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  1. Sorry the best joke today is by far this one: http://movies.ign.com/dor/articles/863515/legend-of-zelda-movie-trailer/videos/legendofzelda_filmtrailer_040108.html
  2. I want those cutscenes, never found a place to download em
  3. O yeah... seems i forgot to review This has become my favorite remix 10/10 love it... I always loved TFAT so im kind of biased.... Congrats Neil, hope to see more from you!!
  4. I think one of the boses that lately ahs reminded me of how difficult bosses used to be is Sephiroth from Kingdom hearts, you need ti have a nice level,you need to know how he attacks and defends, you need ability with your controller... and you need a little luck also Thats what boss battles used to be. Other special bosses from final fantasies are EASY, you just need to know how to beat them like omega weapon, ozma, emerald weapon.... Sephioroth no matter how well you know his strategy you will still need ability (Sin harvest is devastating power)
  5. i think it would be cool to be in a party with guys like the ones that sound in the intro Im mexican so i reallhy liked the words in spanish and its really a very cool song to hear.
  6. I love this song, and the piano gives it a beautifull feeling, i would love to hear this in a piano recital or something
  7. I loved the song, and thanks for the lyrics i was going to ask for them, i really look forward for that guts man theme!! congrats
  8. I just love the original song but definetl the remix is superior!! the best one here!!
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