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  1. Wow, this is fantastic! Would love to hear more remixes like this one.
  2. I immediately took a look at this once I saw it was a Mario Paint song as this soundtrack is pretty nostalgic for me. Immediately I thought, "wow, this combination of source and bluegrass is perfect!". It really sounded great and the story behind it makes it that much better. I too can only hope that I can pass my love for VGM to my kids some day.
  3. I love the use of chiptunes and the lyrics are quite fun and entertaining. I have to say this is my favorite of the recent 5 Mario-themed remixes. Well done!
  4. The info page says this track was featured in the Balance and Ruin album, but I've got the album and this song is not included. Am I missing something? Great mix though.
  5. As I listen to this, it occurs to me that someone could and should come up with a fun dance to go with this song ("Gangnam Style" comes to mind as an example). How cool would that be to create an accompanying music video for this remix? I feel like the rhythm and the "fun-ness" of the song make it a perfect candidate for such an experiment.
  6. Love this track! It's fun, creative, and technically awesome, and the vocals are sweet! Oh, and I love the use of "rollin" and "floatin" in the lyrics.
  7. This mix is SICK! I love it! I thought the length was good and I loved the funkiness of this mix. Well done!
  8. Awesome mix! After listening to something like this, it feels immoral not to post some feedback. At first, I didn't like the voice samples, but they were so random that they made the melody stand out and grab you even more once the transition was done. This is definitely something very unique and very high quality - I love it!
  9. The funny thing is that the correct spelling has been on this website's banner for quite some time: オーバークロックドリミックス. Great piano arrangement! I think it's the best I've seen on this site - excellent work indeed. これを大好きでしたよ。ゾハーは上手ですね! I'm glad to hear about the inclusion of UTF-8 into the site as well. It's excited getting a more international flavor in remixes!
  10. Speaking of internationalization, it appears the reviews tab for remixes chokes on Unicode (East-Asian) characters. Assuming it's just an oversight, someone might want to fix that. ざんねんだね。
  11. Great mix! Yes, this track was a little too popular, but thankfully I haven't heard it in quite some time (so I can appreciate this mix more). It's definitely got something that's different from what I'm used to hearing on OCR, and I really like it! 凄かった!僕はこれが大好きだよ。 I'd definitely love to see more of the Japanese community welcomed here (and other nationalities, for that matter). I'm not sure what impact this would have on the site design, but it might be a good idea to have some of the content translated by some trusted (and fluent) volunteers.
  12. After listening to it a couple times, the repetitiveness of the main part of the song gets a bit old, but the thing that saves it is the huge variation in instruments. I loved the different methods used in this track! I agree that it does sound a lot like Sephire's previous FF7 submission at parts, but I think this one definitely has more variety to it overall. I also really liked the subtle use of sound effects in this remix. Very well done! Keep at it and you'll be blowing us all away with many mind-blowing tracks in no-time!
  13. I'm not completely sure why, but this mix didn't really vibe with me overall. There were small portions of it that I thought were very cool, creative, and well done, but I think maybe I found this piece slightly boring (to your credit, I don't think there's much to work with in the source track). I also didn't really like the quality of the instruments that I heard during the louder parts of the mix - particularly at the very end of the song. I'm no expert, but things sounded a bit MIDI to me. Congrats on the good review score though. The arrangement in this track was definitely great. Keep the remixes coming!
  14. Excellent remix! I always hesitate on any remix with vocals (often, for good reason) but this one definitely broke my vocal anxiety! Excellent mix, good lyrics (which is often a big barrier-to-entry in my collection), and great quality overall. The last mix I downloaded from Star was Black Wind Rising and though it was pretty good, it didn't grab me as much as this one did, for sure!
  15. I agree, great source track and the rearrangement that Leah speaks of is awesome - FFVIII had some good stuff in it. I wish there were more remixes out for this game, but the sound track is fairly mellow overall and probably harder to work with. This remix was great. I enjoyed the sound quality and production very much. I was, however, hoping to hear a bit more variation from the original source - you know, a bit more spice to get things exciting . Great stuff either way, though.
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