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  1. Ok, my PC is working again! I'll be reinstalling my 2 CD's worth of music, and software later when I feel like it. Lazy, you can FINALLY send me those meteos things later now that I have AIM working and all. Now I'm off to get all my bookmarks back...
  2. My bro is in college, doesn't go back for a week =P So I've heard already... ::no pizza for you unless you come =P ::
  3. Well, you could always filter out the other colors, or just grab the brush tool and trace an outline and details of it, making it white on a black tee or black on a white or something... I'm learning how to use photoshop which isn't very fun at all since I like fireworks better T_T Also, a redesign could be nice in case Cresendo (or however you spell it) decides to "sue" "us" for "taking" "his" "clan" "name". (am I the only one finding that humorous?) And I dunno about my color selection range for the tshirt ink stuff... ::will take a picture of the Tails scratchpad he made later, once it's printed and ready:: @Lazy: School is easy for me! 2 classes, then I come home for awhile until my friend Joe gets out of his classes. then we have some free time until we go up to graphic arts which is getting better everyday =) Norris, our instructor, likes adultswim and games so its more fun. PLUS! WE GET TO SWEAR! HOLY SHIT! At highschool they'd be like OMG!!!!one GO TO OFFICE NOW!1 =P I GRADUATE ON MAY 26th AND MAY HAVE A HUGE PARTY FOR MY FRIENDS!!!!!1 So tell me if ya can come, prolly have a big Halo match going on or something =P And pizza... >.>
  4. Someone at my school had to turn that one inside out due to "violent suggestions"As that states, the people running my school are DOUCHEBAGS!!!
  5. I was thinking of doing that, or making shirts with gamertags on them, or both... Or something. I don't know. Prolly only 1 color though to help reduce the amount of screens I'd have to use (since we're only allowed so many at a time due to 20ish people and so many screens available). If ya don't know about shirt-screening, then here's a quick runthrough.Each screen is for a different graphic/color on the shirt. Sorta like layers in Fireworks, Flash, whathaveyou. So to make a green & white bunny head I'd first have to make the 2 screens, then set up the shirt and screen, roll out the rubbery shirt color stuff onto it, apply the other screen, and repeat until all of it is finished. THEN, send it through the pass through oven to bake it onto it and presto, its done. Lots more than that though... That's a simple detail of it. So I'd prolly just do an outline of the legendary graphic with headphones in white on black/dark shirts.
  6. Ok, fine. Due to all you people BEGGING to see me again I'll go get on Halo for awhile... JUST STOP MESSAGING ME! O_O;;;
  7. Well, my brother got off his ass and fixed IE so thats one problem but DLL's still wont work so flash=down still. Uncle will be back with CD key meaning I can reinstall windows and fix this...
  8. Not to sound mean or anything... But can you speak the english tongue? Emoticons are ruining the language...I must get you people to help avenge the Ghost of the English Language! O_O;; after taking orders for shirts, notepads, and what have you...
  9. -Idea- Make clan shirts then mail them to you guys once I recieve payment for materials and shipping... Thought about that today while making a Tails based scratchpad for a project. Easy even though I used photoshop WHICH IS STILL GAY!
  10. I'm still getting the feel of that... ::wants meta knight to kill everything!:: PS. Is there a way to block certain users on the same PC from this site? I wish they could do that to my brother because of all the complaining he does about this site =P
  11. 2 things I don't like about my graphic arts class: 1) We use Macs! OMG THE FUCK IS THAT?! I HATE THEM! 2) We use Adobe Photoshop. See number 1 for a detail. UGH! IT SUCKS! I WANT MY FIREWORKS BACK! *ahem* I'll try to be on tomorrow or this weekend...
  12. woo... I start SOME of my school things today with graphic arts at the career center at around 11ish... fun times -.- everyday I just goto school, then up to there. I may not be AS active as I once was, but theres always friday and saturday nights that I could possibly stay up a bit later and play with yas all. -edit- simple work. listen to the guy talk awhile, then draw two crappy pictures that i will make prettyful tomorrow =P wow.
  13. Eh, decent animation. Personally I've seen better on DA and SA... =PBut big time flash people like legendaryfrog are just assholes who never talk to anyone =P So screw them. Stick with the small time guys who actually care about what people think and will make gifts for ya. *cough*pogoninja*cough* *cough* computer is still messed up since i don't have a CD key for this copy of windows which my uncle installed from a copy he had laying around at work *cough cough cough*But now that I think about it, I could hijack Joe's PC since I also gave him a copy of flash and make something... ::shrugs:: Dunno about that though since his comp is sucky like mine.
