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  1. Well, you also dont have monster leg problems going on at the moment either... Oh, or food shortages. There's nothing to eat that has any nutritional value in the house. I can't live off of sugar X_XI'll be on after I mow the lawn... Maybe... I dunno still.
  2. Time bomb? Ooooh... I think I sent those to all clan members... >>;;Oh, also: STOP THE REVOLUTION! Listen to Death Squared... And prepare to rock out!
  3. Have fun in that =P Sad that the last 2 hurricanes to hit the east coast have also hit Ohio... Giving us a lot of rain.
  4. Would you like the translated ROM image of Tales of Phantasia? It's the first in the series and I luff it XD You will need Znes for it though... Gotta love Dejap even though they disbanded a bit back =(And that art style is known as CEL-SHADING. Wow, I'm one of the few artist peoples in here who also know that... And my brother is getting the new Katamari. I sucked with the controls and never got into it. I like my Advance Wars DS though =)
  5. Wow. I found Tales of Symphonia for $20, so I could not resist =) I already played Tales of Phantasia (Jap SNES Rom, never in US so hey, they can't make money from what they don't release) and I just hafta say, KICKASS! Now, off to play my newly bought Advance Wars DS =D
  6. That was some analyzing there... But then again, lagging and luck also have to come into play. Along with various types of cheating, since I know some of those higher ranked people will standby in order to keep their rank. That, or start to lag their connection down in order to rape everyone with a shotgun. I've seen it done before with my own two eyes at my friend's house. All he did was start to lose, load up 3 P2P programs, and he started lagging so much that his shotgun was way too powerful against the other guy's BR. That, and the fact the other guy was hardly moving at all =P Also remember how modders climbed the leaderboards ¬¬
  7. That's an item on Kingdom of Loathing. Grants stench resistence and is formed by fusing two bum cheek's together.Oh, and the time will prolly be around 10 tonight for the match. Just get on if you want to play and beat down a local from where I live. He hasn't played in forever so we'll pwn him. Oh, and one more thing... TSHIRTS! COME UP WITH LAYOUTS FOR ME! I NEED THAT TO START THE COMMISSION! And hey, I'll get kudos for it! X3 Also, if someone could draw the Legendary Elite face with headphones in a side/diagonal view, I will use that for the image. Also, I'll do some spiffy work to it and make it pretty =) Then after theyre done I'll get some shots of em and then set up a paypal for payment and stuff. Or something like that.
  8. Wow... Its so WHITE with rain outside I cant see a fkn thing! O_O That and the thunder and lightning don't really help... Ok, no duster as of yet because neither of my bosses were at work earlier this morning, and mom isn't home to drag me to the mall... -.- This would be avoided if she'd get me the stuff I need so I can drive. But nope, her choice. She has to drag me around and waste her gas then.
  9. After that concert I'll get on. Just someone send me the invite and I'll get my friend in with us, and he can also drag his clanmates/halo friends in with him if he can find any online during the time. Oh, and prepare for me to sing Goodwen songs too, as they will be stuck in my head. Also being hummed are Medford Drive and Time Wasted Sleeping... DAMN! My hearing is going to suck since it will be REALLY fkn loud in that loft above the pizza place.
  10. Or spend $25 a month for high-speed DSL =D Ok, friday night I will be on with a friend from school... And we shall fight his clan if he drags them on! Me and Lazy are already the fighters on our team, yet we could use another 1-3 others... So just tell one of us if yer interested. Afterwards we'll all just get together and play crazy gametypes.
  11. Well, in titles, yes. I was listening to Force Majeure again today while drawing things... One good thing about photoshop is that pattern maker. Used that on a fractal and now I'm creating a realistic (hopefully when I'm done...) looking Shadow Demon... =D
  12. No, I don't touch myself at night. What do you think I whore myself for? OK, time for seriousness. I need layouts for Tshirt ideas containing either or both text and graphics for the front and back. 6 color max remember! Send them to neobubblemonkee@sbcglobal.net and I will check them all. Then, I'll set up like a voting thing or something... And the winner will be made after a quick touchup =P
  13. Ahahaha! Triforce Majeure? LOL! RIPOFF! There is a compilation CD by 409 that is titled "Force Majeure". Came out BEFORE that song did I might add...And if things continue the way they are in my life... Well, it won't be good. Friend is quitting her job at work, my boss is treating everyone even more like crap, and my nephew runs off with some of my RPGs. WHAT THE FUCK DOES GOD HAVE AGAINST ME!? IS IT JUST BECAUSE I'M NOT BLINDED BY FUCKING RELIGION AND I'M JUST "OUT THERE"!?
