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  1. This was on SM.net for a loooong time... Glad it finally made it here to help the Earthbound community.
  2. I'm killing the fucker who defamed me on maplestory. Here's the story: I was minding my own business, killing slimes, when a guy comes around trying to kill steal me. He fails miserably and starts to bitch. I tell him, "I've been here for the last hour, so you're the one kill stealing me." He gets pissed and leaves. About 3 minutes later, he sends in another char of his then defames me with him. Another minute, another char. Then he starts to bribe people to do it! If I knew his email address I'd seriously hack his account and steal everything of his and also delete all the characters... Anyone have a way of doing this so I can get some uber revenge on him?
  3. i've never heard of that glitch... and i'd recomend mad katz, but i think the one i have they stopped selling... Eh, never heard of doing that to a GC, but watch out... I hear that its easy to send a person a specially hacked item on PSO and kill their GC or whatever. So thats why I dun go online with my Xbox version...Gah. I feel sick. My liver... X_X
  4. Will be on after eating some delicious icecream. Yum. Ow. And maybe after a pain killer or 5... BE THERE FOR THE PWNAGE! NEW ROCKETSWORDBALL FOR LARGE MAPS AND VEHICLE SUPPORT! Also, RUN. And hide and seek. More fun for all! ow...
  5. I just learned that. After I couldn't log onto xbox live, I looked on bungie and had my stats. But no boards. Oh well, no boosters now!Emo kids suck period. And dusters look spiffy. Nuff said.
  6. Turns out it was his cousin. That explains it.CURSE YOU! Oh well... now you can't brag to me about having it cause you don't! I think they wiped stats and leaderboards... on Bungie.net anyways. Damnit, I gotta start all over to get back up to 25ish! >.< That's IF they DID wipe IT. (emo make fun of time) No oNE UnderSTAnds Me. I WilL JuST go CUt MYselF! (end emo making fun of) Gawd I hate emo people... edit: W00PH! DUSTER! Now I look even more dark and shadowy when I wear it! X3
  7. Where are you people at? And why does Magic sound so weird as of late? His voice was higher pitched...
  8. SCREW YOU! Get his autograph... >>Hardcore = easy. Enough said.
  9. You didn't have an away message up though... =P
  10. Just because I am tired after work and can't think well enough to play doesn't give you right to poke fun at me =POk, preview time for the clan shirt thing... Ask me for it =P Meaning email or AIM (if I'm on) I have it done (mostly) and need to just touch it up a little bit more and then burn a screen. SO HAHAHAHAHA!
  11. Might be on later today if I'm not doin' anything else. I just have to do some housework and I'll be good to go for the rest of the day. HOLY CARP! YOU WERE ACTUALLY ON FOR A CHANGE!Now we just need Lazy and Marius to join us once more... Since Sonic doesnt have his connection up, we hafta play Rocketswordball at least once per night to honor his not being there ness... Or something like that. Ok, I got the elite head drawn up in flash. After getting the headphones on him, I'll post a lineart of it here. Then I'll work my magic on it and make it look awsome! Awsome with a 6 color max though. Maybe I'll do another, better one for viewing online only.
  12. Must... find... decent... people... to... play... with... Random people suck at halo and are fkn assholes. Someone get on, please... For me =(
  13. Nuuu! That's when he got all poofy dude! And then Winter wrung him out...(one the last Advance Wars mission) WOO! But its... All... GOOPY! EWWWW! AAAAAAAH! RUN AWAY!
  14. Oh yeah... Forgot I got you on that webcomic due to the marshmallow cat =) I luff that little fellow... FIND KITTY EUPHORIA!
  15. Had some fun games with Magic last night... (right thumbstick click animation)"Let's Hump (your gamertag here)"(left thumbstick click animation) was obviously hacked, as no starter weapons and the game name being like that... Other than that, the Assault match me and him won in Team Training by ourselves was sweet =) When hardcore comes out, that's what I shall be playing. Long-range stickies! Woo! ::eats pizza:: I'ma get on there now. See yas on there if you ARE able to... Oh, and Lazy, what map on Advance Wars are you on now? I have 2 volcanoes to deal with! Yay!
  16. Tomorrow I only have high school (since my ride to the career center, Joe, is getting his senior pics done) so I will most likely be on for a vast majority of the day. Hope at least one person is on to party with... Oh, and my shirt I made today is awsome! You won't understand if you don't read Girly though. Look it up, great webcomic. I still have the screen since I'll make a few more at least then I gotta reclaim it and blast the image areas off. Besides, I need more people to participate in the whole clan shirt thing... Remember, 6 color max, no gradient (unless you dot them off, but remember, the ink runs a bit out more than shown) and front/back. I'm working on my own design which is our clan logo thing but heavily revamped. Pretty much the Elite head on a shield, with Team OCRemix / Halo 2 wrapped around it. I have to add in the headphones though... Or just draw another picture of an elite/spartan with headphones on and use that. I need ideas people! Send them to me to help it along! New Weebl toon is very good btw. Check it out!
