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  1. I have been using this program for some time. A month ago I bought EWQLSOSE and it it pretty great. But recently i've ran into problems with it. I lose some melodies when I render my project to an audio file. I mean when I play the song within FL, it sounds fine but rendering process drops some parts off. I don't think it's processor or lack of RAM.
  2. Oh my god... this is awesome, SO awesome... I've never heard anything as beautiful as this. Please make more songs like this one! =)
  3. I am looking for high quality choir samples. Something like in Star Wars - Duel of the fates theme. Also some simple vocals would be nice. I have heard about Symphony of Voices but is it good? And I am ready to pay 500$ for them.
  4. http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=8092 This one is really excellent guitarpack. Now, anyone know a good clarinet soundfont?
  5. http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=6514 Is this possibly what you are looking for?
  6. I need a good clarinet soundfont and some very strong-sounding horns for the song background. I already have french horns but they don't fit very well.
  7. I need a good clarinet soundfont and some very strong-sounding horns for the song background. I already have french horns but they don't fit very well.
  8. I have never mixed, only made some originals (crap) since I bought FL
  9. I can. There is some rumors that it would be XP worm. Even they are only rumors, tho.
  10. Sorry for this, but I need to ask few newbien00b questions again 1) Is it possible to switch tempo among a song? 2) How to make something crescendo-like thingy? 3) That slide thing, well I got it but when I use it the note will not work...
  11. Well choirs have been requested many times before, but none of the links are working whitch is not a big surprise concerning they are so old. I need good choir ahh too. Also I would like a good flute soundfont and heavy metal guitar. Thanks from the help
  12. I agree. The music owns and I have listened those tracks almost every day since I downloaded them. That SE will be awesome!!
  13. I am oboist, but NOT good I don't have a good chances to record anything, but if someone needs oboe sound I would be glad to help
  14. Solved! I dlded it this time from Darkesword's sounfont section and it worked perfectly! Thanks from all help
  15. I converted it already, and I can use it via fl studio 6, but I only can use cello-sound from Piano roll. What about the other sounds? Anyway big thanks to you from help
  16. Thanks a lot! But I still seek a lil more information about soundfonts: Is there more than one instrument in one soundfontpack? Because I can only hear one and they say that there should be more of em...
  17. I know this is the most noob question ever, but how I can open a soundfont in Fl studio 6? Like squidfont_orchestral.sfpack...
  18. I agree! Best soundtrack EVER made, especially The Masamune was great! But I hope that SquareEnix don't do the same 'trick' as they did with CR. That was a real dissapointment...
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