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  1. Being totally serious here. I rented superman 64 when it was a new release. After 1 solid hour of playing this buggy POS I ripped it out of my n64, put it in the microwave, turned it on and went to the toliet. When I took the game back I told them there had been a power surge and so didnt have to pay replacement costs.
  2. Beating all difficultys and getting all unlockables on both goldeneye and perfect dark. Actually completing every aspect of n64 rare games.
  3. Wow really suprised to see Protricity in your list of artists, especially since he didnt have any interest in the DKC2 project.
  4. Im happy this is back in action but is it really such a good idea to expand the scope so much. This project has already had lengthy periods of seemingly nothing going on with a much smaller tracklist. I just dont want too see this languish in the project forums for another 4+ years.
  5. Plok (Snes) Overlooked platformer with an amazing soundtrack. Jet Force Gemini (n64) Rares most underrated golden era game. Tyrian (PC) Has the most levels/weapons/modes of any shooter ive ever seen. Body Harvest (n64) Most overlooked game of all time IMO. One of the original sandbox games. This is GTA's grand daddy! Of course it was made by DMA who later formed into Rockstar. Beetle Adventure Racing (n64) Criminally overlooked possibly cause it was a racing game with only BMW's But hot damn this game was awsome. Tracks were epically long and featured multiple routes and a dynamic enviroment that made each lap different from the last. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sBMDycrNKM&fmt=18 Shadowman (n64) Creepy as hell.
  6. Plok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLMKqfaljrA&feature=related Tyrian Breath of Fire 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hYQic13DvY&feature=PlayList&p=86EC45B966EEA85A&index=29 Jet Force Gemini Blastcorps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB0Fjd877z8&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn96ZhC7Mj4&feature=related
  7. Wow thanks heaps Totally appreciated
  8. I thought the interweb preserved all!
  9. Duck Hunt Remix - Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation Anyone know a place I can snag this album. The links on the website are dead im afraid :/
  10. yeah but clowns are fucking scary yo! circus = clown = wow scary = doom!
  11. My Favs.... 'Aria of the Damned' is absolutely amazing vocal work by pixietricks! My fav track on the album 'Ghosts of Mars' Loved the violin, the vocal work and whole feel to this song. 'Leaning Tower of Babel' remained supremely recognisable, I dont like it when a track is altered to the point of it sounding completely different which is what happened a lot in Kong in Concert project. So I loved this track. 'Glass Moon' for the same reasons as Leaning Tower of Babel. Very recognisable yet still a refreshing new sound to it. Things I Liked..... The segueway between some tracks, some just flowed into the next perfectly It still feels totally like doom! Hearing this made me want to install my copy of Ultimate Doom. Things I Didnt Like.... Level Themes out of order. I think a more coherent feel would have been made if the level themes were done in correct order....... but thats just me. Samey feel. While it does make the project feel unified and not just a random CD of remixes, it would have been nice to see more styles of remixing being used rather then every 2nd track being guitar metal. Overall... Great Stuff, a worthy project from the community. Definately worthy to grace my ipod and im sure the more I listen the more all the tracks will grow on me. Thanks guys great job.
  12. im having that exact prob using the paladin, i leveled up thorns aura expecting it to do the job for me but he is immune to thorns! blah i seem to do piss weak damage to him and its robbed me of my desire to play diablo 2 now!
  13. just subscribed guys, you have another regular listener here aurora you do have a sexy voice......... for a canadian BAM!
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