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  1. I agree with Liontamer. I think Wicked was a little harsh back there. Sure, vocals could use improvement, but I don't think they "suck". You've got a decent voice, you just need to develop it more. As any artist knows, especially of their own works, there's always room for improvement. And I don't mean that as an indirect insult. I'm just sayin' I understand. Being a fellow lyricist myself. You got good pipes man! Good foundation, now evolve it. And if everything I've just said means nothing, how about this? You sound a lot better than some of the popular label artists WHO GET PAID! That asside, great mix! Great rock variation on Gerudo! Great lyrics too. A song of regret with the will to make everything alright again. I can relate. "Ardency." There's a word you don't hear often. But I can't quite understand the fourth line of the chorus. Is it "This heart that's true is over-due"? It'd be cool if you could put up your lyrics. Overall, reguardless of so-called "vocal shortcomings", awesome song! I'm gonna be singing this the rest of the week. Thank you for getting "Video Killed the Radio Star" out of my head! ....erm...don't ask. Rock on, Darangen!
  2. Aah. Beautiful. Kire kire. This has to be the best remix of "Zelda's Lullaby" on the site. Such a soothing tranquility and a certain romantic grace. I closed my eyes and listened to this. I saw Zelda dancing by the sea shore. Then night fell (the 2 minute mark) and her dance escaladed as the stars illuminated her dress and her eyes. *sigh* But that's just me. Great stuff kid! A rose for Zelda, and one for you too.
  3. The Eight Infernal Names! ALL RIGHT! Now I can open that portal to Hell! But seriously. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but ever since The Dark Side of Phobos launched, I've been checking out the other DOOM remixes on the site. So far I've only listened to N-JekteD's Purgatory and this. And I am far from dissapointed. This is awesome stuff. I will agree with the collective. The "incantation", as I like to call it, is reminiscent of something out of German goth metal. Which fits in perfectly with the musical style as well as compliments the piece's hellish inspirer. It creates an ideal atmosphere. Great job.
  4. I never played the DOOM games and I'm not much for FPSs, but I do know what rocks. And as far as I'm convinced, you guys are the resident gods. I've been looking for some heavy stuff lately, and this brooding and aggressive audio journey into the depths of fear filled the void. ROCK ON!
  5. This song is like Samus executed her "speed boost" attack and just kept running. That was the first image that popped into my head was that blurry varia suit. A driving beat with a mach 4 tempo. Solid tech/trance and not too repetitive at all. Which is hard to do with techno by the way. Engaging from the get go and doesn't LET go. (heh heh, I made a rhyme) Kick ass Metroid mix! Nice job!
  6. Short but sweet. Solid tech/trance material! Very nice!
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