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  1. Wah-wah-wow! That was some firece guitar bending there! Blast of Lightning Larry, becomes face lift for unsuspecting listener. There's something about his track that really reminds me of those Anime series intro tunes. It's like rock and roll, but fun and funky, every once in a while they say something in English like "Lucky, lucky"... I think I've been staying up too late watching "Berserk"... Regardless, raging remixer, resume rock-n-rolling regularly! Respectfully, O M
  2. Nice reviews bud. You're right though...all these tracks were coming from a fan of music and games, who sadly has never been familiar with Doom (not really...I mean, we've ALL played one Doom title at sometime or another...) But I won't lie, and I won't exaggerate...after listening to this set, I've not only researched more on the game, but on the original tunes. I went into it thinking, "Damn! These tracks are (across the board) of such a high caliber and of my taste (The Kirby project was fun and beautiful, but I have to say DSoP rocks me in a way my squishy little star knight never could). I think maybe because I was lucky enough to hear these remixes first and from such a wide variety of talents (touching on a HUGE breadth of genres), I find myself more engaged with the remixes than the orginals (NOBODY SHOOT ME!...just my taste...) As for sex and drugs...there's this saying...how does it go? Sex, drugs, and....wait...it's coming to me...THAT'S IT!--Rockin Remixes. I love 'em all. But seriously, if I'm dabbling in the Taboo, (mods and mixers) just let me know. I'd hate to offend whilst I praise. Tis a sour note that stings the nostrils... O
  3. This thread is for you, TO. Not history. You're request has been understood. Won't happen again (perhaps a private message next time)... Let me just reiterate for all the fellow viewers out there: "Do you see what kind of in-depth tangential debate can come from such an inspiring track?" It really is a piece deserving of several threads: Native American history, Old American Western history, Japanese history, film history...the remix really resonates with so many varieties of themes...download it! Great work again. M
  4. Vamp Lord, you are absolutely correct 100% about the 90%. I should have clarified, it appears only 50% of my meaning was understood, by an unknown percentage of folks on the forum... By "recent phenomenon", I meant it relatively. The earliest reference to Samurai was roughly before the 1000 AD mark. The Old American West ranges as far back as America's colonial period, but is generally considered to be the 19th century (1800's). Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo (1961) and a Fist Full of Dollars (1964), were both products from less than half of century ago... Thus: "Recent phenomenon". But in reference to a review of a song posted a few days ago...I could see how my meaning was muddled. Most importantly, I'm glad you too can see the samurai scene scored by TO's track. Take care and look forward to future exchanges of interesting trivia... M
  5. Oh it's nice, oh so nice to know that I've been found. You did it Blad. I don't know how, but you found that deleted scene from Amelie that I swore to everyone existed. You obviously know what I'm talking about: it's the date scene where Amelie and this guy have magical and bewildering adventures around her hometown. What you didn't know, was that the guy she hooks up with is ME. My thoughts and visions of Moontang: The scene begins in black and white as she waits in despair for her tall dark and handsome date to arrive. As she shyly takes a look around, she's further depressed by the many lonesome sights of single sad women crying on benches. But then... Her date arrives, taking her by the hand, whirling her into his arms. The scene bursts into juicy reds and greens. I dip her slowly, then pull her up with a sensual jolt and stare into her eyes. Soon, we're whisked away upon a bright blue bike around the town. The local baker waves to them with a fresh loaf of bread in his hand, the old blind man waves in the wrong direction as we ring the bicycle bell, all the kids come laughing and chasing after us... There's a cute shot where we're nursing an icecream cone together, I give her the eye and a wink (two claps), then she gives a squeeze on the package (two hoots)! The night is winding down...but no less interesting. We decide to stop and watch a mime in the lantern lit town square. He cries black painted tears, and enacts the story of a young girl pining as she waits for her beloved. I give Amelie a tight squeeze to let her know I'm there. Suddenly (as the story no doubt goes), the mime is joined by another--they embrace, the wait is over! Soon, the entire square is flooded with a circus of dancing mimes! I grab Amelie and we join the wonderful insanity. The celebration grows more and more furious and chaotic until everyone's spinning and flying through the air. And while the madness continues to flurry, I stop and grab Amelie, look deep into her eyes, and smile. She's mousy and nervous, not knowing what to do. So I plant one on her lips, and the camera pans out slowly, up into the air...oh the wonder! I hope you enjoyed that scene as much as me...I'll never forget it. Thanks for the track M
