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  1. This song reminds me of some wounded soldier, fighting for his life in some uphill battle. Fighting, fighting, never winning.... Very great: 9/10
  2. Its beat is pretty good, sounds like it's just... everywhere. 8.5/10
  3. Yeah! I like it =) Its hilarious and stuff..... 9/10....
  4. Chocobolicious.... Nice..... I loved the cute little chocobo voices =) =) =) 9/10
  5. Whoooooooa.... Very nice... A tad hard to hear the melody, but yeaaaa.... 8.5/10
  6. !!!!!!!! Whoa! Very nice. But kind of confusing, which makes it good, for a battle theme. 9/10
  7. Yeah... I loved the arpegios... And well, the guitar just sounds odd, but its improvised area late in the song is good. 7/10
  8. It emphasizes the Jamming. I didn't like the changes to the jazzy feel, but It could be because I'm not much of a jazz fan. 7/10
  9. My god... Absolutely amazing... One of the best ever I've heard.... I like the.. everything. 11/10 EDIT: Ok after hearing a few mundred more times..... THIS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST!!!!!!! I can listen to it I don't know how many times in a row, but I'm pushing 450 now....... Arrgh.... Its is absolutely amazing.......
  10. This one had a bit more stuff piled on it. It made it much more original. Which is good. But still has that one feeling of the original. Which is also good. 8.5/10
  11. !!! Very Nice! The very beginning is just a bit.... something I didn't like, but ince the theme had been introduced, I liked it the whole way. 9/10.
  12. Very nice song, with a nice beat, and overall is good. But sometimes it gets hard to hear the actual song, which amy have peen the point, I don't know, but Its great. 9/10
  13. I find that these songs don't seem to blend well, there's too much gap in transition.... 7/10
  14. It gets too complicated in the middle. So many themes and beats going on..... *sigh* (what ^ said) and it gets a bit messy.... 8/10
  15. *sigh* Again? But yeah, the beat, technoey mixness to it, is just perfect. double synths..... nice.... 9.5/10
  16. The whole thing was great!!!! I liked the echoey parts... and it was overall great.. 9/10
  17. Jeez... this mix was great. The transitions were awesome, and the ovoerall feeling was kept, and not lost as it changed..... 9.5/10
  18. That was nice..... Really nice..... I liked the beat/groove to it, whatever..... 8.5/10
  19. Its nice. Very technoey mix.... very, i can barely hear the original..... Its nice though....
  20. I didn't like it.... It was just going over an over... and the intsrument that plays it, just does'nt sound right... Argh... annoying voice! 5/10
  21. Very nice. Relaxing, oddly for a guitar like this, but it is...... Very nice. 9/10
  22. SUPERSPEED!!!!!! Very nice.... I liked how its in piano.... It works well... 9.5/10
  23. Wowowowowowowow..... the piano is AMAZING!!!!!!! I love it.... so far out of 2 songs i've rated of orkybash's they're both: 10/10
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