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  1. Alive and well. In the Caribbean. In the Peace Corps. Still playing chess at Stan's Net Chess. You on there yet? Recommended.

    Check out my journal blog. And especially the videos I've put together, you'll like those.

  2. 3 years and nobody agrees with me? Seriously, any other takers? Picori village, anyone?
  3. Did anyone else hear he was found in Mary Kate Olsen's apartment in New York? Or is that just a rumor? Anyway, watching him in Dark Knight is going to be very surrealistic.
  4. If you've played the game, I hope your imagination was stirred as much as mine was every time you crossed under the log into the Picori Village in the forest -- the music there was amazing. Thoughts?
  5. lol shameless plug So I enjoyed the UCB show. This kind of thing has been long overdue at Tech. What with the high concentration of nerds just like yours truly here, the message would not go unappreciated on this campus, at least by the students. (Way more so than those Cal fans cared, anyway.)
  6. What sets OCR apart is its cool avatars!
  7. You can't beat me in my pepper eating title. 50 Jalapenos in under an hour! biotch
  8. So? I defeated Zero at golf with a potted plant and a hamster.
  9. link to next tourney? Also, "Champion ... 20XX" lol You and Dr. Light.
  10. ... um, which one? ... also, it doesn't matter which iteration of Gohma. They are all easy.
  11. Curse you lower-tier players that were never online! I deserve better!
  12. Okay, time for the antithesis post... ALL TIME EASIEST BOSS... after the longest and hardest setup. I was unfortunate enough to own a copy of Ultra's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," a functionally simple platformer whose complexity lay in the programmers' humorless idea of a joke by designing mind-numbingly frustrating levels and maps. The design is so specific to the level, in fact, that certain jumps make you appreciate anew the difference between a couple of pixels. Levels include a three-platformed drop through turtle-sized holes while beating some spiked walls looking to squeeze you into green goo; a level boss who's located on the other side of a masterfully timed jump to a platform located off-screen (i.e. you don't know it's there) that must be made in conjunction with a masterfully timed projectile meant to eliminate the enemy waiting at that side, whose presence limits your ability to land the jump; the infamous Hudson River, whose contents include 8 bombs that must be defused, all in the time of three minutes (a timer is on-screen) while your precious turtles suffer damage from relentless omnipresent life-sucking... plants... with no method of replenishing life in sight. All this and more to set the path for... Shredder, of course. Arriving in, yes, a Bolt of UberLightning, Donatello cowers in the corner as the final boss of this unfairly difficult game strides over to undermine the skill you thought you had for even getting this far... Just to take it up the ass when one swipe from Donatello's Bo knocks him to the floor, allowing for a half-second delay animation, followed by a second swipe from the Bo, followed by a third, and a fourth, and... That's it. Teh Suxor. Booooooorrring. The game bitched at by
  13. Hey, you didn't mark down my two losses to Keegz; You gave him wins, but menolosses. Also my two losses to Helmholz. Thanks, kamoh. You still owe me two games.
  14. And here I thought you'd be proud of my come-from-behinditude. You owe me two games, kamoh. Rainman DX vs. Margoute, 0-1. Rainman DX vs. Rau25dr, 0-2. Rainman DX vs. Bahamut, 0-2.
  15. Four more games. Helmholz is a solid player, and his record doesn't reflect his ability. Rainman DX vs. Helmholz, 0-2. Rainman DX vs. GlitchyKeegan, 0-2.
  16. Speaking of rising from the ashes... Rainman DX vs CultureKoi, 1-0. Rainman DX vs MechaSonic4ever, 1-0. Rainman DX vs Johnderrilll, 1-1. Rainman DX vs Salaxzar, 0-2. Play me some, people. I will be available 4-11pm Monday and Wednesday night. I'm online now.
  17. Let's see... 15 hours at GT = 5 classes including teh Graph Theory 15 hours at part time job, including remotely submitted daily performance reviews 15 hours part time Resident Manager position at the BCM: security detail and maintenance I don't think I'm keeping busy enough. WTH I'll play some chess too. Kickin' sig Kamoh. I miss SoCal. Oh, and WWJDD? 134340 N3V4 PH0|2G37
  18. Okay, my apologies to everyone for my truancy - I have not yet successfully signed on to the Internet at my new location off campus. I don't know when that will be resolved, but in the meantime, I'll play a couple of games this afternoon with whoever is signed on. Yay for a new job. Ask me about it...
  19. Hmm... yes... is this more like what you were going for, Kamoh? Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop my head in and bookmark the thread. While I'm here, I'll go ahead and state my intentions to join next week, if that's acceptable. Finals this week, then I'm free from a crazy semester. I look forward to throwing my weight around some more. Also, I'll go ahead and see if I can contact JD to find out what's stopping him from playing some too. Alright? See y'zall next weex.
  20. 's a good pick. Thanks. The beginning is nice, but the Sax is so dark at the beginning, I don't feel that it captures the spirit I was looking for in the original. But thanks for the find anyway. You the man! I look forward to seeing the results - keep me posted!
  21. 20 members joined on leap day: Feb. 29 200X. 20 members have the auspicious distinction of joining on leap day, the only leap day this site has seen in its existence to date. 16 of these have visited back at least once since February 29, 2004.
  22. I was watching a speedrun of Super Mario 64 the other day, and hung on to see the credits sequence again for the umpteenth time. The music in this track is, I rediscovered, quite stirring and kind of groovy. I would like to hear a remix of the End Credits theme from Super Mario 64. Thanks in advance for any interest this garners.
  23. Post away, friend. The number of posts here at OCR is directly proportional to the number corresponding to the various rankings you refer to, i.e. under my name is the label "Chrono (+800)" signifying that I have amassed over 800 posts in the nearly two years being a member of this forum. The regulars don't post as slowly as I do, normally, but some of us are content to stick with our favorite threads and not many others. You'll get your first ranking as soon as you reach 25 posts. EDIT: Also, that is one kicking sig, yo. Axel is da man... er, VGCat, in this case...
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