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  1. That kind of activity is highly illegal. I am not a lawyer, but I know that employees on an hourly payroll absolutely MUST be paid for the time that they are on the clock. A company fudging the number of hours you are working behind your back breaks all kinds of labor laws. Remember that it is also illegal for any company (private or otherwise) to not pay you overtime when you work more than 40 hours a week on a payroll system. So you can clearly see why changing the number of hours you work to something that does not accurately reflect reality is completely illegal. Talk to a lawyer ASAP. And think about obtaining some good, solid evidence. You're going to need it.
  2. I had a MySpace account once. I deleted it in a fit of rage and now I have a Facebook account. I miss the profile customizability of MySpace, but that's all, really. Facebook is currently the best online tool for finding and keeping in touch with old friends, hands down. I have a few gripes about the interface, though, but nothing's perfect. Log in and go to My Account -> Notifications.
  3. Finally, OCR is starting to get some of the good stuff again! My hat goes off to you, mister ilp0.
  4. See, I hate it when people do this. Is it pure laziness? Are you just trying to be a jerk? Sometimes people like to, oh I don't know, communicate with other real people and get their opinions. Especially when it pertains to a topic relevant to what the community he is asking is entirely based on.
  5. You'd only recommend? Asking permission is more of a MUST. Even if you're the administrator of a network of computers you absolutely should ask whoever owns those boxen for permission. Ask them in person. And get the consent written, signed, and dated on paper and file it in a safe place. Seriously. I recall a story about an administrator getting sued and/or fired for installing SETI@Home on several computers he administered without proof of permission to do so.
  6. Wow. I've never played Star Ocean before and probably never would've given this remix a listen had it not been featured on VGDJ. For some reason I'm a sucker when it comes to this kinda music. I wouldn't compare it to today's pop music at all. It really is more akin to something like The Beach Boys. This song is really a joy to listen to especially since I don't come across gems like these too often. Good stuff. I'll definitely rotate it in my playlists for many times to come.
  7. There's always wiki software. Seriously, I think there should be a subdomain wiki site of OCR for these character profiles. It'll make it so anyone can easily add their contributions and moderate others' contributions as well. Once everything's good I think you can lockdown the wiki so it's no longer editable. Just a thought. I don't know all of the technicalities of administrating a wiki site. But if there's someone who does, it could make this whole process run smoothly.
  8. There should be a video game character wiki site that has profiles of all the characters. Then all you'd have to do is link the pic in the corner to their wiki profile...
  9. Judge Judy may lack a penis, but I know for a fact she has HUGE balls.