  6. Another solid score for TO. While it appears the judges find this piece to have a more Western flavor, I’d have to lean more towards the East. Perhaps it’s due to the recent phenomenon of associating the Wild West with the Wild East: namely, the Samurai cowboy. The solo woodwinds introduce the blind samurai with a little boy tagging along beside him trying to match his steps (Lone Wolf and Cub style). After panning across the samurai’s (or should I say Ronin’s) stoic face, and the boy’s effacing visage, the synth-strings unveil the scene to a wide panoramic of the vast bleak hills of rural Japan, the sun is appropriately just peeking over the mountaintops bathing the travelers in a warm orange light, casting long still shadows behind them. The beat is deliberate, like the solid steps taken by a man approaching an unknown destiny...(I can't help being dramatic, it's in my blood) While some have heard a resemblance to Enya, I have this to say: The song does indeed employ a few Enya staples: woodwinds, native American percussions, and a windy backdrop. But while Enya tends to produce tunes for those who wish to tune-out, this piece has a very definitive driving forward… One thing I noticed after listening to this track several turns, it warps time. I'm not kidding. This track has the ability to orogami-fold 5 and a half minutes into what literally feels like 2...maybe China's just screwing with my head... Great work. Mick
  7. You know, it's a well known fact that we Omega men stick pretty close. And though I generally find TO's comments spiking the nail in the face, I have to roll with NeOmega on this one. Rammstein remixed by NIN into a swirly dark chocolate. Well composed and executed, as usual...so I'll save the praise...you know it's great. I think the track knows it's purpose, but there were a few things that I think (in my humble un-remixing opinion) that could have upped the stakes on this one. Namely, dropping the cute tickles and maybe adding some haunting choruses (deep demonic basses or shrill siren-esque sopranos)...that, or some face-busting orchestral strings...that, or actually finding a way to infuse the listed demons into the track... ...now wouldn't that be keen... Mick
  8. Honestly, I think Binster said it best...basically, if you don't particularly dig this song, it may simply not be your cup of tea. Personally, I enjoyed the track very much. It's a little dwarfish in size (get it? Dwarf? Because the song is from Gaunt...let...yeah, ok)...but not all tracks have to be hugely epic, especially when the seed of the fruit isn't all that involved or lengthy. With what you were given, I could see you pulling from other pools to spice it up...great. Two lumps of sugary scratches for my tea, please. Thank you. In the end, I also felt it was finished...I mean, it is a remix...if you wanted to compose a more elaborate and lengthy track, you would have chose another song (or another game), right? I haven't heard the bulk of your discography, so I can't make general statements like "this track is nowhere near your ususal set-bar of talent." Perhaps, that's a good thing...though I doubt that's the case. I suppose, my one point of major criticism is: Why "Blue Wizard is about to Die?" The track sounded more like "Blue Wizard needs Groove Badly"...that's all I can think of...I'm tired. Good work Mick
  9. It's probably been a while since you got hit up on this sweet diddy...but it was bound to happen considering my excavation of OC's past projects: Theme of Great Ace: Remember that scene after the good guys have gotten the big ugly beat down by some stiff-collared evil army? The sparse bloodied platoon is sorely defeated and all hope seems to have run dry. The hero takes one scan around and stands tall -- like a glorious statue of William Wallace. [This is where the music does its thing] He then boldly announces to his broken comrades that defeat is not an option. Gathering their courage with his fiery ignitions, one by one they stand with that wild-eyed look of hope and possible victory. The hero sees he's mustered them to their feet, but he rages on! Soon, the scene erupts into the joyous shouts of men on their way to fight their final battle. Later, the song tells the brave yet sad tale of these mighty few. Out-numbered and over-tired, many are lost (lots of slow-motion cuts of men falling into the mud with agonized looks twisting their faces)... But once the smell of flesh blood settles, and the dust clears a path...we see the hero with a handful of survivors, bad-ass silhouttes of the victorious! Oh, and they're mysteriously transported to a mountain summit, where they pose with victorious manliness! Good work, I enjoyed this track particularly. So, thanks. Mick
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