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  1. has the lag issues that have plagued us in the past cleared up by now? I haven't played on the new server enough to notice one way or the other. Also keep your eyes peeled for more 9v9 tourneys ToE can get in on. If you see any out there, send a link to GameMaster or Myself and we'll see what we can do with it oh also also is there a reserve slot system in place still?
  2. I'd be down for some prophunt. when are we going to do this? this actually sounds REALLY fun
  3. yeah that's what I figured bummer
  4. does anyone know if the Steam launch options work on this game? I just want to run it windowed with no borders.
  5. Does anyone have a DualShock 3 controller they'd be willing to sell?
  6. whoops forget it, count me out
  7. i'd do that maybe though. that kinda sounds fun
  8. yeah, FFTA was a pretty good game. I completed 290/300 missions but I didn't have a black thread somehow so I could never get 100%
  9. uh no. i've been using this avatar since '05. probably before you were even born.
  10. Hi my name is Jaswald and this is my first time posting on the OverClock Remix forums!
  11. well it was 20 minutes before all the keys returned to normal. or it might have even been after
  12. ah phew! plus yesterday was my first time playing so I still suck
  13. was that me? i wasn't griefing I promise! my key binds got messed up and there was no more button for "shoot" or "pause" so I couldn't shoot OR pause the game to fix the keybinds
  14. aw shit. Killing Floor went on sale the first time, and I didn't buy it. After that it was still discounted for the holidays and I figured eh what the hell I'll get it. Now after I bought it, it goes on sale again! I want a refund!
  15. my brother also just got the game and the first thing he found was a stocking stuffer key
  16. the server has been filling up and emptying quite rapidly lately. it's not just you
  17. happy birthday you have a very similar name to mine. you are like a german Jaswald
  18. can I make a formal request to have CP pacman taken off the server and have KOTH Pacman added? it's a much better map overall
  19. i just bought this game. I will play with you all at some point
  20. yay thanks Goll. way to be a pal.
  21. i will play this with you all some time
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