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  1. Happy Birthday Rainman!

  2. Alive and well. In the Caribbean. In the Peace Corps. Still playing chess at Stan's Net Chess. You on there yet? Recommended.

    Check out my journal blog. And especially the videos I've put together, you'll like those.

  3. oixcvxvgxfvgxvfgxvbgfvgxz

  4. 3 years and nobody agrees with me? Seriously, any other takers? Picori village, anyone?
  5. hey u still alive?

  6. Did anyone else hear he was found in Mary Kate Olsen's apartment in New York? Or is that just a rumor? Anyway, watching him in Dark Knight is going to be very surrealistic.
  7. If you've played the game, I hope your imagination was stirred as much as mine was every time you crossed under the log into the Picori Village in the forest -- the music there was amazing. Thoughts?
  8. lol shameless plug So I enjoyed the UCB show. This kind of thing has been long overdue at Tech. What with the high concentration of nerds just like yours truly here, the message would not go unappreciated on this campus, at least by the students. (Way more so than those Cal fans cared, anyway.)
  9. What sets OCR apart is its cool avatars!
  10. You can't beat me in my pepper eating title. 50 Jalapenos in under an hour! biotch
  11. So? I defeated Zero at golf with a potted plant and a hamster.
  12. link to next tourney? Also, "Champion ... 20XX" lol You and Dr. Light.
  13. ... um, which one? ... also, it doesn't matter which iteration of Gohma. They are all easy.
  14. Curse you lower-tier players that were never online! I deserve better!
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