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  1. Well I wasn't getting anything until just a minute ago but things are looking good now! I'll download and then seed for as much as I can.
  2. I bought this game the other day and have had a BLAST with it! Personally I feel this game quite different enough from Minecraft. It follows the dig-build-explore aspect that Minecraft really pioneered but has so many unique and charming attributes in its own right. - One thing I would like to see would be an OCR Terraria multiplayer server. Has anyone started this? If there isn't one yet, I'd be willing to run one through Hamachi. - Cheers and happy mining! -Krowbar
  3. Yeah, saw that on Reddit. However, I really don't find IRL violence and bullying all that "funny".
  4. ^ this. I've thought for a while now that the metal requirements on some items was really off center. Seriously? 2 refined + another weapon for some stuff? Tad too pricey for those just getting into the game or who don't play non-stop.
  5. I guess it's more of a hobbit birthday, then! (Happy birthday, btw!) Also, thank you thank you for the fixes!
  6. Ooh! Hurray! I enjoyed beta testing the previous incarnation of this map (and quarry) for you and will gladly do the same again here. The displacements make 1A look a lot nicer than the straight ramp, too! Will reply as soon as I do a run through... (Also, did this project have a thread at TF2Maps?)
  7. I'll assume this is frustrated hyperbole since crits are not "based entirely on luck" and actually happen more frequently to players based on damage done in the past 20 seconds. The wiki has a nice article here http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/Critical_hits#Critical_hit_chance Cheers! -Krowbar
  8. Oh hey, have we taken down the Highlander server yet? If not, I move to turn it into some sort of event server / special mods server. For example, I've been itching to try this one out. http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1397829 It's the TF2 WarioWare mod and looks like a hoot and a half! Edit: Either that or the "Advanced Weaponizer" mod. That looks cool, too. Or the Saxton Hale mod.
  9. This time around I think I'll support a stats reset. It'll give me some incentive to play more again to get my ranking in at least the top 50.
  10. Hahah! I remember hearing that when watching the replays. Also, starting with the second clip it looked like you were having serious frame rate issues. Was that just me?
  11. Hey, a bit off topic here, but does anyone know when the Highlander challenge medals will be given out for general contestants? I know both our teams got knocked out and I was just a 3rd string stand-in but I would still like my medal.
  12. u mad, bro? hopefully you can somehow replace it. :-/ I heard that Microsoft (for once) had pretty good customer service for the RRoD problems.
  13. This did seem like a fun game but I almost didn't want to get it for fear of feeling like I... betrayed (?) TF2. Can you "betray" a game? If the gameplay is distinct enough, I just may pick it up over the holiday season!
  14. So I've been busy over last week moving into a new apartment and I come back and check this thread and wowie! new updates and such! I'll be on tonight. Hopefully I can find some new stuff. EDIT: So I saw that Steam is now taking pre-orders for "Monday Night Combat" (the game that was accused by MANY of being a direct TF2 rip off). What are y'all's opinions as they relate to TF2. Is it as close to TF2 as some would have you believe?
  15. Yeah, me too. I get the feeling Valve was really trying to drive 3rd party sales with this promotion (and I'm sure they did!) I now have 14 achievements with no do-able ones available without me buying something. I think I may grab AAAAaaAA (whatever) even though it's not on sale now.
  16. And I bought Metro 2033 during Thanksgiving before all this treasure stuff happened. Too bad that... what, WHAT? Looks like we do have an achievement for that now!
  17. They are all baby men! Engineer can carry with one hand!
  18. Geh! Honestly I don't like how that new gas mask looks. It's just too... white and doesn't seem like it fits in well. Just my two pence.
  19. Hooohrah! Who has two thumbs and just moved out of his mom's basement? THIS GUY! Now the plan is to at least find a part time job until I can find a nice "career" one. Related to this thread: Hopefully I'll now have a MUCH more stable connection and won't random disconnect anymore or have the ~600ms latency spikes because someone else in the house tried to read their email!
  20. Speaking of which... it appears that Mafia II and Magic both have demos. I wonder if you can get the achievements through those... anyone wanna check? My connection is so poor it would take until tomorrow to download the demos. Q_Q
  21. Well, the next two days of Treasure Hunt objectives kinda blow. I don't have any of the 3 games required. Q_Q Oh well, at least the first one was easy (like usual). I guess with those they're trying to get more people involved in the Steam "community". EDIT: By the way, the games are "Mafia II", "Magic: The Gathering", and "Droplitz".
  22. Word. I was hoping for achievements from some "classic" Valve games, as well. I don't have New Vegas and already spent a chunk of change on Thanksgiving sales and don't wish for too many new things. I do like, though, that the first objectives have been stupidly easy so far. EDIT: PS I have extra copies of Half Life 2 and HL2: Episode 1 to give away. I'd expect that most people already have these but if anyone wants either, tell me now. I also have a copy of "Time, Gentlemen, Please!" up for grabs that I tried to gift to a friend who never received it. Excellent little point-and-click adventure, that one is!
  23. Yeah, I got the same impression. However, being ever the hat whore, I'll be going for the 2nd one, I guess. What about the scoots trying to get that one achievement? "Kill the enemy intel carrier while carrying the intel." I guess that would be playing "as Valve meant it to be played." ;
  24. Wait, did they confirm that there's be things from HL2 and Portal or are you just speculating?
  25. Hahahahaha! Some of those changes were hilarious! It would totally be funny to play on a server like that where most veterans suddenly had no idea how weapons and mechanics changed. I did some silly modding of my own once (only for local matches against computers) and made stuff like rocket launchers that would rapid fire, had 999 ammo, always critted, and had an obscenely large blast radius. I'm not here to argue about balance. I'm here to have fun. We'll see how fun it is once you have it up. Give us a post when that happens!
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