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  1. A couple by some Japanese dudes, mainly strings and featuring Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy
  2. Just popping in to suggest the Age of Wonders 1 soundtrack. Some of its tracks, like Defenders, Battle Macabre, and are really good.The Heroes of Might and Magic series have really good music, but little love on OCRemix...
  3. Sweet, I didn't know that vgmix is back up. Now, if this song is played by something like a string ensemble...with guitar, violin, cello..
  4. I think this is one of the most beloved piece of music for fans of Quest of Glory; sadly, never saw it remixed much. Link to original:
  5. Great flute. It's fitting that in the entire game, "Reset" is the only theme that didn't get a full traditional treatment, and this one fits in nicely. Hope this will open the flood-gates of more Okami remixes in different styles!
  6. I'm here to nominate the Quest for Glory series, especially the the fifth installment, Dragon Fire. The tracks are done by Chance Thomas and never really got the recognition it deserves IMHO. But my favourite is still Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness. Rock and roll battle themes in Russian-style Mordavia! Themes like "Tanya and Toby" sometimes still bring a tear to my eyes. And I will pay good money for a remix of Erana's Peace from Quest for Glory I. (Hint: All the midi tracks are available from www.queststudios.com And oh yes. Divine Divinity.
  7. It's a great loss, to the remixing community and the local music scene of Singapore. Wish we had a chance to meet, as I am from Singapore too...oh well. RIP.
  8. Just curious - Have you played Chrono Trigger in the first place? Viewing the whole thing from context of the game, Chrono has to be 'reborn' to save the world from Lavaos. The "torn out from its pages" doesn't click well with me, as the first sentence was refering to home, not a book. But at least it tells me that the singer feels forcefully removed from his current, pleasant situation. Chrono and his gang are essentially embarking on a desperate, do-or-die, attempt to stop Lavaos. Hence maybe the allusion to last chances. "In rhythm" can be a metaphorical way of speaking in relation. Perhaps "The distance multiplies in relation with the debt" sounds too much like a science question which is why this is not chosen. Perhaps, IMHO, a better idea is "The debt multipies in rhythm with distance". In a sense, you can rack up debt as you travel. Imagine the singer leaving his friends and family behind, and as distance passes, you rake up debt in terms of emotional feelings. Your family feels your absence, and you long for them etc. etc. This is, of course, my subjective interpertation for the lyrics. At least one people out there doesn't think it's complete nonsense. For me the lyrics make sense if you see it from the context of the plot and story of Chrono Trigger. Just my 2 gil. EDIT: And oh, to stay on topic. I like the lyrics. It resonates with the plot of Chrono Trigger, and sounds like something Chrono himself will say, if he could speak, that is
  9. I did notice, but you have already stated that you recieved private PMs about it, so...
  10. Yes, it's from the SourceForge. I try uninstalling/reinstalling the codex and see if it changes anything.
  11. I know nothing about music, so I just try to explain what I think in what terms I could muster. Schala and the Queen Somehow I prefer the pre-mastered verison, but in particular I think it's the singing. It's...too "clean". Kudos to CompyFox for making the singing less washed out. But from 2:15 to 2:22, it gives me the feeling as if pixeltrick is singing karoke to the tune, as if she is just singing over the recording (I know that's the reality...) It could be just because I listened to the premastered verision too many times either (it had a permanent slot on my mp3 player) Denadoro Climb I love this song. I always dig the Wind Tune and this is great. "Great" is an understatement, believe me...But the from 1:00 the drums in the background are...annoying. It might be my subwoofer, but I am using Altec Lansing, and this particular model has no knob to turn the "bam-bam-bam" down. Those are the more jarring one so far.. Wasn't there a track which incoporates the Singing Mountain? I am getting this error while trying to play the .flac files: Chrono_Symphonic_01_Inciting_Incident.flac: ERROR while encoding metadata state = FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ABORTED
  12. ...and if you lack the HD space, why not download one disc at a time, burn it, and then dispose of it? And maybe it's town to do some hard-disk cleanup anyway
  13. This month is already good enough. The probability of it coming out tomorrow is 13/30, which is about 50%!! That's good, isn't it?
  14. I think it would only get ugly if everyone started questioning the worth of each team-mate. Take a deep breath, everyone...
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