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  1. I think this song is totally ready for the front page. It sounds great the way it is. I listen to it over and over again! What's up with this WIP? Any status updates? It's been about 4 months.
  2. Hey guys, where can I download the completed tracks? I want to preview what you guys have been working on if that is possible!
  3. I hate to be the only negative person here but I didn't really enjoy this remix. As far as sound goes, it sounds great, the instruments are pretty and they sound real. But it doesn't respect the original IMHO. It's a bit too "crazy" and the pitch is off in some places.
  4. I've had this on repeat for the past 24 hours. This song is amazing!
  5. Sorry, there goes the lingo again that I can't process Could you explain for us idiots? PS: Crackling was the same as far as I could tell. Keep in mind that this isn't *just* happening on the piano notes. That's just where I hear the crackling the loudest. If I pay real close attention I can hear it in the background between piano notes or even sometimes when no piano is involved at all.
  6. Thanks for your response. I do indeed use Winamp. I also used the EQ as well. For testing, I turned it off, however the crackling is still there on the piano notes (Where it crackles the strongest). I spent quite a lot of money on the X-Fi XtremeMusic card back when it first came out. Why on earth would it be the sound card? Is Soundblaster just pathetic or something? If so, what brand would you guys recommend? I want a flawless sound card for my flawless headphones (Without spending $500, mind you.) I only listen to music, I don't produce it, so I don't need anything a professional would u
  7. As I stated, it's not really specific to any certain remix. But here's an example of a remix that is not in-progress but has the same issue. Notice that this one also has a piano at the start: Click here.
  8. Sorry, I'm not sure what a DAW is. I'm not really an expert at all with the terminology you guys may use, so if you could translate for me I'd appreciate it. All I can tell you is that I listen to remixes on this website and sometimes I'll notice crackling in some of them. For example, there is an in-progress Zelda remix I listen to quite frequently [here]. In this song, it starts off with a piano. I hear strong crackling as the piano keys are hit.
  9. You're good! I am using the HD280 Pro! I didn't mention it earlier because I was too lazy to take my headphones off and look
  10. Correct. I have some logitech speakers that expose this issue noticeably (With piano music, especially). I also have some Sennheiser headphones that were quite expensive, and they only made the crackling more noticeable
  11. Hi, I noticed that when I listen to music, some notes will cause crackles in the sound. For example, piano music is especially bad at exposing the crackles. I've listened to these same songs on 2 different sound cards and they all have the same problem, so I'm not sure what to do about it. You guys are all here because you know a lot about music and sound in general, so this topic seemed appropriate for here. The sound cards I've tried are listed below: Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeAudio (Integrated into MSI P6N Diamond) Anyone know why the crackles are occurrin
  12. Does anyone hear slight crackling at the start of the piano music at about 2:00 through 2:15? I'm not sure if this is my sound card or actually part of the music.
  13. I personally do not enjoy the heavy metal genre. I've been a huge Doom fan for many years, and I absolutely cannot stand this remix. I always get excited when I see new Doom remixes, but I guess I can't be happy with all of them! Nice effort, but unfortunately not everyone can be pleased.
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