no-items why does it come with the settings on medium with everything on? if you think that the games is super unbalance with items, what you are saying that ssb is unbalanced completely. items help those characters round themselve out. if your truely want be good at the game, you need to know how to fight without a weapon because the items are random, but that is a part of the game. to say one variant of the games original state is idiotic. why not just say Giant Melee is the true way of playing? or One Button Melee? why not One Button Melee? you know, because those other buttons just throw off the balance of the game.
  20. What about B.o.B. from the snes? an awesome secret character, i would think.
  21. Naw, The real catchy term is Penizzle, fo'shizzle.
  22. Top Gear: Overdrive Bad game, Good Times
  23. i completely agree. we are still pretty small and insignificant compared to the world. its sorta cocky to think we can effect it so much. and you do realize there is still places where Man hasn't gone?
  24. forget OCremix, all you need is Pump up the Jam by Technotronic on a continous loop.
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