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  1. It's official, I am now Makke's love slave. End of discussion.
  2. Hmm. Never actually played this game (Unless you consider the countless billions on teh intranet), but this is still a fun mix. I like it simply because it's all around good music; It doesn't challenge you too much. Believe me, I still love the heaps of extremely original stuff out there (You freaking ROCK, Makke!), but sometimes it's nice to have something you don't need to be in a specific mood to listen to. Overall, just a good mix in touch with its fundamentals.
  3. Again, this is another game I have unfortunately not played, but it's still a very nice mix. Can't trump da classic stylez.
  4. You know, I've never actually played this game, but this remix is infinitely likable. I heard this on VGDJ, and I knew I just had to get it. Up until VGDJ, I only downloaded mixes from games I knew fairly well. This mix shows me that maybe I need to get a little more adventurous.
  5. Wow. Sometimes I just sit down and wonder if it's physically possible for Mcvaffe to ever stop amazing me.
  6. Dammit, Beatdrop! I liked Flying Battery Zone's music, but now nobody can remix it because this mix is so unbelievably amazing! Jeez, Beatdrop. Way to outclass everyone.
  7. The only possible way I can think of describing this song is in the from of two words: "KICK" and "ASS" (preferably in that order).
  8. Wuh. To all headphone-bearers: Beware stereophonic phase switching! It didn't necessarily hurt my ears, but it does make you feel very unbalanced. Try not to listen to this while driving (Wearing headphones while driving is a ticketable offense anyways)! That aside, this is definitely not your run-of-the mill techno. It starts out strong, droops a bit in the middle, but picks up the slack at the end. Though disorienting, the various sleight-of-ear tricks are quite enjoyable, and add the unique twist evey piece of OCR techno needs, what with all the existing techno on this site.
  9. Wow. This is absolutely freaking awesome. I loved the original song (Especially act 2) and this does a VERY good job at staying true to the original song and still keeping varied. It never really sticks with one style, but somehow manages to keep the original beat almost intact. Definitely going on the favorites list.
  10. This is a pretty tough remix. You can't really listen to it: Rather, it prefers to beat you upside the head with the blunt instrument of its choice. That's good in some situations, but I loved the original, and this just strays a little too far for my tastes. Okay track overall.
  11. Wow. Just...wow. The only possible way to describe this is "funky". Good funky, though. Anyways, I liked the original song (despite the fact that the level, ESPECIALLY the boss, pissed the hell out of me)and this managed to adhere to the original structure pretty well while still providing a very original variation. Definitely going on the favorites list.
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