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  1. It's possible, if you use a Matrix which is CV Spidered off to the devices. But this doesn't allow playback fro a midi controller as such. However, I think you can play midi info into more than one device by turning on the keyboard/revolver symbol thingy next to them in the sequencer window. And if you have a riff that sounds good coming out of one device, you can duplicate that sequencer track and assign it to the other device. But yeah, the easier way to do this is to shell out for Reason 3. It's lovely
  2. I'm a big fan of GaMeBoX's stuff, and this track I feel showcases what he's all about. It's fun, accessible, inventive, polished... everything your ears are after... Seriously top stuff - download it now!
  3. Lies!.. I jest of course. I only wish I could do this sort of stuff... (...and seeing as I don't seem to have commented in this thread yet, I should probably add what I think of the track...) Top marks SGX - captures the feel of the game completely while standing on its own as a complete seperate work of trance genius. Two thumbs up.
  4. You'll be pleased to know that you're not going mad, the mix doesn't feature that sample - I had a hard time finding it...
  5. I'm constantly in awe of Gray's command of the production wand. This sounds like full on, film quality orchestration. There're some great pace changes and dynamic range shifts going on too. Top marks!
  6. I wasn't expecting to divide the audience like this. To those who like it, I'm glad you do. I really feel that this track is 'done' - whereas I'm always eager to return to my other tracks, "Blue Wizard" I am happy to leave alone. To those who prefer the VGmix version, then I guess that mix is for you. It pains me greatly to read Liontamer's NO verdict, as he has always been so supportive of, and positive about my stuff - I almost feel that I've disappointed you, Larry... To those who don't dig this at all, you're missing out Cheers for all the feedback, pos and neg. Binster
  7. Well, it seems that this mix dropped right off the radar. Not a single review since the day of release... I've got to start remixing more popular games. (Or, more accurately, Final Fantasy I to XII...) Thanks for all the comments, peeps. In future releases, I may turn the hihats down. But I can't guarentee that. Binster
  8. Tip top stuff. Mazedude knows his onions, and these are the finest of crunchy electro onion beats around. Binst
  9. Interesting point... the rhodes at the start of Icon (if it's what I think you mean) are in fact the tails of the piano chords from track 5 on the ICO soundtrack cd. The whole thing started off as an ICO inspired track, featuring those obscure samples, then I slapped the guitar stuff in and it all took off. In the future, look out for a long mix of the track - there's an extended intro that features them more prominently... Binster
  10. richbrf - I love you man. ben cousins - cheers graylightning - you are the pimp daddy, cheers for the continued support supergreenx - cheers, man - and one of these [binster salutes] for the BG&E mix... everyone else - thanks all - you make it all worth while. see shaun of the dead. binster
  11. SGX is a mad skillz BT style master of the aurals. this is class.
  12. Cheers mister Liontamer. I was surprised that Icon got through with out going through "the judging panel" - unless the deliberations will be posted at a later date, of course... I still find it odd hearing "binster" mentioned in with the likes of "supergreenx", "protricity", "the wingless" and all the other legends of OCR. Mondo humbling... Cheers again binster
  13. Who's Digital Coma B? Is he Digital Coma? Or someone pretending to be Digital Coma? Anyway, he wasn't me. Just thought I'd point that out. Downloading the .mp3, looking forward to hearing the whole thing... Binster
  14. Nice remix. Good reworking of the original tune. You can't go wrong if you start off with that .sid chip "bwwwooooooooooowww!" Binst
  15. Compilation CD sounds like a good thing indeed. Cheers to all who have commented - we're proud of the track and all that has been done with it. Who knows... maybe another mix is in the works... Binst
  16. Ello. Durinthal. What can I say. I'm sure the rest of the performers on the Dirty mix will agree with me on this. That is pretty much exactly what the music would look like. If sounds were visible. Basically, top work to you and all who worked on the video. I don't know if you've seen this website : www.b3ta.com : How'd you feel if we submitted the video as a link for the news letter? On the plus side, loads of people would see your work and hear our work. On the minus, being featured in the news letter does have the habit of eating up your bandwith with gusto. This video is definitely the stuff B3ta would go a bundle on. So, whadayasay? Should we tell the world? Again, muchos gracias for the fantastic vid. Binster
  17. This is ace! I love it a lot. I'm a big fan of crunchy SID style synthness. This really floats my boat - there are some lovely harmonies in there, and the percussion work's top notch. It's really inventive - a lot of changing segments. Nice work, feller! Binst
  18. Arright there. On behalf of myself, along with Rich who has posted already, and A Scholar and A Physician (and the Paul Taylor node, for those of you who listened to the WTF mix), I'd like to say cheers to all the positive reviewers of this, our first Chinese remix. It makes me feel all wam inside. I'm blushing as I write this. That's all, really. Just cheers everyone. Binst
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