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  1. No. It's illegal, no matter how much of it you sample and how much you mangle it. If you want to do that, you have to get permission from the copyright holder (clearing samples, in other words. Bladerunner must be the most sampled movie of all time, and do you think that half the people who sampled from it cleared the samples? No ...). It might not be too hard to clear the samples, however.
  2. Nasenmann: That's not normal. Sounds like a problem with the installation ... Hate to suggest it, but it might be worth reinstalling FL to see if you get the same problem. There are certain plugins that sometimes reset themselves in FL, however (I've heard 4.x.x's soundfont player is notorious for reseting itself, and I've had experiences with plugins not retaining their settings), but if it's happening with everything, there's something wrong. Frictional Antidote: You can use a layer to do that. Right-click one of your channels and select "insert channel", or click "Channels" on the top menu bar and select "Add one", and select "Layer" from the list. Now, with the Layer's Channel Settings box open, select all the channels that you want to have controlled by the layer (you can do this by either clicking and holding while dragging the cursor over the green selected channel lights, or put the channels you want controlled in their own filter group and select all of them from there. It's important you keep the layer's channel settings box open, otherwise you'll have to do this again). Now, click "Set Children" in the layer's channel properties box. All the selected channels will now be controlled by the layer. To control individual channels with the layer (for instance, to control drums), after you've set the layer's children, go to each of the channels controlled by the layer, and set the zone that the sample is triggered in. To do this, left-click above the note you want to trigger the sample with on the testing keyboard (channel properties). If you've got a lot of samples to trigger, though, you might notice that they detune as you set the trigger zones higher. To stop that, right-click above the same note set as the trigger zone. Now, the layer controls the samples. Note that you won't be able to trigger the samples with the step sequencer if they aren't on C5 without changing the step sequencer's trigger zones. Rellik: It doesn't look like there's any easy way of doing it. Unless someone's written a macro, you'd have to do it manually.
  3. Start>Settings>Control Panel (or just Control Panel on XP), open Add/Remove Software and uninstall FruityLoops. Then just delete all the redundant shortcuts/directories. Edit: While I'm aware not many people will be reading this, there isn't an uninstaller, and what NembaTheKid says before me is the correct way of uninstalling it.
  4. 1. FL Studio has dumped a lot of samples between 3.5.6 and 4.5.1. They're still available for download on the FL Studio website. 2. Do you mean it plays stuff too quickly, or it's distorting? I can't explain the first sympton, but the second could be due to a number of things. Does the CPU meter skyrocket when you use 3.5.6, by any chance?
  5. I'm aware of that. I only said what I said because some newbie might read what CompyFox said and interperate it as "COMPRESSORS = EVIL". Anyway, you couldn't go past Inspector to aid you with monitoring your mix and helping to eliminate clipping. Use it in combination with your program's standard db meter (it doesn't display anything over 0 db), and tweak your instrument's volumes.
  6. And you think those are the only places on the net VSTs are available? I've seen lots of VSTs mentioned on KVR's forums that aren't listed on the main site. The free compressor I mentioned isn't listed on either site you gave, for instance, and I have many more you won't find by searching those sites. I think, therefor, this thread is perfectly reasonable.
  7. Anyone know of any good VST/DX distortion units? I've got Buzzroom's, and they've given me good results, but I'd like something more.
  8. They've got just that. While it's not free, I've heard good things about it. This one's free, although I've never tried it, so I can't guarantee the quality:
  9. I know you're talking about using compressors to stop clipping in a mix, but still, compressors do have their uses other than that. You can use a compressor to give your drums some punch, for instance. If you're willing to shell out the money, you can buy hardware compressors that will stop clipping without (noticeably) dropping any dynamic quality, although a decent hardware compressor is going to cost several thousand dollars (there's still some good commercial software compressors, though).
  10. Alright, I've got a question ... How am I supposed to use the dashboard? I've made a dashboard for my microKorg, but apart from getting my micro to control the dashboard, it doesn't seem to do much else. In other words, I can't seem to get the dashboard to do anything useful. What am I meant to do with it?
  11. There's a "getting started" guide on the FL Studio website. Go to the Downloads section.
  12. Rellik: Perhaps by using a 3rd party EQ? The world is more than FL, you know.
  13. Karrde: You could also consider buying music magazines that have free samples on their CDs. Latest issue of Future Music (UK mag; look for Jan 2004 issue, it's got a Sample Tank 2 and a MicroKontrol on the front) has a drumkit special CD if anyone's interested.
  14. I heard the WIP of this ages ago, and little has changed. BitMaP really needs some better software (at least FL ... something that supports VST, for crying out loud!) ... Anyhow. It's a decent arrangement, but the instruments don't really shine. I've never really liked the slap bass GM patch, which is a little annoying at times, especially at the solo section. Quite often, the toms are too loud on the drums. The scratch needs to be scrapped; FL's more than capable of emulating realistic scratching. Sometimes there's wierd harmonies (in particular the guitar, which is a tone flat just before the bass solo) which don't seem to serve this tune well. On the plus side, at least there's some reverb on the drums, which sounds good. This could have done with a bigger clean up before submission, rather like the other Metropolis mix here. Good ideas, but poorly executed.
