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  1. This is without a doubt my favorite mixes on OCR, The song just carries so much emotion with it.. and now with Reuben gone... It's, it's just beyond words really.
  2. Less Than Three. Once described as being so cute it gives you cavities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHzqMa9hZew
  3. From the VG chartz forums: The moon stood still in the sky, the earth stopped rotating, and Al Quida layed down there guns all to rejoice.
  4. ...and in one more fell swoop Nintendo just assured another 5 millions sales of Brawl
  5. Lol, this one is worth it for the music alone: http://www.brawlsonic.ytmnd.com/
  6. I have always liked Yoshi *points to avatar of Yoshi Kart* But I don't know... Yoshi looks kinda like a homo now...
  7. Yea I was pretty confused for a second. And thanks Zeratul, it was Summer Overtime.
  8. EDIT: I found it, it was Summer Overtime. Thanks guys It's usually played as satire in those stereotypical apocalypse scenes. It's played in the first 20 seconds of this YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NrP2_QC6U0 Note: I really don't recommend anyone to actaully watch the entire video. It gets really lame, really fast.
  9. Lol, okay Sahasrahla from Link to the Past? He can't even moves! Granted he can hand out boots... Hmmm, possible winner over the moon?
  10. Ha, thanks. Yes it true. Man that was a fun night, whenever I'm bored I just think "hey remember when..." and re-live it all. Still kinda annoyed that I can't tell anyone about it in person. I always hear people talking in college like "yea we stole some basketballs for the senior prank, it was awesome!" and I just laugh and keep my mouth shut. Although on reflection I almost regret doing the prank, that fall the school spent like 10 grand on a security system and cameras. I wonder if any programs got cut to fund that sudden expense : (
  11. Our class did a prank two years ago, June 5th, 2005. Seniors graduate 4 days before school ends for the rest of the school so we did it graduation night (so they couldn't hold our diplomas or whatever). Reason We had to do a prank last year because of our school's history of no pranks. 6 years ago they spay painted "Senors 2000" (yes spelt wrong) into the football field with white paint. Then in '03 someone crapped outside the front doors at night and left a post it saying "Were out of this (crap) hole!!" Janitors cleaned up the mess at 6am and fined the class $200. And that was our school's entire history of senior pranks Preparations Then out class comes along, we were quite 'patriotic' or whatever you would call it, our class was fiercely proud of "aught five". It all started when the student council president propped a door open one evening and gave a schedule of when the janitors leave/arrive to another aught fiver that could pick locks. He went in that night, picked into the office and stole a a master key, took it back to his garage, made a professional mould of it, then went back and returned it that same night. Later the mould was used to make a dozen or so masters and for months a huge prank was being planned in a level a secrecy that would make the CIA jealous. In the end 48 people were hand picked for the job (our class was only 120 people) and no one outside of that group had the slightest clue anything was going on. The Night Graduation night 4 black vans drove up and dropped of 32 people at the school at 1am, they split into 4 groups each with a clear objective and a leader who had a walkie talkie. The vans also split and went to nearby parking lots waiting for the pickup signal. In addition to the infiltration teams there were 7 people in full camo with night vision goggles and cell phones lying in ditches in strategic points on nearby roads ready to warn of approaching cops that were headed towards the school, and then we had 4 cars driving in random patterns also on lookout with phones. Finally there was a command van with 3 laptops displaying detailed maps of the school and satellite pictures of the town. On the town map/photos we plotted the up to date locations (via GPS) of all our sentries and reconnaissance cars. Then we had a bay of communication gear, including police scanners, half a dozen walkie talkies, and a cell phone labeled for each recon unit (the sentries may not be able to risk speaking out loud so they had the opportunity to just hit “send” in their pocket and then hang up, a specific phone in the van would go off and we would know what location called the warning in instantly). Then of course we were in constant communication with the groups on the inside updating them with real time intel and checking off their objectives telling them what to do next and where the other teams are. Two people were in that van. I was one of them. Now onto what actually happened! -First off alarm clocks went into the ceiling panels of every room, all went off at 2:05 then next day (2:05 = 2005) -The roof was lined with lunch trays, about 800 total -Every student desk in the building was put into the gym, it covered the entire floor and ended up being almost 3 full layers tall -Teacher's desks at out school all look the same on the outside but each contain personal items, specific lesson plans and such. We switched all of them around randomly throughout the school, an English teacher's desk was found in the exact spot a calculus teacher's was, etc. Caused mass confusion apparently. -Took every trash can or container and hid them in a shack outside used to store football gear. Apparently took them 3 days to find them, lol. -A team went into the server room and since the school ran on Citrix (Novell) they were able to sent out a system wide message that appeared on every computer (said something along the lines of viva 2005, go us, etc) -"2005" was written over and over on every chalk board and again on windows with window paint. -Then they gathered up the master keys, washed them all in rubbing alcohol (courtesy of the chemistry lab) to remove finger prints and, while wearing gloves, were put in an envelope that was slid under the headmaster/principal's office. Then a call was given, the vans swooped in to pick everyone up and soon everyone was back home. Aftermath Holy crap were they PISSED no one expected a retaliation as great as was received. 50% of the graduated seniors were called up and interrogated by the police. School attempted to start on time but simply could not and the students simple had a 4 hour study hall as janitors ran to clean stuff up and police took pictures and actually dusted for finger prints (but we all wore leather gloves) The first person called up to report and be questioned was the senior class president. As soon as he walked in the front door and was seen by the cafeteria full of students he received a standing ovation and many pats on the back. Then things got serious as the principle decided to move the questioning to the police station. I was interrogated no less than THREE TIMES! Each time they write down the details as I said the cover story and they kept threatening jail time and a felony if I didn't confess. Everyone involved just denied everything (as we planned) and in the end no one was charged due to lack of evidence. It still sucked though, that entire summer you couldn’t go to a party and talk about the prank since everyone was really jumpy and expecting a Sting and any second. For the first 3 weeks I couldn’t fall asleep for hours constantly worrying wondering if we will get caught, if one of the 43 gets caught they will give the names of everyone and then everyone is really screwed—were talking getting a felony on your record and maybe even having college admission denied. We could never really brag that “I was involved” or “yea… I was the one who thought of the master key idea that made it possible.” In fear of word getting out. Things finally calmed down a little when people started leaving for college and the police, not wanting to end the investigation had to deal with out of state police agencies and the headache of tracking people down just to hear another denial. The case is actually still open and the police are still taking leads as of today almost two years after it all happened. I’m nearly positive though that they will be forced to give up the investigation soon though. We still can’t tell out friends about it though, this is actually one of the first public posts about it from any of us. All in all it was easily the most memorable night of my life. And if we could only openly admit to doing it I’m sure the CIA would offer half of us jobs
  12. I love tropical(see name), and I love Spekkio's theme. The mix seemingly made just for me :0 Truly awesome job.
  13. A nicely put together song that has a happy relaxing feel to it. In my top 3.
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