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  1. Have all MY files backed up on 2 CDs. Hafta wait till mom and my brother finish up and get their crap offa here before the big wipe... Then I can get those things from ya Lazy, as well as watch that vid (since WMP wont work anymore ;-; ) Also, a friend of mine might be dragging me off to her newly found private RO server too. >.< I used up my 15 free days and was like "Private servers only now, since I'm not that crazy about it." At least on here I know I'll have someone to play with and not have to party with strangers like I usually hafta on MapleStory. My aim may be lower than normal, but I am now sneakier and better with reaction times thanks to Conker! Now I wish my aim was as good as it used to be... Deimos kept taking too long to kill with a BR due to the fact on average only 1 bullet would hit him at a time X_X ::will practice later, eat cheese now::
  2. Lazy just had to drag me from my head chopping frenzies to play some games with her and Marius... Deimos had to leave though for whatever reasons he had -.- But it was a fun night, I guess... o.o
  3. I still luff Fireworks because I can constantly juggle between that and Flash without any quality damage =)Besides, I can draw things in Fireworks, import to Flash, distribute to layers, and make animations. I have a few Boktai models drawn up but I'm still working on different angles, poses, etc.. before I start the small parody of the start of Boktai 2. GAWD that was so lame! ::goes to play conker online for awhile::
  4. Looks like something I could do in fireworks if the 2 variables are TRUE:~)if PC = shiny and fixed and had studio mx back on it( ~)if i had the resources( well, just to brag, here's Otenko that I made ALL in fireworks during school (took 5 classes to finish). I may make me a badge outta this... May ALSO burn most of the keepsakes on my PC (music, install files for ripped stuff >_>, flash files) onto as many CDs as I have, then email the rest to my yahoo mail account, since I have about a gig of untouched space. Blah, my eyes hurt and I'm hungry so no halo tonight... Maybe you people should get Conker so I can keel you as a sneeker/long ranger... As for boobbagging, don't make fun of us thin guys who are flat chested! </inside joke>
  5. Best Buy here didnt have the free game anymore... Missed it by a day. Thank you once again mom for not getting me help for driving because you screwed me over AGAIN. Ah well, Meteos still rawks.@Lazy: Waiting for IT to come out... You'll know what I mean when it does and hear me ranting. In the meantime, I'll let my bro get Kirby so I can mooch from him. 100 posts for me. Blah to you all =P Plus, I am a swell Pirate! as I have killed all in my path...
  6. Well, I don't know about the rest of ya, but I'm going to be playing Conker and Meteos for awhile until I want to start pwning ya all again. Give you a chance to level up a bit higher. I saw that Sonic dropped in rank (OMG) and that a few others gained. Other than that, nothing else. Going to bed now, blah.
  7. Bah! RE4 on pro mode is much more difficult in the castle... I will conquer this though! As soon as I hike back to the merchant to upgrade my weapons a bit more... Also, if I could get that fkn handcannon my normal mode would be complete. ::hates zombies, especially Flood::
  8. Yeah... As far as I know it is o.o@Red: Wireless will cut down your connection power by a good chunk =P Plus, unless its without any interferance it'll constanly blue screen you, which could lead to banning (because the banhammer will think that you are standbying) Reason why I love wires so much is because theyre dependable... Hopefully the next-gen consoles will have optional corded-controllers.
  9. Screw the router and go for a full on direct connection =P Faster speeds and no need to split the connection to a PC that may not even be in use at the time.I suck at halo now that I've been playing conker -.- Im getting the hang of it back.
  10. Unrelated to Halo, but to gaming in general. Found some guy my brother goes to college with, and OMG! UNGODLY good with art... Has almost EVERY style of character in there, as well as his megaman esque styled characters... If you've seen tailchasers off of flashplayer, the guy who did that did this Megaman themed game that was SO good, that Capcom got pissed and told him to change it. He had to comply though =P Andrew Dickman is his name if you ever want to look him up. Hm, off to Conker and Halo 2 for awhile (like an hour) until I goto bed.
  11. Well, can't even get on when others are playing so not exactly -.- Because my damn brother won't go upstairs. Nice spelling btw. =P And we're not all jerks so take that back.
