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  1. ooh yeah, this is nice. I loved the bass sound used in this, reminds me of the secret of evermore ost which is never a bad thing.
  2. This is great stuff! Is it only me hearing some super metroid tune in there? Like at 0.50 something, and perhaps somewhere else too.
  3. well..sound quality and arrangement is top notch, but i'd really like to hear it without those disgusting vocals. they make me picture a semi-nude enrique eglesias walking on a beach.
  4. very nice..i hear you played around a bit with the piano chords, and it turned out pretty cool. the flute reminds me of a beautiful tuxedo moon song called in a manner of speaking..
  5. this is very cool. Good to hear some upbeat mixes on the metroid tunes for once!
  6. well, the drummer clearly knows what he's doing, but that guitarist sucks! Sounds like he's drunk.
  7. it might not be super high quality, spacey avant garde like some other submissions, but i still love it.
  8. i actually like the sml theme more than the others after hearing this
  9. definitely not my main instrument of choice for a tetris remix..and what are the handclaps doing in there? sorry, i don't like this at all.
  10. i think it's clear that this delivers when it comes to emotion, so commenting on anything else is, in my opinion, really unneccesary.
  11. although this sounds good enough to be an outtake from links awakening it doesn't give the spacey feeling of the original that i was kind of hoping it would. so.. only one thumb up:P
  12. what makes this great is how he's made a so-so track into an easily likable & really groovy one. that's what remixing should be all about imo! And you can't even tell it's ff.
  13. beautifully done. it kind of reminds me of the movie blade runner. very relaxing.
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