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  1. I can't wait for the medium hoodies to be restocked. Could you by chance send an email when you restock?
  2. I have to say that I've heard better from you Taucer...but with that out of the way I think you've done a great job with this remix. This song was in desparate need of some good mixing, and what you've done with it is perfect. I really like your native whistle sounding thing that you had, and alsoo the fact that everything sounded like real recordings, and I'm convinced that a lot of it was. I don't think I really need to say much about this mix except for good job, and keep remixing. Keep up your good work
  3. THIS IS GREAT! This is a great song! I mean, I usually find a song that I like, and then it has that one part that bugs me, or I listen to it too much. Not this one. I got this song within a half hour of it being posted, and just listening to it every time I think about it has been what caused me to prolong my opinions. You perfectly captured the feeling of the song in your remix. You feel the intense and sinister ways of Magus in the orchestrations, and you can almost feel the hatred he holds. The song accuately depicts the battle and is so well composed that the fact that you have Rock, Techno, Classic Symphonic style, and what I can only describe as 'dark' brass, doesn't harm it at all. In fact every ingredient is perfect to the T and when you segued the acoustic guitar in the background of the 'whatever it is' organ, I wanted winamp to tell me that the song had a few more hours left. The synths and the incredible drums are put together with great experience and unmistakable skill. **tears** Thank You Star Salzman
  4. Sweet, I just started going through the game a few days ago. So all of the music will be really familiar to me (since I'm just about done with the first disc already) I didn't hear about this before, so I'm guessing it's new, although it seems to be old. Thanks, everyone who's involved. I might be able to do a bit of photoshopping for you guys if you'd like. So just do what you guys do best.
  5. To tell you the truth I'm usually not a big fan of these really technoey songs.....but this is an exception. I love what you've done with the Earthbound songs, and even where it gets a little loud an obnoxious, you were only capturing the feel of Earthbound more. The end is pretty good, and I like all of the strange instruments you have playing in the background. The way you kept throwing in tiny clips of different Earthbound songs is great, and your ability to remix is insane. Rats off to Ya.
  6. I absolutely love the artist (Darangen), but I can't say that I fully enjoy the vocals. Awesome mix and everything man! But may I request an intstrumental? This remix hits me very similar as the Flying Man remix - by Mustin (from the Bound Together Earthbound Project) - did. I really like the song, and I really like the lyrics, and the vocals are somewhat enjoyable. But I enjoy it more listening to his included instrumental version. Anyways, I've been watching this one from the WIP stage, and I rather enjoy it. Keep up your insanely awesome and original work! (I love your Sonic remixes!)
  7. I'd have to say that I picked up on the melody very quickly. The song is an outstanding work of art. The original just happens to be one of my favorite Link to the Past song . Ok, I'm sorry this is an abrupt review, but awesome mix buddy!
  8. I've had this song for a long long time now, because I found it on VGMix. ....This song could calm down a kid on crack. It's definately one of my favorite remixes of all and I have a very hard time not feeling at peace while listening to it.
  9. You've given a great style to this song. I'm a big fan of Earthbound, and this song is calming and a little bit 'Nostalgious' to me. I think that you've really put positive and fitting style to it. Great song(s)!
  10. Wow, very nice remix. Strange vox, and very creative! I usually hate the spoken word with a beat in the back....but this is just interesting. I Like it. It won't be in my favorite list, but atleast I'll enjoy it when I'm listen to my library Thank you.
  11. Uhhhh... How are you importing the midi? If you are just opening the .mid file in Fruity, then it shouldn't do that. If you are importing tracks from a midi file using the piano roll, it may be doin gsome funky stuff, becasue Fruity is a pattern based sequencer. If there are bars of rest, it will just nuke 'em, knowing that you will merely delay the pattern in the Playlist. Alright, that's what I've been doing. I guess I'll just open the .mid file in fruity. Thanks
  12. This is the project that I've been waiting for, and as it draws to an end, I'm beginning to feel obsessive. I just can't wait for this one, because Hedgehog Heaven.....wasn't the best out there (IMO). Thanks for all the contributors, I'm truely looking forward to this with a passion.
  13. Ok, this is a big problem for me. When I import a MIDI, any rests before the first note that's played is cut out. Is there anyway to do away with that? I mean, I couldn't see how that would be conveniant for anyone. Please, help a noob out.
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