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  1. (For those new to Tim's amazing music, check out the list of his Video game soundtracks on Wikipedia.) Tim Follin, one of my favorite video game composers EVER, is running a crowd-funding campaign for his HTML5 game called Contradiction. His game idea is interesting, he's doing the music himself, and he needs pledges to help make it happen! Seriously, look at some of the games he's composed music for over three decades: 1. Bubble Bobble 2. Bionic Commando 3. Ghouls 'n Ghosts 4. Silver Surfer 5. Indiana Jones 6. Gauntlet 7. Spider-Man 9. Batman & Robin 9. Bust-a-Move 10. Ecco the
  2. Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one.
  3. I wanna get Crypt Run all up in this! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/richtaur/crypt-run-death-is-just-the-beginning Music composed by OCR's own Joshua Morse!
  4. Wow us too! We just did a podcast where we talked about the OST -- here's the section where we talk about Sewers haha. So yeah I made the game. It's available for free on these platforms: iPad Android tablets Chrome Web Store OS X Or you can just play in your browser (if it's a good browser) If anyone has any questions or anything feel free to PM me.
  5. This album gets better with every listen. I especially love Elec Man and Spark Man. So good!
  6. This is a classic in my book. Crazy good work!
  7. Just wanted to say I really love this song. Reminds me of Genesis (the band, not the console). Really good stuff!
  8. Quick reviews, gonna try to not look at who made them or anything and just write my first honest thoughts while listening: The Path to Glory ~Theme of Bartz~ This is fun! Sounds like a terrific Dwelling of Duels entry. Excellent guitars and synths, impressive solos. High quality stuff, I dig it! Edge of Valor ~Theme of Knight~ Slow start; samples aren't bad. I hope this picks up. It's pretty quiet. Very abrupt transition. Ending is pretty cool but otherwise a bit dull for me personally. Gentle Fist ~Theme of Monk~ Really uninteresting, sorry. Very repetitive, poor quality samples, drowne
  9. Hi! I'm a professional programmer (but amateur game developer) looking to collaborate with passionate graphic artists on some game projects for fun and hopefully someday profit. I've worked with many designers before, and I'm primarily looking for pixel artists with excellent communication and availability. Getting close to shipping a web and mobile game, and have another sprite-based (medieval fantasy) game in the mix as well. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  10. I didn't think it was possible but this whole project made me love Josh even more. And this is probably my favorite track, next to Madd Forest of course.
  11. I doubt anybody remembers, but I made Jake and David hug at MAGFest 4!
  12. aaaargh where are you. we're going to party when i move to where you live man!

  13. Larry, I question your yes's and I question your no's. Just sayin'! Concur'd'ed'd'ed'd!
  14. Tight arrangement, implemented with admirable skill. Love the variations throughout, keeps a nice pace without getting dull. Good stuff!
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