  17. Ooooh! Count me in! CHAINSAWS!Also... I'm never on because I'm always tired after work. Later today after doing chores and homework and something else... >> I'll be on. Be prepared... FOR RALPH NADER!
  18. I wake up at like 5-6 AM EST almost every day dude... I can't stay up past 11 or I'll be late for school, and I think I've already said: anymore lates and I dont get out of exams.Weekends I can handle though. Also my days off. Thursday... Ummm... I'm already busy >> So I won't be on for a long while like last week... (hunting for FL samples for the Meteos remix he has laid out) -edit- Sytrus addon for FL studio discovered. Now know how some of the guys here and on FFR made their music =) MWAHAHAHA!
  19. So will your ass after a night of having hard, kinky buttsex... But that's beside the point. =POk, that's something a friend who read this told me to post, so now onto me own comment. Umm. Blah. All I hafta say. Some more samples of stuff for FL and I'll have most of my remix done. I have the base for the first section done already, just need the piano sounding thing (Lazy knows what I'm talking about...). After that, I'll make the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th parts to it (one for each "stage" of the level) and then mix it. IF it sounds good, I'll prolly preview it somewheres... Now off to get me some buttsex! /end inside joke between me and Emily from work
  20. Not for me. I sure as fuck didnt get the day off... Lousy bastards running my city...
  21. Funny song Lazy... But can we please make something thats for both guys and girls? o.o That song makes me feel bad... *ahem* The new Castlevania game for DS (DS OWNAGE!) is GREAT. If you've played the first (Aria of Sorrow) it picks up at the end, a year later. It is MUCH better now that you have to do things such as seal bosses away using the touchscreen and also breaking crystals to form paths to climb upwards, sliding puzzles to change a few variable rooms, and also for telling your little bat familar to harass this one particular enemy for you while you kick everything else's ass. Luffly I say, LUFFLY! Also, Advance Wars is sweet so pick that up as well. I will destroy you with Sasha and Colin! -insert long maniacal laughter here- So yeah, once it dries a little later I'll cut the grass outside and then be on pretty much all day... w00ph.
  22. Big problem, same reason why some peoples Zombie games (*cough* Wess who lives down the street from Devin and is a total fucking douchebag who thinks that he is the greatest at everything but he sucks totally at a load of things *cough*) SUCK. Pistol + No shields = Too easy. Shotguns REQUIRE you to be up close for them to actually damage someone. Mid range it'll hardly do squat to them, but the pistol can pop through a head with no shields. Also, grenades on CAN be a problem on small maps like Foundation... You just hole up in a room, push boxes at the door and 'nade over them and kill those trying to get in. But on maps like Zanzibar where you can actually run, it's fine. This gametype is pretty much SWAT... But no starting BR. Dual Pistols may be a problem... And I was meaning the movie people! Stop stealing it since you're ruining the movie for others and for Square! Music should be free IF AND ONLY IF: You have to import it at like, oh say, $30-50 a CD from Japan for OSTs... (Thanks Lazy for that site. It'll help me out sometime soon!) You need a song in MP3 format but its from a CD. You want to sample a few songs first. Don't download the entire album! (unless it is the first condition stated) Now, music mixing/creation programs and things like Studio MX, THOSE should -NOT- be as pricey as they are!!! Studio MX is like, $1000!!! I'd rather keep my ripped copy... Fruity Loops came down in price so I may buy that and get full access to those samples they have for download >.> Also, TEAM HARDCORE! No idea how ranking will be on that though "Pros will be matched against Pros and beginners against other beginners..." So will it take your highest rank and count that as the deciding factor? We'll find out soon enough I guess... One last thing, send in Tshirt ideas to me! I need to get them done people... And make sure that they have the front and back and positioning correct or at least have a clear idea of it. Kthxbaiie.
  23. Stop stealing artwork people... Meaning Advent Children. Soon I'm going to compile a list of people who've stolen it and send it to this petition that I've signed. It pisses me off to no end that people are doing this. Only the true fans are not stealing... Also, welcome to Rat and a few other new people that I cannot remember. Had some fun games earlier, 'specially the ones I won =)
  24. Keep it up. Then once I get my unbreakable hacking device created then we'll see who has the last laugh ::glares::Mower ran outta gas anyways... And since its now closer to $3 a gallon, I think I'm relieved of having to push that damn thing around for awhile longer anyways.
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