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  1. This Kirby remix is probably the one that amused me the most in this style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FLSkVEKXFY
  2. I'm may get shot for mentioning that game... But Sonic the Hedgehog (360/PS3) anyone? Nevermind the horrible game that it was, but has anyone but me took a listen to the (awesome) soundtrack and enjoyed it? Also, Battle Network Rockman EXE Transmission.
  3. Hmm, sorry to jump in randomly, but I just have to correct you. XP "can't not include" == "cannot not include" == "can not not include" == "can include"
  4. Rockman EXE RPG games, except the 4th one. I love this series. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. That's a given. Sonic Riders too while we're at it, haha. Final Fantasy VIII and IX. Speaking of this series, I hated VII...
  5. Quick pictures I did for a SSBB thread. Seeing what people have posted here, I might try my hands at some =P Many of them are brilliant! Please keep 'em coming (Mine are boring, yeah)
  6. About the album over art, fan submissions are allowed right? Depending on my mood, I might craft something for this special project in time =P
  7. Actually, the project has been switched to DS exclusive. Anyway, looks very promising indeed.
  8. A very enjoyable mix. I've been listening to the track quite a few times these days. It's just too bad it's short. Nonetheless, I loved most, if not all aspects of it. I'm not a fan of vocal remixes, but this one definitively is an exception. That's got to be something.
  9. Looks a bit gloomy... But that might just be me, as prefer overly colourful things. If you're looking to keep that "badass" philosophy while keeping this wing of envorinment, may I suggest using neon green auras or electric blue? You know, so it would look like the glow of the master emerald or chaos emerald ^^ (Best thing to me is are electric red and blues). Although I could see that, if not applied well, it would turn out to be like a generic page... Anyway, from what I see, you seem to have nice design talents. May to keep in mind my suggestion or not, I'm looking forward to the final product. =P
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