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  1. Very well done. Instead of having the crud that they call music in the recent Metroid Prime games, they should have real melodies like this. This song reminds me of a Metroid of better times.
  2. Yep, you were wrong. And good thing, too, because this is the best song on OCR! LONG LIVE THE GROIN that looks like Link
  3. I agree; I could clearly hear the bad tuning and it was even off-key at some points. However, I really like this song. The bad tuning gives it an exquisitely depressing tone. It's really creepy. In my opinion, listening to this song is like listening to a rock song played backwards; it sounds inhumanely creepy, but is very interesting to listen to. Then again, I wonder what THIS song would sound like played backwards. Woah, gave me chills just thinking of it! Red Katana out
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