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  1. New maps now in the preview sections! Me, Lazy, and Sonic were playing in team preview until she had to leave after that I just came onto here since that damn headset started hurting my ear too much >.<
  2. So yer copy is like my friend's... His doesnt always work, of course the backs of all his games are beat up =P That, or you need to clean the xbox with one of those cds with the brushy thing on it.
  3. hum, well, hardly anyone was on last night so I just Doom 3'd all night... then today was boring since no one was on =P
  4. Will be on a bit later tonight this time. Need to finish a few downloads first and eat...
  5. Eh, I feel like breaking out Fireworks MX and making some things like that... So, prove to me your worthiness and an award shall be yours! Note: Quality and amount are limited to 1 per person
  6. Ah, looks to be Osaka from Azumanga Daioh... Mebbe. Conker is HARD to snipe in so if you can on that, you'll be a god on Halo. I need to buy it still... And Pirates! and Psychonauts... hmmm...
  7. Well, if someone sends me an invite to another game, it'll scroll across the top of the screen. Also, I can check when people are on... I was just messing around on my new mage in training since I already killed the game with a super ranger with max stats. Killed Jack in flying form with 2 shots of my bow... So pathetic =P
  8. Terminal, and Relic are awsome. <3 Areas that are good for sniping and aren't cheap *cough* *cough* Oh, and I'll be on later this morning. No more work for a full week means more time to play games... Ah...
  9. Relic is STILL my fav new map since: Its big. Nice interactivity and layout. Takes skill to get a flag/bombing run complete. Too bad you can't go for a swim though... Ah'm off to work now. See yas around later tonight on XBL.
  10. Yes, can't forget Lazy's vibrator! --Some reasons why some furries are ok:-- (in case yer wondering...) Breath of Fire: Bo, fox furry whose a kickass archer. Foxes are always awsome... Breath of Fire 3: Rei, the tiger guy whose a badass with knifes. SPOILER : Too bad he's caught in that attack and is supposedly killed... Need to finish this game still.
  11. <3 Catgirls, anthros, and anime stuffs... I'll hafta admit that some furries are ok though. Not all of them >.< ::too big an otaku person guy who doesnt care as long as its anime:: Oh yeah! I think I'll post this! http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=228415983&player=Deej%20Valen http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=228406339&player=Deej%20Valen
  12. Bwahahaha! Boxer truly wins sword matches! XD Here you go Wespip. Thought you'd like a bit of mah stash... (Fav) More later. I have tones of anime/anthros/etc.. on my PC. Too bad its sorta dead at the moment... >_> And sorry for the HUGE post...
  13. we all know that, but his nick is SPOOGE. 'U' can be pronounced like 'OO' in spooge... Depends on who sells it... around here it was $1-5 more so I just splurged and dropped my prepaid debit card's HP to about $70. Used to be at 300 around christmas though...
  14. yes, we ran into Spooge 2 times in a row and pwned his ass back to the stoneage. Lots of people wanted to lose tonight, didnt they? We all got a few levels from that...
  15. I'm wearing my Madness Combat shirt right now... I feel like playing so I may get on after patching up maple story. Still need a way of ripping the song files out of it so I can rearrange them into more suitable sounding dungeon exploring/monster slashing musics. Its too happy sounding at times...
  16. Yes, Deimos gave us all a run for our money last night... Just wished we had more people on to join the slaughter-fest. I'll be on later tonight again after work (6-10pm) so yeah. Blah. SAUSAGES!
  17. WOW! The SGX... Its an honor. I have yer CD... its good. But one of the tracks skips horrible whenever anti-shock is on in mah CD player... I'm pretty much the Clan's loose cannon. At a rank 17 I'm the highest (since last time I've checked) but we do have some others around that level. We just need to be online at the same time. Badly in need of some organization...
  18. Hey if any of youse guys is going to be on I'll be on here this morning for a little bit. I hafta leave for a family cookout at around 12-1ish so I'll be on till then. Hope to see some of ya there, and hopefully help you guys out with training and Clan ladder climbing.
  19. Well gang, this weekend I will be up most of each night playing Halo 2 or watching Adult Swim, or both. If ya are on, we'll do some training and some clan matches. Or we'll just go tear it up on some of the matchmaking lists. Just be sure to send me an invite if ya see me on. I've improved slightly more than usual... >=) ::snipe snipe snipe snipe, reload. snipe snipe snipe, SWORD LUNGE!:: what?
  20. well, i just said that since all ive done is send text messages instead of voice. thats all. besides, no one else can do an elite/wookie war cry, or at least i dont know if anyone else here can.
  21. It seems like I'm the highest ranking fighter of our clan with a rank 17 in team slayer. If anyone wishes to do some clan matches or just party with me, just send me a message when I'm on. I'm up for a game anytime as long as its fun =D 7 days of school left, then I can really boost up my level... as well as finish these few remixes I'm working on right now. btw, wespip, i dont send out voice messages all the time because my voice is so deep, its sometimes hard to hear what I'm saying. just in case yer wondering. later guys. happy hunting. and remember, mythic skull + prophet of regret = X_X to the (infinity + 1) power.
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