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  1. Yea loads of people use samples. Its just where they get them from and what they do with them. Using the same popular samples can make a lot of songs sound the same. For example the load of peope who use the same fruity loops sounds, is it not annoying? I can't beleive such big producers would use Synthogy Ivory, but I guess for some pieces there wouldn't be a lot of difference than a real piano. Real instruments have expression. What are interesting though are modelling instruments, like electric piano/string instrument modellers, they have lots of paremeters to deal wth much more than the playback of a sample. I guess samples are however you use them, but you have to be wary of how it sounds. I was listening to some of the Chono Symphonic stuff and I didn't really like it, there were some nice sounds but it lacks the realism and small inperfections of a real orchestra, although some tracks are better than others. If you've heard a LOT of music where people are using the same samples hearting more of it gets kind of boring. Only tweaking samples slightly can make a lot of difference is all i'm saying. And the originality is noticed by the listener, may sound more original to some rather than others. But I don't want to start a massive discussion, just trying to give advice to people who use freely available/popular samples, TWEAK!
  2. (I am aware of the difference between soundfonts and samples, soundfonts are just organised, like a sampled instrument preset in a sampler) All composers tend to have their own rules. Some may use presets on synths and freely available samples, because maybe they want to sound like everyone else, or want real instrument sounds but don't have the instruments. Some composers may want to do their own completely original thing so have their own original soundbank. For people involved in Music Production/Composition as a profession originality is very important as record companys tend to chose a certain producer due to his sound, created by his palette of sounds. If a lot of people in the music industry may be using Kontakt/Sampltank samples having someone which their own soundbank can be good. But for people who use samples I think you should tweak the samples/kits, even if a tiny bit like EQ, FX, maybe some dynamic FX on individual drums/samples.
  3. For processing sounds in time and things like that to get samples sounding completely differnt from the original a good program is Cecilia. Its for osx and windowse. The interface doesn't lok the best but it is a really good program. It uses Csound, try it out, you can even use copywrited samples and process them so far that they'd be legal to use. http://www.csounds.com/cecilia/
  4. I like the 303 sound, but it could have better to not have the delay on all the time. If you automated the delay on and off throughout the riff it could have been more interesting. The bass sits well in the mix. The drums are done quite well, the delay on the snare sucessfully simulates the dead notes that would be played by a real drummer. But the beat is very repetitive. The sustained violin notes don't sound too good as you can hear the loop points, the sample must have been very short. I'm not a big fan of the flute type sound. It is mixed a quite well, but its all quite a mono sound apart from the stereo delays. The strings pad could do with more chorus to widen it in the mix so it doesn't come from the center but from everywhere. Also the drums are very mono. I think the delay has been overused a bit. But apart from that it is quite a pleasant sounding piece.
  5. Soundfonts/samples that are trying to be an instrument can never be one, only a representation. And other sounds through soundfonts can be taken seriously, but its not your unique sound. You'll sound just like everone else using soundfonts on the internet. If you collect your own sounds and don't share them with anyone else, you'll have your own sound. Akira Yamaoka has his own sound, but hes a sound designer aswell as a composer. I admit to using some samples myself, but thesedays if I do use any sounds which are available to more people than myself I try to process them so they sound very different. Especially with drumkits, thousands of people use the same kits, process all the sounds indivially until it doesn't sound like a kit, it sounds original.
  6. If you utilising the sound of an 80 year old quadraplegic wrapped in celophane farting into a phonograph with a tape recorder on the other side and made somethin interesting that would be the epitomy of electroacoustic music. Just because you don't have a $30,000 piano and a $50,000 studio doesn't mean you can't make music. All i'm saying is music production is about utilising what you have and use it to it full potential. Using a soundfont of a piano is just a draft and can could possibly give performers and listeners an idea of what the piece would sound like, but it could never be taken seriously.
  7. Using presets on a sampler is as bad as using presets on a synthesiser. What people should learn to do is collect their own soundbank of samples. Using sampled acoustic instruments like orchestras/pianos only creates a demonstation/draft of what it could sound like. Best thing to do is use what you have to your best ability, wanna do strings but can't get a string orchestra? Forget it. Just work with sounds you can get, if something sounds cool, record it! Percussive sounds from hitting metal/plastic/glass objects. Process the sounds however you want, then you'll have some original sounds! This is what any good producer does. Sampled acoustic sounds don't give an accurate representation, its just a glorified midi file at the end of the day.
  8. Best book on mastering: Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science: Books: Bob Katz Bob Katz is one of the best mastering engineers. The book is full of useful information.
  9. Mairuzu

    Sony PS3

    Can you guys in america preorder consoles yet? I already preordered 2 of them quite a while back, going to sell both of them. Hopefully make a bit of money =)
  10. I meant the wet signal becoming before the dry signal. As in simulating reversing an audio wave, applying reverb then reverse the audio file back to normal. Which is obviously impossible live. As the guy who strated the topic was on about.
  11. I've used Max/MSP quite a bit, I'd say its much better than Reaktor or SynthEdit, but yes it is extremely hard to use. In industry theres a lot of big names that use Max/MSP, although it tends to be more avant-garde composers. Max/MSP is easier to use if you have experience in C++ coding language, cos if you think Max/MSP is hard try making some music with C++ .. bit hard like.. I've heard of people who have used Max/MSP and put needles into the back of their neck to control music using their mind. Max/MSP is good to use when your using inputs other than a regular midi controller. Why not use a digital camera that can pick up movements of different colours to create music. Its reasons like these and possibilities like these that make me produce music and experiment. Are there any remixes that have been done using Max? ..if not maybe I could make a first!..I'm thinking something glitchy..maybe some granular synthesis..but no presets!!
  12. Reverse Reverbed or Delayed sounds can only really be done in a studio environment. Imagine the effect live? The only way it'd be possible would be like a time machine or something..That somehow forsees what the singer is about to sing. Unless.. the wet signal was recorded, cut up and somehow synced to something. I bet someone could do something like this in Cycling 74's Max/MSP. I'm nowhere near that standard though. But I guess the guys at IRCAM did compose an aria sung my a dead singer (Maria Callas).. hmm..
  13. Not really the hardest of bosses, but if anyone has played Gun? the game is really easy, then the last boss is well hard!! I've tried at least 30 times now! You have to throw dynamite on these geyser things in the ground to hurt him. Of all the guns you have (Pistols, rifle, shotgun..etc.) The only one that hurts him is dynamite, and only if hes standing above a geyser. Come on who is that hard? Anyone played Gun and found him hard? Or defeated him?
  14. Oh my god!! A Shakuhachi!!!! Please tell me you don't have one and its just samples or i'll be really jealous!! I so want a Shakuhachi! The remix is really good, yea its short, but it works
  15. Yea is there a Piano sheet music for this song? I really wanna play it, its beautiful! It takes you back to all the special moments from Shenmue! So instead of playing the game yet again, i can just listen to this!
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