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  1. this song has amazing remix potential. i don't see why no one has touched this entire game. the sound track is amazing. maybe you could remix this track: Bigband Trance Techno anyway you slice it this track is amazing and you know you can't deny it. please and thank you http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/SB2_Stage_1.mid
  2. good job guys, this remix has a rustic sort of feel, that just gets me goin.
  3. awesome remix. no dout one of the best I have ever heard. i especially like the horn accompinyment startin around 1:19. very very bery awesome mix.
  4. ohh dear there goes the neighborhood. sounds great, if you need a brass section, i'm free.
  5. I'm new here, but I love Pixie doing the show. She rocks, as does all VGDJ, in all it's glory, with or without Aurora. I hope to see a three person show in the future, and keep up all the great work you all three do, thanks for the remixes, and keep up that wonderful work. I'm also anxious for new remixes from pixie... they are always so mind-blowingly beautiful. as is everything pixie does aparently, just viseted you site. great voice.
  6. wow this is the best remixing project i've ever heard
  7. could I please get an Earth BOund based sig and avatar. please.
  8. hi can I get a cheese burger with a medium fry and a medium coke please? oop wrong place, heres a challenge for ya, I need an Earthbound based sig, and avatar. they need to be similar but not the same, please
  9. What? the stinger is a slowed down part of my voice mail, with uncle fucker from the south park movie in between.
  10. i resent that, i never fuck uncles
  11. Here goes... I worked with some weird sourcepics but I implemented all you asked for in it. Hope it will do the trick! wow this is perfect thank you
  12. please don't think I am being picky, or needy, but I would like to fist off that capin hulk(yes, capin) and all the others who worked on my currnt sig. secondly, I would like to request another sig. heres what I need: a man on his knees broken by grace. the words: "Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani?" and a cross in the backround. please, I would love to have a sig like this.
  13. hey, both of the sound cool so,i like them both, but pixietricks a little more because she didn't spell me name wrong. did I mention they sound really hot I'm so lonely
  14. thank you, oh thank you for spelling my name wrong in your shownotes . but it's okay, I don't think anyone can say it let alone spell it from how it sounds. great show, and good job guys.
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