  14. Yes, but I prefer to unload my BFG on them... ::knows almost every secret about Doom 2:: I just can't remember how to open the panel to the rocket launcher on the first map! I remember no clipping mode is how I first found it, then the wall just opened...But IMHO, I believe the hardest bossES are on The Guardian Legend. I'm on the final boss and NOTHING seems to even faze the bastard! And the big seaweed monster wasn't very fun the first 2 times around ¬_¬
  15. Eh, decent animation. Personally I've seen better on DA and SA... =PBut big time flash people like legendaryfrog are just assholes who never talk to anyone =P So screw them. Stick with the small time guys who actually care about what people think and will make gifts for ya.
  16. And that's where my friend Devin was saying "Yello 13?! I KNOW THAT!!!" =P then we climbed above burial mounds and ontop of the giant invisible slide. Much fun after lunging off of him then onto the "pizza cutter", more like a ledge a little under the top. I dunno if I'll be on tonight =P I may for a little bit after work but I have a feeling that it's going to be busy again. Isn't rain supposed to keep people from coming into a fast food donut place or something?! ¬_¬ ::pets his killtrocity medal::
  17. Just pointing this out: Killtrocity! Jealous, much? I won't be on much now due to school starting next week, so mom's starting with her usual fucking rules again ¬_¬ Ah well, I'll be outta school this year and prolly not goto college if I can live off of freelancing...
  18. Fine I voted, Happy?::been playing PSO for awhile, got tired. after eating will be on. cheers mates:: BLARGLEHAAS!!!!!!! I'm in a very random mood so don't be taunting me now. -Avatar changed to Megaman's most recognizable maverick (stage theme)- Whoosh! :edit: Vote for Scramble! when it appears on that site as well...
  19. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/games/n-game.html Practice yer ninja skills! ::downloads it to play it later::
  20. I'm back from my friends house, got some nice views of RARE items on PSO, also killed him in meteos (too bad he doesnt have it T-T ) I've learned that RE0 is actually quite easy as I made it to the mansion in like an hour, without saving or dying once. Also, we screwed around in Halo on burial mounds, and found the INVISIBLE SLIDE. Yeah, more glitches. Ive learned stuff on relic that you may see me do to screw around... But still, the BM thing was wierd indeed, but I made it onto the "pizza cutter" thing's ledge which would be a nice sniper area... I'll be on tonight. Need to hook up my xbox again though... ::computer is still not formatted. brother has failed to get mom's shyte offa here -.- :: ps. Is the site like, warped now or WHAT?! o_o;;;
  21. Did I miss something? www.kingdomofloathing.comIts a pretty funny RPG =P I suggest playing it in free time when yer bored and shooting things is outta the question. Im ascending into a disco bandit next chance I get... Since turtle taming isnt really all too fun =P
  22. But the name is a knock off of Force Majure by 409 which is a very good compilation... -2 points for originality =P
  23. Although one drive kills the other on space... And <3 to cables for reliability! o_o"You're fighting a grave rober zmobie This was a grave rober, who was killed by a zmobie while he was stealing stuff from a grave. Then he became a zmobie himself. He's really angry, because he keeps trying to steal stuff from his own grave, which is obviously empty." KoL fun! Now off to bed and Meteos for awhile... ::needs to build his OWN pc so that it won't fuck up::
  24. Having 2 drives, I CAN do that, but then again, if a file is infected with anything malicious and I move it, it'll just hit again. I need to figure out where its at first, and by using 2 CDs then I can at least narrow it down to music or files. =P @Lazy: thanks fer the 2x team win. I played another game afterwards and left because I got stuck with a n00b who just bought the game -.- Go me and my luck... =P
  25. Compression! That is the way I kept all my flash/music projects and install files down to less than 100 meg each, as these CD's are 700 meg a pop. I had about 1300 meg of stuff though, so I almost couldn't fit it... Trimmed out stuff I COULD get back, the rest I kept. @De...whatever the hell yer name is =P : Mom is computer illiterate so my brother will hafta walk her through. Besides, I have a job to work, games to play, and at most 11 hours of sleep every day =P The night life is nice though, as no one bugs me around here. And why would you even want to format yer PC that many times? You must have a small capacity or hardly anything on it at all... meager mortal...
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