  15. Why, oh why is Tori Amos not singing on top of this? This is godly stuff. Maybe the windchime is a little too loud, but overall, this is brilliant. This is going on my next OCR CD.
  16. Interesting sounds going on here ... I'm guessing that's a soundfont guitar, or Pretzel got into guitar a while ago (maybe a Motif preset I haven't heard yet ... since there's no fret or sliding noise, I doubt it's real). The strumming sounds a little akward here. Anyway! Nitpicking aside, this is quite a nice folk tune. I can almost imagine a gypsy band playing it at a market or something. Well done!
  17. Moridin: You need to decompress the sfpack file to use the soundfont. There should be information somewhere on the website on how to do this (I'm not sure how to go about it myself since I'm used to using sfArk). Paragon: Would it be possible to provide an FLP file? On some soundfonts, not every note will play on a given patch, if that helps. A10WaveRacer: Automation will change BPM at different sections. Select the button next to the stop key, so that it becomes brighter, or press R on your keyboard. Now, go to the section in which you want to change the BPM on the playlist. Select a blank pattern. Press play. You should hear some metronome clicks, then the song will play. Change the BPM at any point. Press stop. A new part will have appeared on the pattern you selected. At that point on the playlist, the BPM will change. Ta-da!
  18. This is amazing. I love the acoustic part. I think I need to work on cleaning my own playing up now that I've heard this. I'll take a stab in the dark and say you're still in your teens. Your voice is good, but I think it needs a little shining up. There might not be a lot you can do about it right now, give it a few years to develop. Whatever you do, don't stop singing! There's a few places where the vocals sound out of tune from the main piece, and I can't tell you that I don't mind it. It's probably the one thing stopping me from burning it to a CD (although I'll probably grow to like it a lot more as I listen to it, and end up burning it anyway ... Same thing happened with the Rez mix). You've got a really nice set of lyrics, having read through them ... Did you write them yourself? I can't find anything wrong with the instrumental arangement. Brilliant. Overall, this is a very solid piece. Well done!
  19. Maybe someone should inform the FL team, and tell them to fix it immediately.
  20. Edit: Nevermind, I managed to figure it out. I was using underscores to separate syllables. Fruity Slicer recognises that as one word. So, it sliced the whole thing as one big sample. Problem solvered.
  21. That picked bass is a little too heavy for my likings ... Sounds a bit like FL's BooBass preset with too much treble. Having said that, it's a fairly solid mix. The percussive part has been put together well, gotta love that snare. The guitar is out of tune, though. I can understand that guitars go out of tune every now and then, but if that's artistically out of tune, never do it again. Not saying the guy's knocked it out of tune on purpose, but I have heard suggestions from people in Remixing 101 to do this to make it sound "live" (it doesn't make it sound any better/cooler, it makes it sound terribly amateurish). On my 4th listen or so, I've noticed the percussive part really shines in this tune, and that organ is a wonderful touch. For a first mix, this is good stuff. Well done, Shadow.
  22. I'm having trouble with my Fruity Slicer ... It refuses to slice speech synth samples. WAV files slice just fine, but not .speech files. What's going on? ~ Nobbynob Littlun: See the little blue/green box in the top left hand corner of the step sequencer? Than controls the beats per bar. If you hit "options" then "project general settings", you can edit the meter to a greater extent. Edit: Also, triplets would only work in 6/8, if you wanted that sort of composite time signature. 3/4 doesn't have triplets; just quavers, although they sound more or less the same. As for the shuffle, you can automate it. There should be a guide to automation in the FL readme, but basically, go to a blank pattern in the playlist, hit the record button next to the stop button where you want to automate, hit play, then when you want an automatable part to change, just adjust it accordingly. You should notice a new pattern appear underneath when you've finished your tweaking. Now, the next time you play it, the part you automated will adjust itself. Using this technique, you should be able to do what you described with ease.
  23. Sounds a little too cluttered for my liking. Something about the bass bothers me, too. I guess I've got a sensitive ear, though. Timing seems illogical in places. There's some clashes with notes at the end, something I've noticed Sir Nuts does fairly frequently in many songs I've heard from him. The percussion and breaks keep it interesting, but overall, there's a tad too many issues within the song that bring it down. Alright overall, but it could have done with some patching up before the final submission.
  24. If you mean you can't get the instruments (easier to call 'em that) to sound like the ones on the NES, you should download some VSTs. The guys who made the demo songs on FL know how to use it to a very full extent, which is why they can get the default instruments to sound so good. If you don't want to become a black belt in Fruity Kwon Do, however, you can save a lot of time simply by downloading VSTs. There's a whole load available at, most not only easy to use but great sounding, too. Oh, and Beatdrop: KTHX
  25. How would one get a sound to stop playing when another sound on a different channel starts playing? For instance, I have a sample of a high hat being hit while it's open, and another while it's closed. I want them to cancel out each other when they starts playing something (or at least the open hat to stop when the closed hat plays). How would I accomplish this?