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  1. i like it just there is one thing i dont... the beginning of the song.. its a little... lost to me... like it was messed up or somthing... dont get me wrong.. mabby thats what you where going for. also a little fast in the beginning. Everything else is awsome..
  2. Even though i am still new to the Commmunity (Yes i now i have had this account for a long time, i have just been Busy ya now?) i think this song has volume... Its Strong yet has a Flow to it... you must think i am on crack but, i like this song.. and i dont like that many o.o; Edit: i agree with meccaneer.... That is disturbing..... -.-;
  3. Uhh.. Ok then.. Left Panning..yes... anyway.. i Though it was pritty good. Its a Light song with some deep moments.. Worth almost getting GROUNDED for being up past 12 AM on the computer wrighting this review. All in all i give it a: ********* (9/10)
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