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  1. HEY GUYS!!! Didja hear that? now we gotta recover from falling down. O_O! woah!! but honestly, um... mario seems way way way down there. thats one hell of a recovery. just saying...
  2. maybe have each pokemon have its four attacks like the original game. and then do one of four. players wouldn't know which attack was coming. also they could bring in new (to ssb) old pokemon. alakazam's hypnowave. diglett's dig. etc.
  3. so i figured it out, the singing yoshis totally remind me of the singing ewoks from Return of The Jedi at the end... not a bad thing but i swear to God, if theres any yoshis playing drums using stormtroopers helmets in the end of brawl, heads will roll.
  4. I like your style, kid. its got spunk. oh yeah, i think you're correct also.
  5. so they said no more clones? i guess that puts mecha-sonic off the list :c
  6. so when you guys say "music" you mean the words too? see, i'm under the impression that music would be discribed as the sounds that make up the melody or whatnot. and the words in that song (if any) would be called the "lyrics" so saying pop MUSIC is shallow doesn't make any sense. saying the lyrics are shallow makes perfect sense to me. come to think of it, most lyrics you hear on the radio( anyone still listen to the radio?) are shallow and worthless, but not all. some songs tell great stories or express what the artist is feeling. but too few and far apart sadly. Simon and Garfunkle are my key example of great songs. their songs are simply meaningful poetry put to beautiful flowing music Classical is the way to go.
  7. for sure, that inspired me. one game i'd really like for them to give a pseudo-3d upgrade is Super Mario Bros 3. have it cycle through all the 8 worlds. so that you're put into a part of the stage in that world. for world 2, desert have the fighters stage be a bunch of blocks in pyramid form. also have a firey 3d sun to chase the players around. and have it have realistic effects, snowing and patches of ice in Iceworld. be in the clouds for world number 5. wind and clouds that fog the playing field. this could also provide the gateway for Kuribo's Shoe as an item. (in SMB 3, its only available in world 5) Waterworld would could be above the water with those falling donut things (like rainbow ride in melee) and those huge cheep cheeps that eatcha whole it would work so well and be a very epic stage. the 8 levels could be so unique from each other. pipe world, dark world (lava, anyone? a bunch of huge cannon ships and tanks rumbling past a fourman free for all) and have a very plain and calm first world. but i want emphasize that you'd fight on parts of actual levels of the world not just be floating above them on the normal SSB battlefield.
  8. yeah, it looks to be the in-air over A atttack from Melee where, if connected, will plummet the victim strait down.
  9. first of all, wario doesn't walk. he waddles. so stillshots of him moving would be hard to interpret. second, maybe you can move horizontally and you can move vertically but you can't do both at the same time. so it just straight up when you jump so mobility wouldn't be fully reached. oh yeah, Kak. hmm when a car's top speed is 160 mph its sorta assumed that the car can go from 0-159 mph also. so if he wrote "run" it'd be assumed you could aslo walk because it's necessary to run. so the problem is that when someone says or writes that the character can "walk" its not assumed they could also run. its the whole all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. also: settle down, gotta watch yer bloodpressure.
  10. Yasunori Mitsuda (PROCYON STUDIO CO., LTD.) CHRONO TRIGGER / XENOGEARS please, someone explain that is nothing and what exactly this means before i get my hopes high(er).
  11. if its true, i guess by now we should just be thankful its coming out this year, not '08
  12. naw, they need thus and galaxy for the holiday season to make the trouncing complete!
  13. yep, we make the news up in hypothetical situations. its our only release. personally, im looking forward to wario. i just hope they make more references to his past even tho its the warioware wario, which technically is the normal wario (according to the gba warioware) mostly his greed and some of his moves from the warioland games maybe even a bucket to put on peoples heads.
  14. you know, i don't agree. i think it could work well with a directional pad. its all about how they go about doing it, or about the sensitivity of the pad, being able to distinguish between a smash attack and an attack in a certain direction. as for the lag, which i'm presume that you're talking about slowdown because the game might be too big to run smoothly the whole time. although im all for the New super mario bros Look with actual 3D characters, you could actually have the graphical style be more like Mario Party Advance. (thats what i envisioned originally when i thought of SSB on the gameboy) so complete 2D but improve the image clarity and smoosh the possibilty of slowdown. but i think the DS cart could handle Pseudo 3D or just 2D, but have it be the original 12 but maybe polished up. balance it up again, so it wouldn't be just a port but it would be a game rebuilt.
