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  1. As much as I hate doing this in real life, It be sweet if people could post information about them, so we have an Idea on what youd like.

    So for me.

    Im a college student.

    I like Starcraft (I have the HOTS preorder)

    I got a decent computer.

    I enjoy Outdoor type things. (guns knives lights.. etc)

    Im 6'2" with a decent build bout 180lbs.

    I am also getting in to the Deadpool comics as well as comics in general.

    I enjoy using my GoPro for messin around.


    Something like that.

    Last year my guy did not make a list and I was hesitant to order something that would not fit him/her.

  2. I really like a lot of Hexage's games.

    Radiant is a really good old school style overhead shump, the visuals, music, and game play are all top notch.

    Radiant defense is a TD game set in the same galaxy and is pretty good, hard, as far as TD goes

    and EVAC, is pac-man but good. and with a story, and good music, and well its what pac-man might of been if it were made in the 90s

  3. So Ive gone through all my favorite tracks from the First three games, and now am working though a complete play thought of the album. But man this album is a testament to how hard OCR rocks..

    One of the stand out new mixers to me is Dominic Ninmark I saw his name and didn't recognize it.. Sure enough this looks to be his first posted stuff.. Keep it up OCR..

    Also Im seeding when I can .

  4. Id be all for content like that if the game was cheaper at launch. say $50 rather than 60. If I dont get 2 items or what ever just so I can save 10 bucks Ill do it. Maybe I only have 50 I can spend on games right now and ill get the other chunk later.

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