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  1. After a bit more playing Still not more than 5 hours or so in, It feels like its going to be a lot less linear, and The battle system is much, much improved. Also this game looks awesome. Story and game play aside I would not mind just exploring the world.

  2. Yay got mine, some Bucky Balls! I'll post a pic later. Also to my Secret Santa sorry things have been a bit busy lately and I'll be shipping it out today or tomorrow. Hopefully You will get it by Christmas if not I'm sorry :(

    Glad you like it, I was not sure what you wanted. But you seem to like them .GLHF

  3. Rexy: Out of five SS events I participated during 2010-2011, only ONE has delivered so far, and she was like four months late. XD I was on time (barely, but still) for all but one of them. When I was one week late for the one that I was late, I received a "wtf hurry up yo" note, which I thought was highly ironic considering I was waiting for months for my other santas... Not that it wasn't deserved, since I WAS late, but certainly ironic.

    After that, I kind of stopped hoping for a timely gift in SS's. For the next SS I participate, I'll probably volunteer to give a gift to someone whose SS has disappeared off the face of the planet without getting anything in return. I'll get the warm fuzzy feeling out of it, and no disappointment at all :P

    Edit: haha forgot the sixth SS in which the Santa *wasn't* late for me. <3

    Was this here? (OCR)

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