  12. Eh, I don't like classical music so I prefer Luna=Luna. Besides, I'm trying to think of a remix for it anyways, but I think I accidently came up with one for Gravitas... DAMNIT! Plus, my brother is once again playing DW7... -.- I can't wait till he goes off to college again later next month... Then maybe he'll actually get a JOB for once in his life.
  13. Nu, I don't have anything on him except for that porn stash on his PC... It's on his D drive. When I used my password reset disk I made LONG ago, I got on and was like "I WILL find it!" I searched all the C drive and was like "huh, he doesn't have one?! cmon! guy + net = PORN!" Then I looked under the other drive and found it. So I could always bring that up... to mom >=) @Lazy: I GOT LUNA=LUNA WAAAAY EARLY THIS MORNING!!!!! WOO FOR ME!!! Now I need to save up enough to buy Meteo...
  14. Yes, but mom frowns upon that and would rip out the network if I did... So I hafta keep it simple -.- I dont want to be left internetless once again, or stuck with a shitty 56k modem >.<
  15. Problem with that. For one, my TV is tiny, has no cable, and no real way of allowing the network cable to travel upstairs. Its directly above the PC though... but I can't run the cable there =P So that plan has been snuffed out LONG ago, I tell ya.
  16. My brother started a new game in Dragon Warrior 7... So I'm not going to be able to play -.- WHY doesnt he take the PS2 up to his room and play it there, I do not know. All I know is that while I'm away at work, he's busy drinking everything of mine in the fridge... The bastard...
  17. I SHOULD be on later tonight unless my brother hogs the TV again -.-
  18. mom's starting that "goto bed EARLIER" shite again... so I may not be on too much anymore with school starting up. prolly only fridays and saturdays (nights) now because of my senior year. blah. and lazy, thanks again for ripping that music for me, just need to send it to me somehow >.<
  19. Eh, I was on conker last night till 7 in the morning, so I'm tired. I'm going to bed now so I can get up early and talk to some people and also be ready for work. After that, then yeah, I'll play some halo 2 and conker... ::getting better at sniping on conker, will be deadly on halo 2 when he is a master::
  20. Hm, the moogle appears to be from a 3d set of FF6 chars that I have somewhere on a floppy... Maybe I should send in the rest for them to add! If I can find it that is ^^;
  21. Brother is playing gamecube AGAIN so i cant get onto my xbox... Blah to him. He usually doesnt stay up till 1 but yesterday he did, giving me little-no time to play ANYTHING without needing sleep for today. I went to a friends party for her 17th birthday and had fun ^.^ So bwhahahaha.... And hopefully I can get on again soon -.-
  22. DeejValen, Neobubblemonkeex are my AIM names if anyone wishes to IM me. I also have neobubblemonkee@yahoo.com and @sbcglobal.net for email and YIM. For msn, I'm neobubblemonkee@hotmail.com. Just find me if I'm online and send an invite to a game or something. =P But I hafta run the web versions of these since DLL's needed are... corrupt and crash my system. Woo for me. I'll have Pirates! And Conker later today if anyone wants to play me. Pirates! I may not go online with yet but Conker... I need to be all stealthy and grab my sabre to start sending heads flying. TEDIZ RULE!
  23. Cthulu says: GOISDNPASDNF{PASDIBNAPFGNPASDF Translation: Sell your soul for a cookie? Now I'm intriged at how one goes about beating the P&P Cthulu... Hmm... I may hafta get a group together to try it...
  24. JUMBLIES! And those tanks were funny XD I was on tonight, but I couldn't stay for too long. I need to ween myself offa games to get my artistic side back as I'll need it for when I start school again... Graphic arts class will take all my creativity which isn't too high to begin with. Also Lazy, about that bitch comment -.- I'm everyone's bitch/manwhore, geez! Get it right!
  25. Ah well. I dun care if any vid's have me or not in them, since my voice sucks anyways =P And once this pc is fixed I'll make some spiffy badges or small flash animations as honors for certain accomplishments... Dunno if I will be on again tonight or what. Brother may be on RE4... He never listens to me and ends up dying. Some intelligence from a 19 year old who hasn't beaten it yet. If I am on though it'll only be for a little bit, since I have some comp stuff to do as well. Like DLing that video...
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