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  1. I'll pay $10 to whoever wins this and asks him whether or not Short Round will be in Indy 4: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150112344192 May require background and security check, all you crazed serial stalkers.
  2. I really don't like the scratching in this. It's too frequent and some of the scratching sounds completely out of place, making it difficult to enjoy the awesome beats. I love the strings and enjoyed and and most of the mix from the second half on. I agree with Audity in wanting a little more "craziness" from the voice part, though.
  3. I'm working on an FFXII mix right now, but it doesn't include any of the tracks you requested. Sorry. >.<; I'll post again when I have a good quality WIP, but right now I'm still experimenting with different parts. I'm lucky enough to have two talented vocalists at my disposal and if I could enlist the rest of their choir I'll be in heaven...but more on that later. I'd rather not post which tracks I'm using right now, but they all play off one (relatively) common theme. The mix is brassy and epic, and that's all I'm going to say. This'll be my first OCR attempt, though it's not the first arrangement I've done. Despite being non-active in the community, I've been a long time listener at OCR and figured I'd try and give something back to the site that's given me so much great music over the years. Oh, and a dark mix of "Esper Battle" would be SICK! I'd love to see someone pick that up. *Sad puppy eyes*
  4. I love this mix. You're extremely talented. If this ever finds its way into my car: speeding tickets. In all seriousness, three cheers for Big Bridge/Gilgamesh. This is the ultimate rock version and I can't get enough. The transitions between pieces are handled very well and never take you out of the experience. The fanfare at the end is great and I'm so glad it wasn't a short mix, as many rock mixes tend to be. Great job, I'm sure you already know it but you ROCK!
  5. You managed to turn a tune from my least favorite location in FFX into something really special. Kudos to everyone who worked on this mix, it's really stellar.
  6. Just finished FFXII, yay! Now I'm on one of those "ending highs" I get when I beat RPGs. 70:11 last save, and I've hardly done any side quests yet. Probably racked up all those hours talking to townspeople and stuff, I really got into this FF... I can definitely see what took them so long to make the game: it was very detailed in every aspect of its production. Tomorrow I'll be sad, having finally completed it (well, the story anyways). I need Twilight Princess or something before I get all weepy. ; ; Yes, that one and 1:45-2:35 on the ending movie track are my favorite pieces in the game. Guess that's why I spent so much time leveling in the rift. >.>;
  7. Excellent work you three. It's a very soothing, dreamlike mix and a great take on the original. I should say Pixietricks takes this thing to a whole new level. The quality of the vocals are well beyond what I'm used to hearing on this site and the lyrics fit perfectly; I'm totally impressed. This is something I'd expect to see on an official arrangement album. I mean, I had this one playing in my car when a friend said he really liked the song and asked what group it was. O_o Kudos on the water drops too, they add a lot to “feel” of it. For me, this collaboration sets a new benchmark for what a remix can be.
  8. I love this remix, it makes me inexplicabely happy when I listen to it. It's just so...fun. The "hoo hoo's" are subtle and hilarious. This remix is well made and very enjoyable, nice work!
  9. This is, without a doubt, my favorite game remix ever. With headphones on and eyes closed, this arrangement takes you on an unforgettable journey in sound. Though this piece is sweeping and dreamlike, it never gets repetitive nor does it drag on like other "relaxing" remixes. Kizukaseru is really quite the opposite, evolving and building on its ride towards a heavenly climax, where it leaves its passengers in an elevated state. The emotions it evokes don't diminish with repeated play, which is testament to its power and polish.
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