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  1. Sounds like he's just messing around with a low pass filter. You can get an almost identical effect with FL's Fruity Fast LP.
  2. I've used Tapeworm in a couple of my tracks - while I don't know how accurate a Mellotron emulator it is, it's got an interesting unrealistic sound which I kinda dig. I've used Monomate a few times, too, it makes a nice bass synth with a bit of 303 squelch in there. The Peach and Toad synths are pure NES synth emulators, although I would have liked it more if the waveform section was more customizable. Haven't tried the Defend synth, though.
  3. Firstly, does the drum module have a MIDI output? If it does, you can export MIDI data from it, although you'll only have the MIDI data rather than the sound of the module. It should have a sound output on there somewhere, although if you want to record in FL, you need the Producer Edition. If you've got that, you can record from an audio source straight into FL ... I think this is covered in the manual, and there's a guide in the "Tutorials" section of your Projects folder. I'd explain a bit more fully, but I don't have the Producer Edition, and I'm supposed to be busy.
  4. I'm still hacking away at it ... I haven't covered very much, though, since I've been particularly busy over the past weeks. I'm about a fifth of the way through my bit. DM Lee: Hopefully, once myself and Mythril have finished, the new FL 101 will be mostly for advanced questions. Almost every basic question has been asked and addressed throughout this thread ... Although I suppose having an FL Masterclass thread wouldn't be such a bad idea. Edit: Wow, I'm further than I think. I've got about 18 pages left. Then we have to make categories, order the responses according to the categories, fix it up so it's more HTML worthy, find somewhere to host it (would Pretzel be willing to put it in with the guides on this site?) ... Sounds like fun!
  5. If anyone's interested, I did manage to find a site with the installer that worked ...
  6. While I tend to steer away from using only preset sounds, I at least want to know what a synth/effect is capable of without having to spend my time figuring out how to use it first. If I scroll through the presets and I like them, I'm more likely to continue using the thing. Synths or effects that are difficult to get decent sounds out of will see much less usage from me (although there is the odd occassion when they're called for). On professional levels, good presets can mean the difference between a fortune and a flop. Of course, like you said, if you only use presets, you'll never hear the whole potential of the VST or DX, but for the early stages of using it, presets are useful simply for growing into it. This is one of the reasons I don't like using soundfonts much; their scope of editability is extremely limiting. The only times I'll use one is when there isn't a synth equivalent of it that sounds good. Yeah, I was just hoping someone else read the mag too, and that they might have the plugin from it. It probably won't be too much of a hassle getting the back issue, though, since I can buy it for roughly the same price as a new issue Edit: Sorry to hear about that, DM. I hope you can build up your collection again.
  7. A bit of an odd request, but does anyone still have the FL 3.5 installer? It's not that I particularly want the old version, I just want the FLP files from it. Thanks
  8. Anyone have or know where I can get FM Carbon? I missed the Future Music issue that had the program on it, and I can't seem to find it online. I'd get the back issue, but it's very expensive to order from overseas. Anyone got it?
  9. IMO, I don't think this will really disrupt the current thread, since we don't need to communicate much as long as we're organized (and I think Mythril knows what he's doing, so we're all good). The only forseeable discussions I imagine we'll be having in this thread will most likely be organizing who's archiving what if we get a new "team member" or if someone's finished their bit.
  10. I'll ask GL about it, since I can't post in the Site Projects section.
  11. I'll take a stab at it later. I'll go from 45 up, and if anyone else wants to help, we could keep on subdividing the thread, if that sounds like a good idea (just to keep things organized, really. No point in having several people archiving the same pages). Mythril: To make it easier to read, you could bold or underline the questions, just to make them more obvious. I'm not that fussed about using a "Q&A" format, but legibility will be a concern later. It's a little difficult to scan as it is. Edit: Oooh, just had another idea. If we make a new thread, I request that we ask people asking new questions to try to make them snappy and to the point. It's difficult deciding whether or not a question is legitimate when people are saying things like "FL starts speeding right up and I can't hear anything, I think it's because of hairline cracks on my processor, or because of escaping radiation from my computer's case, can you help?". Cut the crap, and don't make inferrences when you clearly don't know what you're talking about. A better example of that would be "FL stops audio playback, the CPU meter reads 90-100% plus, and the tracking bar/beat clock travels very quickly. Anyone know what's going on?" Straight to the point and we know exactly what your problem is and some of the symptoms. Also, something like "Is FL capable of applying effects to a dry input from Line Input/my soundcard?" is better than telling me your life story, that you've gotten a new guitar for your birthday and that you want to have FL apply effects to it without having to record the waveform, inport it into FL and audition it just to see if you like it. Stop beating around the bush, and more people will help you! Yes, these are based on some of the results of my archiving. It's much harder than it sounds to do this with questions like these.
