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  1. This project is looking dead T_T Hope it's coming along behind the scenes.
  2. YAY!!!! I finally got it (sort of) well my firend is letting me use his account so goodbye to social life once again... I was getting better too
  3. quickie. As you can see I tend to go overboard with shading. Is there any darker themed or looking pictures you need? I could give them a shot if you like the style although everything would needx ot be hand drawn since all I've got is ms paint and I'm kinda lasy to bother learning anything else right now.
  4. Ooo you think I could try the parasol one? (only one I really remember ) I'm no good at coloring though and my scanner is kinda crap... I could give it a shot though
  5. I've been playing a ToP rom recently and I started thinking "this game has awesome music" and was thinking of requesting a remix... then I remembered this Looking forward to it. When's the projected release date?... or release month
  6. SATAN HIMSELF!!!! ... no seriously. It's just a chat thing similar to an im chatroom but with a bunch of /commands and you can download stuff off the different channels and stuff... but it's confusing as hell... I gave up after the 20th failed download...
  7. *whew* I had to go rush and save it before anybody deletes it
  8. Nice but isn't it supposed to have a handdrawn feel? The bottom and light looks awesome but the top rocks look too triangular and unnatural... maybe mess with those and it would be perfect
  9. Maybe that's what I ended up doing. Been so long I can't remember. All I know is I saw a little shiny thing on the ground, walked over to it, and next thing I know I'm fighting Lavos with no gear and my lvl below double digits. wuss. zeality would have one. I coulda took him
  10. ... I've officially read this whole thread... and listened/looked at every wip (so many dead links T_T) When is this gonna be completed? I really want to hear the completed songs.
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