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  1. It must be an honor to have made such an impression on Kikuta-san. He did an AMA on Reddit, and had this to say when asked if he had heard any fan remixes of his compositions: 20 years since the game was released, 8 years since this song was made, and 4 years since he heard it, and he still goes right to this song. Pretty awesome. http://www.reddit.com/r/gamemusic/comments/1yr673/ama_im_hiroki_kikuta_the_composer_for_the_secret/cfn2u68
  2. Definitely one of my three favorites on the album. I just love Radiowar's style, and this track in particular takes me right back to Amorelle. A little bit of Moby, a pinch of Rob Dougan, and some essence of Nujabes make a good blend. But just as I expected, my favorite track is one of yours: Chasing Waterfalls. After Welcome Home, DK, I knew I'd find what I was looking for on this album. Hope you get posted - I know the judges aren't always friendly to your style.
  3. An enjoyable mix for sure, though I'll never be able to listen to Wing Cap without hearing chthonic's mix in my head.
  4. I was looking through Akumajo's mixes, trying to remember which of them made his name stick out at me on the front page. It wasn't on here though - it was R U Overdrive, from Blood on the Asphalt. How did that mix never get posted? I would have liked to hear it on HDR even. Anyway, slow Wily is always good by me. Enjoyed this one.
  5. well worth the bump, Audix. This has always been toward the top of my "most frequently played" playlist. I just can't get enough of the bassline and the organ parts - never mind the great saz and sax leads.
  6. 1700 songs over a period of 5+ years? $20 paid, and I still feel cheap
  7. Amazing remix, love the guitar work from Luiza. I do wish the guitar was stood out more / was louder during the latter half of the song, though.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the 192k version! oh yeah, and good mix +}
  9. This is the song from the album that is stuck in my head. Not necessarily even my favorite, but when I'm walking around this is the one that I'm thinking of. I liked all of the parts (symphonic, electronic, metal, etc), but while the lyrics in the metal parts weren't great, the bridge was just amazing. The other responses should already have highlighted how good the bridge is, but the lyrics are the best you've done so far I think, and the way they're sung (especially at 3:10) is just about perfect. My only real qualm is that when the bridge comes in and you say, "Each and every day's the same \ Life has left you nothing new" I always expect the buildup on "nothing" to lead to "new" being basically yelled, but instead it falls into the background. That's really the climax, and it doesn't get the emphasis I hope for every time I hear it. Anyway nice to see the return of DJ Crono
  10. I was excited to see both Marble Zone and Diggi Dis in one mix, and it didn't disappoint either set of expectations. More where this came from, please!
  11. Really gorgeous song here. I always love the sound of the guitar and piano in your songs, even if the judges don't.
  12. That makes two wishes fulfilled. First Robotnik Radio gets posted, and now someone makes a kickass shredding version of Koopa's theme from SMW. When I listened to Koopa vs. Kefka, I thought, "Were I a remixer, the first song I'd make would be a electic/metal version of that Koopa theme." It's just perfectly epic. Great work and way to read my mind.
  13. This was probably my most played track from the project, so I'm glad it finally made it as an individual submission. The intro is definitely the best part, the way the piano just meanders around is one of my favorite styles. Top notch.
  14. I liked djp's writeup as much as the song. Wharfmaster with terminal cancer of the mustache...lol
  15. Didn't do much for me the first time I listened, but that was probably just because I didn't have it turned up. Addicted now!
  16. Love the whole album. Really, so many great songs on one album is just awesome. I think my favorites are Robotnik Radio, Walk on Water, and Dead Batteries, but Rexy's songs all stand out too.
  17. Totally agreed. This is my favorite track on the album, and when I came to OCR today and waited a second for the most recent songs posted to display, I really hoped this would be there. And it was, which is awesome because I think it deserves recognition. 3:02 for the win
  18. I think my T-shirt shrank a bit in the wash. Now it fits perfectly.
  19. I like all parts of the song, especially after a few listens. Kudos to shonen for his performance.
  20. I'm loving the groove on this song. For some reason, though, I keep thinking of Jamiroquai when I listen to it. Weird huh? Nice though, on my playlist.
  21. This song is just amazing, instantly brought me back to Arab Painting, and for some reason, holiday sitting-around-the-fire-with-presents music. It's bliss, I just wish there was more Relm sax.
  22. Amazing mix, every section of it. I love how the quiet theme at 2:00, picks up until 3:00, then returns to the quiet theme at 3:45. Great work.
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