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  1. Mystical, I don't think you can export scores directly from piano roll ... However, it's fully possible to export whatever music you've got already programmed into it out as a MIDI, then to import the MIDI into something like Cakewalk, which will allow you to view your song as a score. I'm not that fluent with FL, either, but I'm fairly sure you can't view the song as a score using it.
  2. It sounds alright overall, the thing that gets me is that the synth on the melody sounds out of tune. The higher it gets, the more out of tune it seems. Unfortunately, with my ear, it really bugs me... That's about all I can say. If that melody had been fixed, I would have thought it was a lot better.
  3. Sounding great, my only real complaint is that it should have been longer! Apart from that, it's awesome! This is definately going on a CD!
  4. Yeah, good idea... I find it confusing going into some board that says "ALL YOUR REMIX ARE BELONG TO US" (only example I can think of) and it having nothing to do with Zerowing. All I think that is really needed is something like "Remix Game - Song name", and as long as the WIP forum put "WIP" at the title of all their boards, there shouldn't be any real problems.
  5. It's pretty damn good, I'll say. I can just imagine someone fantastically talented on guitar (tommy emmanuel) playing this... My only complaint is that it's a bit short. If it had only been a bit longer... Anyway. It's really really good. This song could get my dad hooked to overclocked remix ( ). Well done!
  6. I heard the proto of this mix a while back, and I thought it was pretty damn good. This one's better... However, if you heard the first version and you've got a really good ear (or perfect pitch) don't download this... It'll bug you no end (like me... wtf have you done to this song, man? My ears are going BEZERK!). In fact, it's making me sick just listening to it... The melody's been changed too much. I'm going to have to listen to the proto for ages now.
  7. Not too bad, seems to me that DJP thinks that anything with guitars in it sounds good. Anyway, it's got some really nice stuff in there, reminds me of some eighties song I can't quite remember the name of. The guitar part's well done, some stuff sounds really good, some parts at the end catch my ear in particular. It's very well done. Recommended.
  8. DjPretzel once again blesses us with his wicked skillz. I've probably listened to this song a hundred times over by now. A nice feel throughout the tune, the melody has been well fixed and sounds great. If Sega ever remakes Sonic 1, this tune should replace the original Marble Zone theme. If you listen to the drum part, maybe a bit sharp sounding, but you'd hardly notice because the rest of the tune sounds so good. This could easily be Pretzel's best mix yet. An excellent effort, once again making me jealous I can't play keyboard that well. WELL DONE MR PRETZEL!
  9. This is probably the funniest song this site has to offer... If you haven't downloaded it already, DO IT NOW DAMNIT!!! This tune has forever changed the way I hear the Zelda theme... I just can't help thinking of this song's lyrics whenever I hear the original melody. Well done, man.
  10. Not too bad, the bass sounds a bit thin in places, though. Despite this, it does sound pretty good. Guitar's not bad, but could have been better in places. Guitar goes a bit wierd at around 0:57 to 0:30. Still, it's really well done. Around 3:00, the guitar goes wierd again, maybe a bit too complex around 3:29 to 3:50 for this tune. Love the outro at 4:00 to the end, sounds great. Nicely done, though, a good effort.
  11. Pretty cool... If that guitar's synthesized, near impossible to tell. Really good mix, nicely done. For some reason it reminds me of the Corneria theme from Starfox. Not much else to say, maybe the lead synth part sounded a bit annoying to me, but it's pretty well done. Good job.
  12. This little tune here sounds awesome... Like they took it off the WipEout soundtrack (the first one). There's a bit of Ridge Racer in there as well, and the vox samples give it a nice touch. The start reminds me of djpretzel's "morning after" mix, with the little ambient train sounds (well, it sounds like a train to me!). Sounds suspiciously like Technophonik... Whoa, I'm getting a rush of memories just by listening to this song. Awesome. I'll probably be listening to this for some time yet...
  13. Interesting bass, but hard to hear... And there's an annoying beating sound (not the drum part) that keeps on recurring through the song, similar to the sound you might get from hitting a rebound pad. For the lead part, I'd try using a different distortion patch (if you're using an FX pedal, that is). While I admit it's a good lead part, the distortion you chose spoils it a bit. Now, as for the bass, it sounds a bit too clean, more like an acoustic guitar (and I know you can get acoustic basses, they're just damn expensive). It's best if you can get your hands on a bass amp, it sounds best then (ignore that if you have one already). Also, maybe the bass sounded a bit empty in places. I tend to have the bass level on my amp around medium-full, then with middle and treble close to medium. That gives it a nice high-bass sound. Some people put all their settings on medium, that gives it an even texture, which can sound good, but here it sounds like you put the bass down too low, with the treble and middle getting the most attention. Or perhaps you used a normal guitar amp... Also, the rhythm guitar and the bass guitar should be around the same volume. If you really don't want the bass overpowering the rhythm, the bass should only be playing the root note of whatever chord the rhythm part's playing. That would also give your power chords a heavier feel (although you'd have to have your bass level turned right up). Apart from that, It's a good mix overall, with only a few flaws. If you'd spent a bit more time playing with it, it could have been excellent.