  14. The one and only Ada Wong =D Oh, and FF8 was not the game it should have been... Could have been LOADS better in battle had they switched a few things around. Too bad, 9 and 7 are still better though. 9 is back to the good old days of 4 character parties... I miss that... Also, check out "Tactile Freefall" under Lifeforce, along with some of the Castlevania stuff. Vampires = pwnage, maybe that's why I'm so good at Halo... ^w^Oh, and I'm Deej. Nice to meet ya. Just watch out if I AM ever online anymore, as from time to time I have spikes in my playing level. Remember that Marius? Conker for 2 weeks, I come back, and start pwning everyone we played against? Hopefully I can do that more... I may be on friday night after a concert I'm going to, so I'll see if I can drag some local people on with me and we'll play some games. -IDEA- Let's challenge bungie! Get OCR out into the light of the web and attract some more traffic! Also, be featured in a game review and become sorta famous... >>
  15. Well, he needs to listen to "Ada's Groove"... Nice one there, along with "Booster Tarintino" another good one.
  16. Bah... Some bastard killed off all my pretty files up at the career center so, no pogo ninja (all of it was going to be handdrawn... not anymore though), no cel-shaded side view of the "legendary" difficulty shield with headphones (clan symbol for usage on tshirts/sigs), and other spiffy things... So I hafta start anew on ALL these things, meaning more setbacks. Sorry. Maybe thursday I can rip some sprites out or find a sheet and then make a sprite pogoninja fer ya Wes. I need to find those sources my brother uses for RPGMaker.
  17. Handcannon is awsome, all I'll say to the people with RE4... Finally got it =D I'll get my friend's clan together and 3 others, since his is 4 members big, and we'll have an unofficial clan match against them. We'll pass the party around a few times so we can have our fun little gametypes going on.
  18. Wow! Lazy FINALLY got staff! YAY!
  19. I'll see about getting some of my classmates together for a game with ya all later... Maybe this weekend if I'm up to it after work, Ren. Festival if Emily can get enough people from work to go, and other nonsense... Also, the origins of the "Sniper Kitty" picture are from neko the kitty, on this comic: http://www.nekothekitty.net/cusp/daily.php?date=050831 "FUCK! No thumbs..." Quote from a friend who is NORMAL, unlike what some will think: "The only furry weirdos are the suit wearing plushie raping bastards giving us all a bad name..."
  20. Prolly I'll open a paypal... or something =P Dunno yet. And red, could you just post a pic of the outline of the design and let me work my cel-shading magic upon it? It would help me out and give me something to do during my vocational class (graphic arts) and, since it sorta is a commission of sorts, I can get a grade on it and use it in my portfolio if I ever get into an art school or something...
  21. http://www.badlydrawnkitties.com/d/20020621.html Wow. This stereotype is out of hand. VGcats is the next to be hit by it =P Go Webcomics! And Neko the Kitty... just because it has cats smoking catnip and getting high.
  22. Well, the comp is fixed so maybe... And if it's ep 2, I will kill you since it SUCKS. =(@Red: So it seems I can go up to 6 SOLID colors... No gradients though. Thats the limit for t-shirt screening colors.
  23. Wingless may be on Unreal... =P Remember his first post in this thread? I may be on tonight or tomorrow night. No school monday! But I hafta work X_X Oh well, off tuesday night in return.
  24. I have seen ze Lazy... And she has seen me. Apparently her dog doesnt like us too much or something amongst those lines...
  25. New time is now 8 for me then... MIGHT be able to get on then! Unless I'm at work, which is till 10 o.o
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