  12. Er ... You seem to have missed out the company's name, DM!
  13. DM Lee was compiling a summary of it at one point. I don't know what happened to it, though. I think Mythril's onto something there. We could go through the thread, compile all the questions answered into a single post/page/database/whatever, get rid of this thread and start a new one with a link to this new FAQ in it (or just post the whole thing on the first page, but even with all the redundant questions gone, that'll still take up a lot of space). If you decide to go ahead with it, I could probably help, what with me being unoccupied far too much lately. Edit: The FL website has a "Getting Started" guide on the "Downloads" page. And ... Yeah, blows you away the first time, doesn't it?
  14. the clock counts in beats and measures, not seconds and minutes.Most of the time, yes, but if you set it up to count minutes instead of bars, it should show minutes and seconds. KirbyMixer: That sounds unusual, and unless you haven't set it up properly (it's always easy to make simple mistakes), there's something very wrong with it.
  15. Since then, I found one that I really like. It's called Cyanide 2, and I've gotten excellent sounds from it. What's more, it's a freebie!
  16. I answered a similar question on my first post on the previous page, possibly after the first quote block.
  17. has an Arabic percussion kit, if I remember correctly.
  18. That's odd ... Try right-clicking (adding the repeat sign) on the bar number in the playlist one after the last pattern. If you play the whole song, FL automatically stops if there's no pattern data after the repeat sign. So, on the mixdown, FL should cut the tune off at that point. On a side note, that's useful if you want to extend the tune past the final pattern for any reason (eg. to contain reverb tails etc).
  19. The easiest way is to open an instance of Fruity LSD in the mixer, and set the port on it to the same port as the MIDI channels are on (or vice versa). That will give you instant MIDI output. There's a lot of websites dedicated to samples, and there's quite a few in the Links section of this site. As for soundfonts, you can either use FL's soundfont player (Menu>Channels>Add one>Fruity Soundfont Player), which will only function as a demo unless you register it (FL will warn you when you save that it will delete the demo channels when it saves), or you can look for a VSTi soundfont player. There's many around, some cheap as free (although it's my experience with soundfont players that you get what you pay for), and you can search for them on KVR-VST. MusicManEric & Dj ZeR0: You might not think it, but the ability to save your projects in FL is much more useful and convenient than it sounds. You can continue the MIDI thing if that works for you, but the full version will make your life easier.
  20. That's you? Cool. Of course, it makes perfect sense when you don't scroll past people's sigs ... I tried out your skin on my laptop yesterday, and I thought it was pretty neat, although I wouldn't mind seeing a finished version.
  21. What was the piracy protection feature you were mentioning, by the way? FL zips all your project files and encrypts the ZIP file.
  22. Jeez, what am I saying? I should keep my boredness away from here. Nice site, Gecko, although it's a little bit thin at the moment.
  23. You never know when or how someone might recognise it, and if the copyright holder finds out, you could be in serious trouble. Honestly, if you're going to do it, you'd be better off just trying to get the samples cleared. Better safe than sorry, although if you're not going to distribute it, I suppose there wouldn't be much point. However ... Eliminate all trace? Why use the sample from the song, then? Unless it's an obscure sound, you can generally find most of the sounds from sample websites. gotta go, thunderstorm
  24. I had a feeling it had already been mentioned ... Edit: Anyone who's reading this, look for Shadow's explaination of how to do layer children splitting some pages back, it's a much better method than the one I mentioned on the previous page.
  25. I find it's useful if I want to write breaks or glitchcore, although they're not really your style, I suppose. It also comes in handy if I want to write a long rhythm without extending the step sequencer. However, in most cases it's much easier just to use the step sequencer.