  15. you crazy? oh em gee. a Ds SSB game would be a amazing. hell, im not talking about some kind of Port or whatever. what i have envisioned is something of amazingness. A 2D/ pseudo 3D game. smash bros in its simplest is 2D, so why not have the characters be in 2D also? what im seeing is completely unique animations and sprites. same moves... a - attack b - special attack x - jump y - jump R - Bubble L - Taunt R+A - Grab/throw items can be the same. it would be the same mechanics but just smooshed into a pixelated 2D enviroment. as for the 2 screens. it could show you how much each player has in hit percentage and also show you what weapons are being held and maybe what the score tally is. it would work out perfectly. wifi connections and Online? beautiful!!!
  16. those tornados were my fav part! (power of them included) it really upped the suspense just like the pokemon on top of the whatever building. just imagine, you and you buddys are duking it out right on top of the middle building. the door opens up, you know that a pokemon IS coming out, but is it going to be a chancy or is it going to be a venasaur? who knows? POW out comes a porygon.
  17. sounds like someone likes samus a bit too much jk. i like these ideas. more SSB (n64) in the newer ones is a good idea in my book. Link's stage with tornados? yes! Unique entrances? yes! skeletons? yes! real Ray gun? yesss! warp pipes? yep! Old pokemon stage? maybe...
  18. why don't people stop changing other peoples quotes. How pompus do you have to be to imply that these people are wrong in what they said and that it needs to be "fixed" I think if they stay with the trophies, that they have pixelated ones and maybe even animanted "3D" gifs.
  19. Well, figure out something else to say other than "its getting repetitive" and it won't be. how about online, that would be cool for leader boards and online ranks. Did/do you guys use the Stats on melee at all?
  20. Because, you know, grammar and vocabulary are completely the same thing. Honestly, I don't care if you respond to me or not. (although you did respond to me, even though you just said you didn't feel the need to respond to me) Just keep in mind that you sound like a complete moron when you have to resort to swearing to express your thoughts and that adjectives are your friends. yes, and I meant Crono. Frog would maybe be a bit much for a main character but fun if they included him. I thought that it would be also cool to have The Brawl move, have a Triple Tech, with maybe Frog and Robo
  21. wow, sounds like someone missed vocab lessons in middle school. maybe you should maybe crack a dictionary open, you'll find some usefull words in there. anyhoo, no final fantasy character, except old school NES guys belong on Smash Bros. who cares if the "fit in" anyone can "fit in" white mage or who ever. i'm still rooting for chrono or maybe frog. lavos attacks for the Brawl move? i think so! yep. rawr rawr rawr! I get angry over hypothetical situations and ideas! rawr!
  22. recongnizable to whom, may i ask? Just because some character is obscure to you doesn't mean it's obscure to everyone. and 40 characters is sorta large for super well known characters that fit into Smash gameplay. also, with this new found info (for me) i'm now worried that this game might not have the same "soul" as the previous games. Just as what happened to the Burnout series when EA came into play, takedown had a completely different feel to it compared to 1 & 2. unfortunately i can't see Brawl not letting this happen, so i'm a *tiny bit* worried. not that it'll be better or worse but just that it will feel different.
  23. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, okay. well there goes that. hmmm. nevermind then. guess it'll be kirby characters now. intreresting read tho(wiki) his signature is a kirby face! how awesome is that? pretty freaken awesome.
  24. hey, a mini keyboard under your controller? crazy. but its time for some Spring cleaning! anyone looking forward to any of these improvements? http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/778/778961p1.html
  25. well, they have been condemned by those who hate Anime. There are a few hopefulls out there. honestly, I think it would work out, cause you could have a summon for the brawl icon move. Hey do you think that Hal Labs will push for more of their own characters? I know they got Kirby, now Meta-knight, and they helped with the Mother series (Earthbound) so they got Ness but how about Lolo? from The Adventures of Lolo. (NES)
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