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  1. "We don't like any of you but we sure do like the money you bring in for us." -DJ Pretzel 2016
  2. DJP knows he's in the wrong he's just looking for a scapegoat to try and deflect on. I am surprised that thread didn't get locked.
  3. I just went through every single video on their YT channel and saw no ads. Don't mind that I have Magic Actions installed that removes all ads. But yea, no ads here.
  4. OCR flinging themselves off the deep end. Sucking on the dick nipple of money and mediocrity. I'd unsub from their youtube channel this instant if it were actually good enough to be a subscription of mine.
  5. Oh I didn't even realize that this person actually made the thread. No wonder why they getting mad as hell.
  6. Poor man's 50 shades of gray indeed.
  7. I felt that the games OST held everything back. It's not nearly as good as the first or second games.
  8. Oh, they already have enough Old Republic stuff around. Especially since EA pretty much destroyed it. I hear that Episode 7 will be a totally original Star Wars movie. No Thrawn Trilogy here folks. Get your hankies and commit seppeku with your lightsabers now.
  9. Is it just me or does this compo seem a lot more empty this time around? I can't quite put my finger on it...
  10. It's just been too long since I've heard some Willrockage and you usually clean shop in the compo so I was really looking forward to hearing 4 or so new songs. SUCKS MAN. You hurt mah feelins, mah butt feelins
  11. This is the ultimate slap in my face. I was so hyped to hear some Willrock rockage through out every round of the Zero bracket. Time to killing spree.
  12. I don't know how I feel about these Kuwanger songs. They are pretty evenly matched but my bias is towards whoever can advance Kuwanger to the 2nd round and beyond. HOLY BALL SACKS THAT PROPHECY TRACK
  13. Whoever gets Boomer Kuwanger, you best do it big and make it better than the Maverick Rising track because that one is off the chain. Good luck to everyone. I will be watching this compo hawk style. Also, Clown Man, someone put it in their mix regardless. Edit: Just saw the completed draft listing. Wildfire... *Alan Rickman voice* Do not disappoint me.
  14. They downloaded "Voices of the Lifestream" and are now actively suing OCR because they JUST re-re-released FF7 for the PC today. Good job.
  15. The lack of the Beek in that first video sickens me. I'm literally sick with rage.
  16. Please tell me this is some kind of elaborate joke post concocted in order to get me to nerd rage.
  17. Well the good thing about this is if it does get taken down, all the backers just keep their money as kickstarter doesnt officially take any money until the end of the 30 day period. Essentially all the 'money' that had been raised thus far were just good faith investments, so to speak. Clearly everyone who puts their money forth will probably allow kickstarter to take the funds from them after the 30 days (I am skeptical about the 2 $5K donors though). The bad side is that if it were taken down for whatever reason, that just sets OCR back that much further on physical production of the FF6 album. I guess the official OCR fundraiser just got rehired
  18. THE WORLD! Also, you know exactly what mash-up to do to make me happy. Crisis City vs Planet Wisp. Chop chop.
  19. Hey, I have a question. Comp is over for the most part but I was wondering something. Was Doomsday Zone a legit choose able zone for the competition? I'm thinking about sources picked and I'm surprised that some were picked in favor of the more popular ones. I'm really shocked that no one chose Flying Battery.
  20. Oh, when you put it in that context then, yes, he did a very good job. I, too, give the king of tigers props.
  21. Sorry SupX, I apologize for any inconvenience and the issue has been hopefully taken care of. As for remix reviews: Amphibious: I just love the overall feel of the mix and SupX pretty much hit every nail on the head. This song is just good ol' electronica fun. Gario: The backing music is fantastic but I feel that the beat seemed a bit too fast for the rapping sections. It sounded like King Tiger was slurring the words along and it was really hard for me to get a grasp on what he was saying on my initial listen. Other than that, it was pretty solid. Edit: Gario, I'd like to see you revisit your mix and fix it up and get it subbed to the judges. Same for Amph. I totally think they would pass.
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