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  1. I have to say, this took a couple tries and a look through the chiptune to recognize it as Lavender Town. I love it, now that I've recognized the thing.
  2. Hmmmmmm. A little too "out there" for me. But it's one I'll save in case I really feel the need for something odd.
  3. Aah, back to my usual habit of commenting on things 3+ years after they're posted. Anyway. Awesome mix, and although you kinda crushed the opening, which was my favourite part of Green Hill, the use of the "ring get" sound was awesome!
  4. All I can say about this for sure is that I liked this mix. The mix of RL and digital sounds blew my mind. As for a genre, I couldn't say, but that's good, if you ask me. (Of course, right now I'm almost so confused that I couldn't place the Beatles in a genre, so...)
  5. Finally, a Pokemon remix! I always wondered why there weren't any. I second the motion for the Rival theme remix. Could do interesting things with the Cycling or Game Corner as well.
  6. Halo 2: Earth City. Just imagine what you could do with that.
  7. Alright, thanks. Just seeing if I could help out somehow.
  8. I have a couple chiptunes I found somewhere that this site is missing. Where do I put them up? Zelda: Minish Cap Golden Sun Star Control 2
  9. ok seriously that was just fun as can be. A great remix for any that loved the original games.The double post was just to wipe my old post off the main page
  10. DjPretzel, you said the chords sounded like underwater ducks? I hear them tooooooo!!!! you're not crazy!!!, well, maybe you are, just the exact same way I am. pasta.........mmmmmmmmmmm......................cheese
  11. omg............. I have been waiting SO LONG for a remix this sweet of Zelda....... I have an entire video of it in my head, and I replay it every time I listen. here's a simple version of the show going on up there. Zircon shoud get paid to do this sort of thing, and even if not, keep his skill high, and on good games like the Zelda series. As for Bobwillis's review, he's short about 460 +'s! In short, Zircon is my new god. EDIT: I just went and listened to his other stuff, and the only reason I didn't immediately save them is that I didn't know the originals. I believe in that, although I'm sure they are just as faithful. (Listening to the TMNT one now--it rocks! I may save it!)
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